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  1. racerx


    hope it lasts longer than the last one
  2. Yeah I think thats the closest besides Autobahn. I think Negambo Kandy Pinnawela will be your best bet with the limited time you have there.
  3. I am from the Peoria area which is home to the Caterpillar Tractor Company. I'm going to have Friday and Saturday before the race on Sunday for touring of Sri Lanka. Any ideas? I might like to see the elephant orphanage. Might it be better to stay in Negombo instead of Colombo? All ideas are most welcome!" Depends on when you arrive. Negombo would be my choice because its close to the track and airport. Dont get pinnawala (elephant orphanage) and pannala (track) mixed up they are not the same place. My brother works for Cat and we track at putnam park alot. How long are you going to be there? Take lots of Mosquito replant.
  4. good thing about bikes u dnt have worry about lhd rhd conversions
  5. we should all have mb meet up. are there any dedicated trails?
  6. wow thanks. So now the limit is 750? I wonder if you can take them on the express way?
  7. you could import a Motorhome or one them buses stars ride around in with bedrooms and lounge area. But ur looking at 50 million before taxes so better off getting a prado with tax
  8. some one said 12 mill to land in SL? that might be on the high side. It should be around 6 or 7 mill only 2 liter
  9. ideally if you didnt have to put a bond down,. You bring ur car and take it back for less than 8k. Id rather have my own car then spend a a lakh a month for an unknown car. But only if I was going to stay there for over a year. I mean how long would u have to wait for ur car to get there?
  10. This is all great but they still wont allow LHD cars into the country.
  11. If its running with no tags and still in LHD and no cop is stopping it, then if you stand next to it and take pics ur going to get shot! I saw a member of the royal family driving it to gangarama.
  12. when I was in Sri Lanka I rented a rav4 for about 1lakh a month but the car was 2wd and run down. The AC broke and the car seemed unsafe. How would insurance work when you bring ur car over? How much would shipping the car to and from colombo cost?
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