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  1. Sorry I couldn't reply sooner guys. My gamble worked out - since replacing the fuel pump, I have not experienced this issue again. I do however feel that I need to have a tuneup as the acceleration and throttle response can improve. Thanks for all the support!
  2. I've given the car to replace the fuel pump. Will let you know if this was the case :-)
  3. Guys thanks for all your tips and advice. I noticed the following: I do not experience this issue on a cold start or the first few KMs of driving. It come's after driving for at least 15-20 minutes or sometimes even longer. It comes sooner if I'm heavy on the ccelerator. I changed the spark plugs, tappet packing (coz if was leaking oil), timing belt, atf and engine oil berely 1000kms ago. I did face this issue before also but I thought this should fix it. Appreabtly, it didnt. The check engine light never came on so I doubt ECU is in failsafe mode. Engine temperature gaugue shows consistant reading within acceptable levels. So for an issue that comes only after driving a while, what could be the most likely cause? Should I be worried about my gear box? :-O
  4. Hi guys, I got a Civic 2003 ES8 with a D15 motor. As of recently, the car's acceleration has been pretty sluggish and it tended to kind of miss at times. Since this morning, when I press on the gas, it just seems to rev to 2500rpm or so and then drop, and then rev again and likewise. Even when I floor the pedal it's the same. The car barely moves and the engine keeps knocking. So since I had to drive it, I've been very light footed on the gas and been driving at about 10 00pm which really got me nowhere on time! Has anyone experienced this before? Please let me know what this could be. Thanks folks!
  5. Got the car back. It seems to be ok. rpm needle flickering a bit but I think the carb needs to be turned for that. Apart from that, doesn't seem to heat like before. Let me use it a few days and see.
  6. I just got back from the garage and the guy was fixing it all back. Said no cracks. Head was faced. block I have no idea. I seriously hope it turns out well or else will be a total waste of time, money and effort! Will keep you guys posted. Thanks for all the advice :-)
  7. I already did that. Had the radiator top removed and cleaned. Did that expecting the heating to recede but didn't work.
  8. Gave the car for repairs. Couldn't find the original gasket so bought a complete duplicate Gasket Repair kit (inc oils seals and valve seating etc) for the equivalent of Rs.5250 + silicon and oil filter and oil. Seems like timing belt needs to be replaced too and think that comes up to around Rs.5250 too for the original. Think I might not end up spending QR1500 after all! Hope it turns out well.
  9. The radiator flush didn't work. Engine still heats up that confirms a cracked gasket. I checked at Uniparts and they had the duplicate gasket when I checked. It came up to about Rs.9800. I trust I get 10% off on that. I'll have to check on the original gasket elsewhere...
  10. Exactly! I already spent almost QR.1500 getting the AC sorted and to spend another QR.1500 again... argh! I actually didn't check at Uniparts. I just checked at the garage I go to... Maybe I should check the price of the gasket there. Still, I pray the radiator flush sorted things!!!
  11. Hi Rumesh, Yes Uniparts is still here :-) You think that's reasonable? ok. I just got the radiator cleaned last evening. Gonna see how it goes today. If it heats up again, I'm gonna have to decide if I'm repairing or disposing of it. Please do let me know about this crystal headlamps as I'm in love with the car! If I decide I'm gonna keep the car, I wanna start working on the aesthetics soon! ;-)
  12. Thanks for the advice guys. Just blew a radiator hose today, :-/ My mechanic here suggests replacing the gasket but its a bit of a costly affair here. Costs approx the equivalent of Rs.52000 here. I think I'm going to find a place to have the radiator flushed. Btw, could you please tell me where to buy angel eye headlamps in Sri Lanka? Got a friend coming here on the 30th and look forward to getting em down. If angel eyes are hard to find, even the standard crystal lamps would do. And please let me know how much they may cost. I'd also like to know the how much the gasket and repair kit would cost in Sri Lanka.. Thanks again!
  13. Hi guys, I got a Honda Civic '93 stick shift with a D15B3 engine. I bought the car with a broken A/C and during the period I drove without A/C, I didn't notice any heating issues. Then I got the A/C fixed by replacing the compressor, condensor etc. Now, the car heats up when driving slow in traffic with the A/C on or when parked with the A/C on. This too happens especially during the day when it is like 40 Celcius (I'm in Doha!) and at night, I don't notice the car heating up. What could be the issue? This morning, I opened up the radiator cap and switched on the car and noticed froth developing. It didn't look like the bigger bubbles you get with a blown head gasket. Please advice what could be the issue and what I should check next. Thank You!
  14. Thanks for the info. I'll be looking into this.
  15. @JadeyBlitzen - A 1N-T off a Corolla II, including gear box and exhaust should do then. Thanks for the info. But something that also came into mind is since the Corolla II is an equally old model to what I presently have, I might have repairs on the engine I buy also, considering its age... That could mean extra cost and worse, a hassle running about! Would overhauling the existing engine and fixing turbo to it work? There are turbos that can be hooked on to the existing engine right? And thanks for the info regarding the ABS. Thought just plugging in the ABS unit would (magically) enable ABS!
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