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    12500 Killometers done 3 times Engine Oil was changed. Front disk brakes were removed due to little overheating found that two brake cylinders were clogged with a thin film of gray color grease. Polished them with little fine compound refitted the system with two new brake washers. Changed all Brake fluid with new Brake fluid. a

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  1. Update. This what a 51 year old fuel tank looks like. The tank had several tiny holes on it. It has been cut open. And it has been repaired. The inner walls were rustproofed and painted. So was the exterior. Also we put new panels inside the tank(lined the walls) in Stainless Steel. Fat fan, Very interesting post by you. Permanent Fuel leak leak stop by having a SS tank inside the original tank. Your update of above fuel tank, you state that fuel tank will be lined with SS sheath that means inside there will be a stainless steal tank completely covering your original tank. I don't think any one will do this type of rebuilding a tank which will last for many Generations to come, Very good idea can you inform thickness of SS sheath what is going to be inside the original tank. Another AL member did a rebuilding of a jeep with a double AC incorporated into the engine, he had Alternator not generating enough Amperage for slow speeds driving. I have mentioned about same in a early post. He posted many posts about his jeep of all what he did few years ago to AL. If necessary can give his contact number. Best wishes for good rebuilding. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  2. Fat fan, Thank you for your post to say that the memories of my self are valuable. Almost all my friends and relatives say I have a good memory and relate them like they happened yesterday, my late parents and my late only sister also use to relate things in the past very well. My late father who was a 1st WW RASC solder, who served in Basra present IRAC used to relate all about war stories, sister used to relate about 2WW history because the day that Colombo was bombed by Japs, they were in Colombo. She informs that they were in Church that day when the Sirens started, Most devotees came out of the church hurried to their respective homes to get under the bunkers. They were compulsory by then Colonial regime had requested to build. I can relate from 1st Harthal in 1953 as I remember Curfew was declared by then Governor General, few buildings were set on fire most government department employees joined the strike. Galle road was deserted no public transport. Few days later buses ( Double deckers) were driven by army drivers on the main roads. 1958 communal problems almost all our Jafna residents who were residing in Colombo were requested to occupy Colombo Schools. Few days later all of them were send to Jafna in the night by few ships we had in Colombo harbor. Few went to other developed countries. 1st old crock automobile rally was held in Colombo, sponsored by Tuckers Autodrome at Union place. During 1950 then Ceylon had only few automobile repair Garages. Except for automobile agents other few good garages were operated by all old workmen who had worked with automobile agents. All bus companies had very good Mechanics who maintained their buses very well. After CTB took over the private companies they started auctioning used old bus chassis complete, some parts from them were taken out for the already running bus repairs, many lorry owners bought old double docker buses. Their makes were GUY and Leylend all those buses were made to single flat bed lorries to transport containers. One reason to sell them was some of them were made more than 20 years ago, at that time and used them in UK sold to our county. UK they had discontinued to manufacture spares for them. Few very old Guy double decker buses were bought by customer of mine who had an industry to distribute his products, he only wanted space and not the carrying weight, He never told me that he had bought Guy old buses. One day when I visited his factory for repairs of his Generator, I saw newly build two lorries were parked without any numbers. I went round them wanted to know the reason for not using them, then his maintenance officer told me that they cannot register them due to a brake system was not working satisfactory. later in Colombo I told the owner to send one lorry to Colombo to my place I will try to do some thing to correct that problem. In Colombo I had to park that lorry on a by road to attend the repair, I got 12 very good experienced mechanics to correct this problem all of them failed. One top engineer retired from CTB told me to contact one senior charge hand from Ratmalana depot that he will give instructions to correct the problem. He examined and told me CTB discontinued this model of buses due to this problem not having the spares for the vacuum pump frailer, to build up enough Vacuum for efficient brakes. This was before open economy era. I modified the seals of vacuum pump, rebuild worn out pump rotor unit plates fixed a vacuum gauge (meter to get the reading) efficiency of brakes came up to 80% on a brake testing meter when the brakes was tested. Above is one of the memorable modifications what I had done in the past, I few years back did same to one of the AL members who had a brake problem on his jeep, also he had a alternator was not producing enough ampears at low RPM, HAD TO CHANGE HIS CRANK PULLEY TO GIVE MORE RPM, FOR MORE AMPEARS FROM THE ALTERNATOR. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi
