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  1. Found the factory fitted camera from a door at a shop in Delkanda. Thanks all for the support.
  2. I am looking for a 2nd hand factory fitted reverse camera for my Axio WxB (2019 model) as my car didn't come with it. Is there any recommended place I should go (I know that naming a place may violate forum rules as advertising within the forum. But it is appreciated if you can tell me the land marks near the shop. Then I can find it). I visited more than 10 spare parts shops around Delkanda area and did not find the genuine Toyota reverse camera. At one place, I found it. But they wanted to sell the complete boot door. Also if you can recommend me a good alternative camera with perfect night vision, that is also OK since I drive/reverse too much at night. Aside from that, if anyone knows the catalog part number for Axio NKE165 Hybrid reverse camera (may be in the form of 86790 - xxxxx) please let me know. Then I can order online, if I am unable to find it here. Thanks.
  3. Please refer the below link. http://toyota.jp/prius/003_p_007/concept/grade Unfortunately, the link is in Japanese language. Please use some translater like https://translate.google.com
  4. First of all, your car is not a Japanese domestic model car. All Japanese domestic model cars have only Japanese language displays. I think you better go to Toyota Lanka and show the issue to them. Then you can get some idea about the issue (they will not charge for verbal explanations. but if they need to scan your car to find the exact root cause, ask them about the total cost for investigation + fix)
  5. You are about to buy a FD1. But again you are talking about a steering rack problem in ES8. I cannot understand how it is going to affect your FD1 purchase. Fuel consumption is approx. 7Km/L in city (one of my friend had FD1) Of course, Parts are bit expensive than toyota. Yes, the resale is bit hard when compared to . But you will get enough buyers if your selling price is good.
  6. Thanks a lot bro. You were right. They have reset the trip computer. That's why it was showing low figures at the begining. I drove my Prius over 300 miles yesterday and everything is back to normal. I was able to reach 55 mpg on average.
  7. Yes bro...I was planning to buy a Lancer Ex. But I had to move to a hybrid considering extremely long distance travelling which I am about to start. Prius saves good bucks on fuel (fuel cost is 1/3 when compared to my Lancer) + pretty good pulling power (1800cc engine) for the price.
  8. I have sold my lancer & bought a Prius 3rd Gen (UK imported version) recently. What should be the correct engine oil viscosity for my car? Mfd. Year: 2010 Mileage: 35300 miles (approx. 56800 km) Driving conditions: weekdays very low traffic around 30 km per day / weekends long distance around 200km every weekend Yesterday the full service was done from Cl**n Pa*k and after that fuel economy reduced to 35 mpg on average. Usually it is between 50 - 55 MPG. Oil type used: Toyota 0W-20 SN Air filter replaced Oil filter replaced What could be the issue?
  9. http://world.honda.com/news/2014/c140210Recall-Fit-Hybrid-Vezel-Hybrid/index.html
  10. Thanks Bracket. However, my budget is not sufficient to go for a brand new one (yes, if I have a permit I might go. But the normal price is around 7 million at the agent). I would most probably go for a 2008 Lancer Ex (GLS).
  11. Hi All, Currently I'm driving a 2008 model Lancer GLX (1.3 engine) and hoping to upgrade it to Lancer Ex. But a lot of people including some owners warned me about an ABS sensor issue. I want to know all the known issues related to this model and the description of each trim level (e.g. GLS) for Lancer Ex. Hope experts can help. Note: I have read all the related topics on the forum. But I was unable to find any issues other than the ABS sensor issue.
  12. Podi Lamaya

    Lancer Ex

    Is the Lancer EX comes with climate control A/C ?
  13. Hi trinity & all, Thanks for the contact number and place. I have visited the Weliwita warehouse as well. I was able to find a very good quality (almost brand new condition) head light. Unfortunately there was only one light and it got a damaged edge. So, that left me no choice other than buying a new headlight. Then I bought a brand new head light for Rs.40,000/= from a place called "Mirai Auto Land" at Delkanda. It is a genuine Mitsubishi light which came in original Mitsubishi box. Still it is lot cheaper than company price (Rs.64,000).
  14. Thanks for the detailed information mate. But I didn't get the contact number of the spare parts guy (Mahinda). Do you know the shop name /location or contact number of this spare parts guy. Great help. Thanks.
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