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  1. Members, This meter adjusting is going on for nearly 20 years or more. The first person to do was a computer Expert. Now there are few meter adjusters are doing this fraud. This is Sri Lanka. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  2. varotone, I have used JB Weld USA product many times never gave me any trouble for years.When I removed the Engine head I did a refacing till the spots go away and raised the head to get correct compression. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  3. Sylvi

    Cooling system issue - Mitsubishi Rosa 2010

    Jason Bourne, I don't think Battery waning light has any connection with other problems you have. If Battery warning light is on that means there is some thing wrong on your charging system. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  4. Sylvi

    Fastest Car In Srilanka

    Members, When we write about the fastest speed records in the world for cars, don't think we have any of those in Sri Lanka. Sylvester Wijesinghe. Sylvi
  5. Riz, Yes you have to mix with water Cerium oxide powder and polish your W/S. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  6. Mr, Sampath Gunasekara, Few years back on AL we discussed about memorable road pictures of automobile public transport vehicles like Bus stop and others Pictures. I posted a picture which was existing at that time on Grand pass road, old tram car stop (halt) board. This board was removed and promised by the person who removed same that he will fix same on a suitable permanent place on that road. To date that promise is not done. Can you let AL know the passion of that fixing of that board. I remember you have spoken to that person and he had promised to do the re fixing at that place. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  7. Sylvi

    Foggy windshield when raining?

    Klord, ABOUT CERIUM OXIDE. You mention about "cerium oxide", your post yesterday that is in powder form and cream form this is used to get a better polish on the Windscreen. There are number of grades. Fine is the final grade used to polish glasses. Opticians are the people who use this to polish spectacle glasses. At present this powder or cream is not used by the Opticians due to, they have plastic lenses. Plastic lenses are less in weight than glass lenses. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  8. Dear members, I bought one GPS Tracker, from a known shop which was costing much more than other units sold in the market. The unit is a portable one has to be recharged, Every time you track, on mobile or Computer can notice the remaining battery charge. Can be carried inside the pocket. Tracker is to track small children and elders also can be tracked by the unit. Tracking by mobile and or computer.Tracker had saved my telephone bill. Sylvester Wijesinghe. Sylvi.
  9. Sylvi

    Die-cast cars

    MATROSKA, I was unable to reply your to your post. I HOPE YOU WILL UNDERSTAND MY HEALTH CONDITION AT 76+. Sylvester Wijesinghe. Sylvi.
  10. Members, I reply above post which was posted last on 22nd November. Dhaham's post is correct. I stored a 2 cars to a relative of mine for 20 years. He lived in a first class country did not want get rid of his first Morris Minor 2 Sri and number of cars which he bought when ever he visits to Sl. Every year when ever he visits to SL imported from his migrated country, I used to remove the battery's. 2 battery's from the 2 cars which was parked in a close air tight ( Close to Colombo Railway line) large garage, I had 2 charges ( Assembled by Me without any Electronic controlled) of 13.5 Volts DC connect to them. He comes to SL once in two years use his 2 cars with the same Battery,s, Only two Battery's were changed for the cars. He passed away 2 years ago at the age of 83. 2 Children sold 2 cars as well as the land. Sylvester wijesinghe. Sylvi.
  11. Sylvi

    Better DVD player + navigator

    Davy Thank you for your post, I did by posting on to above Thread. The said tracker reason to buy was. I was invited for a Computer show room opening. so I have to buy something worth more than Rs. 10000/ therefore I bought that unit, "TRACKER X" unit can be used as a personal tracker.Actual cost was less than Rupees 12000/=little above Rupees 11000/=. Tracker unit importer came to my house had a very long chat on the next day when I complained about on the unit is not functioning correctly. He explained about the unit and program all what I wanted also educated me more functions which can be extended by using software which he has done on his own, for the "TRACKER X" unit. Even the manufacturer did not incorporated originally.Original instructions leaflet do not mention any thing about those. This explanation I got from the web. r KidGPS Tracker for carGPS Tracking Software GPS needs no introduction now. As you are aware, GPS tracking devices are widely used in commercial trucks, schools buses, cars etc., to accurately track their location and movement. Despite its growing usage, there is a big need to clear the air with regard to the difference between GPS Navigator and GSP Tracker. We come across several people mistaking GPS Tracker for a GPS Navigator. We also found several people assume that both are one and the same. There is a fundamental difference between the two based on their functionality and utility. Let us explore. GPS Navigation’s systems are primarily used to locate addresses and lend directions towards any assigned destination. When GPS Navigation systems are fitted to your car, it can help you locate the address and allow you to reach the accurate spot by following the direction shown in the navigation dashboard. Navigation systems make use of the data sent by satellites and display the details in the dashboard attached with the navigation device. The handy navigation device can be easily fitted to your car or any other vehicle to help you navigate through any route and to reach your preferred destination without seeking direction from people on the streets. It works with pin-point accuracy allowing you to reach your destination quite comfortably. On the other hand, GPS Tracker is a device which is used to display specific information to someone who is away from the device. Though tracker too makes use of Satellite to send and receive data, it comes with options to connect with the other person by making or receiving a call. Tracker helps the person at the other end to exactly know the location of the tracker holder and also be able to communicate instantly. Tracker device comes with hosts of benefits over and above mobile phones. Although the said the mistake I had done. To a thread which is not what we discuss about. I think that tracking is also based on the GPS. If not you cannot navigate, or find a station you have to travel. Sylvester Wijesinghe. Sylvi.
  12. Sylvi

    ######## 2020 Loading .... ########

    Happy and prosperous new year to all members. Sylvi.
  13. Sylvi

    How to Wash an EFI engine

    I totally agree with (D) Daham. Most of our service stations do lot of mistakes are due to not having proper training. I agree with, those who suggest to, blow and wipe off if any grease, oil marks and dust visible on the engine and engine bay. This is the best to do without washing with any liquid or water. I change in my vehicle oil every 5000 Kilo meters. With the help of my staff., Wash the undercarriage once a year never spray oil on to the undercarriage. The pressure on the gun I reduce to minimum. If I do lot of dusty and muddy roads then I do a High Pressure wash. K/P at Dehiwala was the first auto detailing service establishment started in our country, year 1988. Almost 30 years ago, most workers who were working there have started car cleaning and service establishments. C/P proprietor was trained in Japan he is well trained person who created this industry in Sri Lanka, which is well established today, In all parts of the country. They all use modern equipment for this industry. Very profitable industry good for young people. Government should start a training programs round the country to train our young generation to be fully trained in car auto detailing. With certificate issued. Because more new cars are imported to our country and we have to look for new people who are skilled to handle modern vehicles for long years of road use. Sylvester Wijesinghe. Sylvi.