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    Only left side foot operated parking brake paddle was removed. Converted to operate by old system hand brake. On the center of two front seats.
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    12500 Killometers done 3 times Engine Oil was changed. Front disk brakes were removed due to little overheating found that two brake cylinders were clogged with a thin film of gray color grease. Polished them with little fine compound refitted the system with two new brake washers. Changed all Brake fluid with new Brake fluid. a

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  1. Members, All are discussing about S/A. As far as I know we have only to check the entire vehicle shocks., no one has way to test single S/A in Sri Lanka. There are S/A testers. Long ago I posted about this. I do not know any one has a S/A tester. members can view this machine on you tube. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  2. Members, Am now 77 years 10 months old. I was born on 31st December 1943. joined school in 1949. Started to work in my late fathers work shop in 1964. Married in 1970. Present occupation in after market Automobile service from 1992 to date. Wating for the final call. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  3. Members, Yes I thought I will post few to Auto Lanka. I had some problems with some AL members they used to post all unwanted posts to me. They thought I am a joker. At last Moderators started to moderate my posts. Then I refrain from posting. A am back, will help any one if they need my assistance little what I know. Good wishes for all members. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  4. Very good collection of all the Golden oldies, Crosswind has taken valuable time of his to upload all these. Sylvi.
  5. Fat Fan, Take your time complete same. I met another Jeep enthusiast on the road at Jaela few days back he told me he has 2 jeeps, the 31 Sri jeep is done very well, total cost only for rebuilding was Rupees 4 Million may be correct, will upload the Picture with the person who did the rebuilding. Best of luck all trouble you take to rebuild a vehicle. Very few will do today. Sylvester Wijesinge Sylvi.
  6. All members, Today is my Golden jubilee of my married life. I and my wife had gone over many hurdles in last fifty years. I do not have any functions to celebrate. Golden jubilee comes once in life time for a husband and wife. Many couples had gone through silver jubilees. Both of us had the opportunity see the happy day with our only child daughter her husband together with their two children. Most of our members will have POTV. If any member tunes to channel 93 today, go back to 7.30 AM Daily mass there was our weeding photograph and two of us photograph on my Daughter's weeding ceremony. For two days on POTV this mass can watch. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  7. Niran gomes, You had examined the Radiator and done the correct thing by replacing with a new one. Almost all radiator repairs last only for a short time due to the present day Radiators are pressurized when the engine heat builds up. During early days Radiators were not filled with contents, they were filled up with water, coolants came few decades back. Very good to say by mentioning that the thread you started your wish to end. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  8. Members, I read this thread and find almost all have recommended the usual Patton of changing engine oil and the transmission oil. I have used motor vehicles from the time as a teenager to date for last sixty years. During 1950, Early days motorists did not have latest developed technology and Lubricants for engines, transmissions and other moving parts of an a Automobile. Every automobile user was advised by the new vehicle dealers (During that time Ceylon had only hand full of Automobile importers, they also did the service of the vehicles) to change engine oil at the end of 1000 Miles do a service on a automobile service station in that era. Service stations did first was to spray penetrating oil to engine bay from top, undercarriage where the engine gear box and differential area of automobiles, leave the vehicle for 15 minutes for the sprayed penetrating oil to go into all dust and mud deposited on the penetrating oil sprayed areas of a vehicle. Today that practice is obsolete, also can effect the electronic censers installed on to a vehicle. At present many service stations apply little kerosene and diesel mixed mixture to visible areas on the engine bay. later they hold high pressure air to the early mentioned areas of a vehicle's to get rid of dust on those areas. In the past for forty years I never visited a service station, I changed oil regularly when the mileage meter reads the kilometers to change oil. Every time I change engine oil, also with a new oil filter use high pressure air clean the entire bay, wash the undercarriage carefully, so that any electronic parts fitted will not effect. I used a Japanese vehicle Nisan Venette for about 8 years 100000 Kilometers, Chinese for 16000 Kilometers, Indian for 45000 Kilometer's. At present a Japanese Suzuki Every has done 15000 Kilometers. All repairs and servicing is done by myself. I mentioned all above is not to blow my trumpet, all above is my experience about Automobiles. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  9. fat Fan, Your jeep has a elegant look on that parking lot. like to have more pictures in near future. Also if you like inform the cost in different stages of rebuilding. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  10. Member Niran gomes, I read advises given by members if you take reply summery, all advice too change with a new one. I have been using Radiators with copper and brass tanksr early 1960. I have repaired all of them because they were all copper radiators with brass or copper tanks. Any repairer can do a satisfactory repair on a Cropper or Brass Radiator top and bottom tanks. Plastic Radiator core cannot do a satisfactory core repair unless you block the leaking core pipes after removing top tank. Most tanks come with a locking rectangular seal which can be used once or twice only if you use a correct tool to remove that . This part some times can be aluminum or mild steel locking radiator tank and the core. Water leak repair can be done carefully examining the removed plastic core using only Epoxy which will stand for high temperature and pressure. There is method plastic can be repaired with a special unit which melted plastic can be filled to leaking point and seal the core. Please note all repaired Radiators will not last long. If a new Radiator is available do not repair the existing one. Go in for a new one. Above is the best advice I can give you. Sylvester Wijesinghe. Sylvi.