  3. fat fan, OK. I can visit when the vehicle is ready to have a look, today restoration cost is about 5 times or more of the original cost of a old vehicle. Even building restorations also cost is about same, my house in Colombo cost me Three flows about 20 years ago Concrete and brick building approximately Rs. 2000/00 a square foot. Today to add another 550 Square feet by demolishing and rebuilding cost had gone more than 10000/00 Rupees a square foot. That is not luxury bathrooms like star class, durable ordinary fittings available in the market upgrading the complete water supply system, by replacing down pipe water supply system using 4 inch PVC pipe instead of 2 inch pipe, to get more water pressure for bathrooms showers. replacing old supply system using 2 inches PVC pope reduced to 1/2 inch at the final end supply. Popular instant hot water Geyser, what is available which needs pressure pump incorporated only for top 3rd flow, this small pump gives trouble in few months, unlike without pressure pump. Geyser pump racers have to replace every 6 months. I found another new brand in the market bought 10 of them with a special discount. I want to try this new brand which is 1/3 Cost of the other popular brand (S). Made in another developing country. From my very young days I grew up in a Automobile and Electrical service back ground, originally my late father bought me a Skoda -1100 car for Rupees 1000/= CN 7075 in year 1964. This car was presented to Roman Catholic by a very close relative of mine in her last will. Church refused to take this after demise of my relative, car was in her garage for few years, later District Court ordered to get a valuation by AA and sell same, deposit money in Court so that later that money will go to Church. I used same till the new Vehicles came to the market in year 1977. I my self imported a Toyota RH16 Hi-ace van used only for few months sold with a profit. I became a importer of vehicles due to the then starved market in Sri Lanka. Vehicles what we had before 1977 all of them were made in UK, German, Italy, USA brands. Japanese brands came in a very big way after 1977. All other new vehicles Indian Chinese came in later years, after they started to manufacturing them for world market. I have deviated from Automobiles to Civil Engineering and back to old subject, Hope you and other members will understand me. I all-ways like to share what ever I do for others to do, I have not failed so far what ever I did in my life. A very big gamble I did from deviating from one to another automobile service. Which no one in the automobile service did successfully. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  4. fat fan, Posts by you about restoration of vehicles in Gampaha, is interesting. I like to visit because I do go to JA ELA last few days for development work of a land of mine, land was neglected for almost four months due to the curfew. My watcher left me due to a family problem of his, just before the curfew and the land was neglected. I got a new watcher and supervise daily, as few changes are being done to the house their, CEB Power supply meter inside the gate. CEB, 3PH Meter cannot read if there is no one their. There are four more privater meters fixed inside which supply power to other rented buildings. With your permeation if I can get a introduction to visit that work shop to have look at restoration, will be appreciated. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  5. Thank you for all drawbacks what you have mentioned, you are correct and I agree. I did this after educating few friends of mine in my country. As I mentioned this was seen in a another country doing this type of corroded parts repair I thought and will try this for the time factor. One thing I did not mentioned in that post was, I got the person (tinker) to cut off all corroded parts of the riveting section, to stop further spreading of corrosion. I came across one Nissan car which I did that after about 5 years I had a chat with the new owner ( the vehicle hands had changed few times) and examined the point on the bottom near the windscreen glass part which I got my tinker to do the patch work pop reverting the corroded part, inside I cannot say top even the present owner did not know that part had been changed with a pop riveting with a new paint. Rivet head was also grounded by using a grinder strength of rivet will not loose to minimum for painting. If not the rivet head will be popping out visible after painting. Little bit of more metal filler was used to get the correct shape, Long years ago in late 1960 to late 1970 never did above rivet repair that time all ways cutoff the corroded section by using the Oxygen Acetylene flame and weld a part of metal sheath to repair corroded sections. My reply posts are little longer due to long explanations of mine what ever I did in the past. In 1960 1970 era we did not have angle grinders with very thin cutting wheels. All was done by cutting with the hot flame or using a Chisel to cut corroded sections, at times hack saw blade (Eclipse) was also used to cut of the area after using the chisel to get space. Ms. Browns was the agent for UK made Eclipse hack saw blades at that time, no Chinese or any others. Cost was Rs, 2/= for high speed and Rs, 1.25 for all heard blade. When Chinese first came they were under 25 Cents. Ms, Hunters had the agency for best tools like High speed Drill bits of Presto, all type of Lucas tools, Box spanners, Ball racer pullers, Pachikawatthe biggest tools stockist was Ms, A.C.Paul and at Old moor Street (which was a small cart road) Samuel sons carried most high quality tools. After 1960 late only all small time motor spare part dealers came up in Panchikawatthe. Almost buildings were single story Calcult tiled ( sinhala ulu. Tiles) houses converted to shops. Some big timers today (Second and Third generation doing business) in that road were the pavement hawkers selling old spares as all used vehicles were brought to that road and dismantled for spares. After 1962 Panchikawattha had a very big change of buildings with three or more flows. Today big business name was started in a small room lending money for the day to day hawkers to pay back on the end of the day, later he stared importing (After 1977) spares and indenting spares to others. He named his business by one of this close relative and pass of few years ago. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  6. fiat fan, I noticed a mechanic using a undercoat sealant to protect corroding, it is very good several automobile service dealers started undercoat protection but all of them have discontinued that service. I requested from a leading service station owner for reason to discontinue of that service, he informed the profit was not enough also very few customers did this protection done. Did they do a sand blasting before the under seal protection? Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  7. fiat fan, Very good detail pictures of your restoration, can you inform this work shop is situated in Colombo or out of Colombo. Pictures back ground I can see many newer cars. Do they do only tinkering and painting or all round repairs. It is good to know this type of people because today no one will want to undertake time consuming jobs like restorations of older Vehicles. I have little space in my Colombo property, if not I also will undertake this type of restorations. The little knowledge of older vehicles I am confident can do them to satisfy costumers needs. When I read outside world many people are engaged in restoration of vehicles what ever they have in those countries. There are many spare part dealers in the world who are selling original spares or spares similar to originals. I have restored many old vehicles in the past mostly, without cutting the corroded part of the vehicle. only by cleaning very well and make a little bigger part similar to the corroded section riveting the new iron sheath to that from inside of the vehicle or outside, later apply good epoxy mixed on to that section. Instead of welding a new iron sheath. this saves time also will not go out of alignment of the section what a metal worker will work. Above is limited to only straight sheath parts, like floor boards, door parts. Many sections need welding due to the shape of the body or the door sections. Application of epoxy is easy on straight sections, at times can use fiber glass cloth depends on the section. Have done to many vehicles for more than number of decades. I have posted about this few years back when one of my young worker wanted a vehicle for his family use. Riveting can use pop rivet or a Brass rivet, Brass rivet will give a better finish than a pop revert. finish with thin fiber glass cloth not the Fiber glass mat. Member wants can give a demonstration, I saw studied this method, metal sheath riveting and using Fiber glass mat this method to my self applying this in first class country. I studied from them very long years ago in late 1970. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  8. Members, I posted about Acetone some time back cannot remember the exact date. One member replied for same, to inform petrol is a good cleaner. He is correct. His question is reason to use Acetone will that do any thing more than petrol. I am doing a test for last few days to inform members my self without acetone the performance and with Acetone. Because I do about 100 kilometers daily these days for my personal development project out of Colombo. I do to Ja ela on highway up and down. That alone is about 30 km. next 70 KM is for Victoria bridge to Kollupitiya up and down. Will inform correct figures later another day. Mine is a Suzuki Avery done 14000+ Kilometers. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  9. sathyajithj99, Your post is correct, even those days we had motorists who never did any service till the engine oil become like Tar. Today I have come across motorists who do a service once a year, never to recommended time. I have very close associate who is doing that way only when he gets his annual leave, he attends to his new vehicle first owner Agents delivered to him new. 0 mileage. At present vehicle SEW in very good condition done over 85000 Kilometers. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  10. Devinda_Z, CCS? Yes Ceylon Civil Service. Today Sri Lanka Administration service. You are a descendant one of them. Please pardon me for the Question. What I mentioned on that post is true. You will see on your own eyes today's similar service equal to CCS officers, how they are respected by others. I do not want to insult the present officers of state who are doing a yeoman service, to our people. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  11. Members, I do not know what I post on this thread is correct, but my memories go back to when I saw the 1 Sri 1 which was owned by our late prime minister one of the greatest brave Politicians we had. I have not heard those days that he was crazy for motor vehicles. Still when Sri was first used to automobiles in Ceylon by late Prime minister who opened the eyes of under privileged society in Ceylon. He had insisted then authorities to reserve the first number to him. Almost all people who are living in Sri Lanka today had free education, thanks to our great politicians in the past. During my young days Civil servants were the top government respected officers. Today that respect is not there for the officers who are called today as Lankan administration service. Inside the office when they do their duty, will be respected by their subordinates, as well as who come to get their requirements. Moment they are out of their office they are like normal citizens. I remember very well one politician mentioned referring to another politician that he