  11. Import of spares are not restricted, any one can go to a bank open a LC or can get Bank to transfer by TT money.
  12. First of all thank you for visiting my home and work shop at Kollupitiya remembering me. Am still living with few ailments, first is age, next is due to bad habits acquired in mid 1970. ( Middle age) When a person is young, no one will notice the bad habits will affect in late life. A person will have to control his eating and drinking habits early in life. Am suffering from Diabetics, BP, elevated lipids,. What I mentioned 90% of my age people are suffering. I was inactive for few years from late 2010 to late 2018, Since of late I was compelled to change my regular specialist physician, present physician changed my lethargic life completely. From early last year I switched on to early life instead of entrusting work to others, started to get back to the way how I was used to be early. This made some of my regular staff bit uncomfortable, I supervised all work instead of getting them 100% to do the daily duties, That changed my life back to early. Coming to your problem of edge W/S Glass polishing is a time consuming job, this has to be done very carefully without allowing the W/S glass edge overheating. Fitted W/S glass on to a vehicle edges cannot be cooled in that position, not like a glass removed then that glass can be inserted in to a water container, Polisher has the cooling water mixed with special polishing compound circulating. I hope you can visualize my explanation. Removing W/S glass is not advisable, because the W/S glass will never be re fitted like factory fitting. W/S glass sitting body frame will already have some corroded points. If there is corrosion then that has to be treated, refit the glass. If the scratches are not effecting to your driving, better to use as it is. My explanation on above is little long. I hope my Glass polishing person had explained above to you. Sylvester Wijesinghe. Sylvi.
  13. Members, The last SS silencer I fabricated for a friend of mine who had a Generator near the sea side hotel in Arugambay. he had to change every 18 months a new one, because generator was inside a totally enclosed room silencer barrel was exposed to sea cost. Three feet of 18 gauge good high quality (non magnetizing) SS sheath length was 30 inches. Got this rounded by a rolling machine. two ends were welded in my work shop using Brass welding. Three compartments inside using all SS sheath, connecting pipes was also SS. There were few parts from the engine had original steal pipes came with the generator which was installed about 12 years ago never gave any problems because that section was inside a covered room. Only from the existing good section to outside exposed to sea spray parts (pipes with SS new brackets ) were changed. With new SS pipes, fabricated barrel and end tail pipe all new. Welding gas set was borrowed from a party in site area, for site assembly installations. The entire cost I charged for the silencer was Rupees 12000/00. without any profit. labour costs were paid separately to the workers by the owner including fitting on to he generator. Originally this new Generator was installed by me and my workers. Today for a car silencer with SS will cost to fabricate will cost any thing under Rs.15000/00. If material purchasing is done by your self. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  14. Members, Yes GK_007 the meter adjusting was in our country for more than 20 years in a big way. Thousands of used vehicles in the past almost 99% of importers did this for their financial gain. Today they are (Importer dealers) are billionaires. All of them are not worried even a total ban of vehicles to our country for few years imposed by the Government. All of them will increase their selling prices as they wish. I remember very well when the dark era (1962 to 1977) imports of Automobiles as well as other consumer items were restricted how the selling prices of goods were increased. Immediately when past said government imposed the restrictions, cost of Automobiles went up in about 25%. All people who had reserves in their banks and their (PETTAGAMA IN THEIR BED ROOMS) paid advances for vehicles already shipped to our country. Genuine buyers had to go behind the rich Mudalalies stay out side the house till they come after their morning Breakfast and worship them to give a vehicle what they have reserved. Almost all automobile importers were reputed companies started in Ceylon during the Colonial regime. To my memory we had C/M at Union place importing Peugeot, VW, Wespa Scrooter, Continental motors Skoda, Simcar by Philips, and few others who imported Motor cycles. Wally's imported BMW Motor cycles, Automobile association at that time had a very effective road petrol service (Break down Vehicle help) had three or four BMW motor cycles in their road petrol service. I don't think any authority looked into this fraud in the past. Consumer protection authority never looked in to this. This meter adjusting was originally inaugurated by a Computer software developer in the past. He is not in Sri lanka at present, according to what I have heard. Few others found the method (secret) and they are in active practice. Now they are Vehicle importers. What can the Vehicle buyer do for this fraud. To my knowledge the most affected part in a used vehicle is the engine. Engine can effect if the vehicle had done close to recommended replacement time of the timing belt, not replaced with a good quality replacement. If a meter adjuster had adjusted the meter to read a low mileage, already done in the last used exported country of a used vehicle. Even a used vehicle buyer complain to CPA they will get both parties, always try to settle the matter by exchanging another vehicle get (complainant) the buyer to pay more for a zero millage vehicle, never request to refund the money. At present there are methods to know the correct mileage done on a vehicle. This system was not available in the past on many vehicles. All used registered vehicle dealers also do this to vehicles in their show rooms. I remember some time back this topic of meter adjusting was discussed in AL. I wrote few posts on the above subject. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  15. Members, I like to suggest that any member who can send historical name boards still existing relevant to Automobile driving. send to AL so that will be left in this Magazine for many long years for new members to read and they are still existing. I thought of this was, resonantly one person informed me that the road directions board picture what I have in one of my very old picture collection is not there any more. I posted a picture of Ceylon Tram ways halting stop, few years ago was existing on a very busy road side in Colombo. This very old cast iron post with the stop board, which was taken off by a person who build a building on that spot, had promised to reinstall the same board to one of AL member, I find that is more than five years, still not fulfilled. If that member reads this post I hope he will make request, from that person who is responsible for that unlawful removal of historically important symbol from public road. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
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