let loose ( I do not want to write that word hear) respect what public service officers were enjoying. Coming to jeeps in 1945 post war models were very popular among the poachers, hunting in our jungles were made illegal, there was few affluent class of people who was engaged in hunting our wild animals. That was mainly in Anuradapura, Polonnaruva. Udawalave, Hambanthota, Panama. Where ever Railway lines were their the hunters used to get down large wooden cool boxes stuffed with Ice to one of their closest hunting site Railway stations to transport the killed animals body parts. Next day they they will be at Colombo 02 famous food stuff organization to store in their cool rooms. Today that site is a building development site. During 1940s to 1970s it was a pride for hunters to have a stuffed carcasses of killed animals by them, on their bungalow large halls. I used to go for earth moving heavy machinery electrical repairs with my late father and after his demise my self with my assistance. I have visited to almost all Irrigation development sites in the entire Island. Most earth moving machinery owners had few licensed shot guns, Early mornings their hobby was to shoot a animal or a bird for the lunch table. Above is little what I remember of those 4 wheel drive small left hand drive jeeps, Some had Trailers attached to them. Did a valuable service to our motorists in good old days. Also have to mention that all rest houses around the Island those days catered the hunters as well as travelers Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  12. fiat fan, Please request your brother to call me on 0712222420, 0112573690, 0115657600. Or send me a Email to [[email protected]}. I have a hearing difficulty (Due to my old age 77+ . After spending 100,000 to a hearing aid dealer in Colombo it is not working satisfactory) due to that mostly I miss calls on my mobile. Some times my assistants pick the call and inform me to call back. I all-ways answer missed calls later. Thank you for your post. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  13. Members, Little memories I have on Jeeps in Ceylon. This I should post to the page, requested by the moderators to write, still I post because jeep subject is disused above. During my young days Ceylon did not have many Japanese vehicles. Almost all jeeps available in the country was American Willis Jeeps, they were sold in Army auctions. I cannot remember any exclusive agent in Ceylon in 1950. Many motor spare parts dealers imported spares for them. Ms, Bogala Motors imported all electrical spares for them. They also had plenty of engine spares, Pistons, Piston rings Gaskets many others for the WW2 and post WW2 models. Many parts of USA jeeps were fitted to UK vehicles, some spares our mechanics were able to fix them without any difficulty. Innovative mechanics fixed them with few modifications. Most Peugeot Diesel vehicles came to Sri Lanka after 1970 I did a modification to starting problem they had due to a inherited problem on early Peugeot Diesel engines. Few hundred vehicles were imported and given to Transport contractors, Planters, Industrialists and few others who were close to then Government. They were the first new vehicles came to Sri Lanka with Alternators. Our Auto Electricians were not used to alternators, what they did was fixing 12 Volts UK make dynamos. At that time all leading spare part dealers did not have any spares for Alternators. Like Diode plates, Regulators Alternator slip ring brushes. Later Auto alternators came with Electronic regulators inbuilt. Lucas of UK had few alternators with a Electronic regulator can be fitted outside. Above is very little I remember mostly on my specialty during past era before switching to another modern technology in Automobiles. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  14. Devinda_z, Thank for your post. I did not read my Emails for last few days due to pressure of work load in my property building developments. Like for motor vehicles buildings have to be maintained properly. If not they will deteriorate, no tenant will want them. Most of them is Commercial buildings Some Lessees are not paying their monthly lease rent. My reserves are withdrawn not estimated amounts, when I commenced work in December 2019. Unexpected world and our health problem had effected in a very bad way, I lost nearly three months of development work. There was people to work. Due to closer of shops supplies of raw materials were not available. Workers some or other left to their villages few came back, Had to restart with new workers. Cannot estimate new cost yet. Have to complete whatever the cost. I simply cannot think the cost so far spend on complete work, Mostly by demolishing and redoing to present requirements. Buildings are under 30 years old I am a old man do things ( not to star class) in a most habitable way so that we Sinhalese Sri Lankns can utilize for the most comfortable way. Buildings are under 30 years old. This repair can go on for another 10 years or more, I don't think I will be alive then. I did not write about Automobiles on the Exclusive Automobile forum, it is just for the information. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
  15. fiat fan, When I read list of things you have done, I think it is cheap as for today's cost due to high cost of our mechanics charges.Unless DIY. Where do you have the baby for me to have a look, if you permit. Because good old days did not have complicated advanced technology on them. Most of our technicians can handle repairs without any difficul Only If the vehicle is within 25 to 50 Kilo meters close to Colombo. As my old age 76+ do not permit me long distance traveling. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
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