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  1. The Rajamawatha has been closed due to bridge washout near Randenigala. You have to take 18 bend road.
  2. One of my close friend is using QQ near 5 years, expect running repairs. no issues at all. Everything is depending on how you care it. Even you can simple find vehicles from well-known brands like Toyota, Nissan etc. with worst condition. My personal feeling is all vehicle brand are reliable until you properly maintain it. Only deference is how difficult (cost factor) to maintain it.
  3. I bought it for 6.2 M in January 2015. it is non permit value. My one does not have sun roof. Sun roof available Rexton is more expensive than that.
  4. I own Rexton W which bought January 2015 and did near 5000Km now. According to my personal experience it is a good SUV for that money ( yes Brand new). Micro was given a loyalty member ship for 3 year or 300000Km (sorry not remember exact) where they do services fully free of charge. You can’t get much comfort on rear seats when running on bumpy roads, but I got the same feeling when I travel as a passenger in New Montero Sport as well.
  5. you can get the these circuits from ebay as well http://www.ebay.com/itm/CAR-TIMER-SWITCH-TIME-RELAY-1-TO-190-SEC-KIT-Delay-Off-Led-Lights-12V-ON-Button-/281223050010?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Components_Supplies_ET&hash=item417a33331a http://www.ebay.com/itm/MP7505-Car-Ceiling-Light-Delay-Off-Timer-20-second-10W-12VDC-/140510927871?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20b71a9bff
  6. How about brand new Rexton which is going around 6.2M
  7. One of my friend planning to buy brand new Rexton. It is a new model call Rexton W and its 2c engine. Any Rexton W user comment on followings; How is the overall satisfaction How about maintainability How comfortable the vehicle
  8. I'm using "Navigator" in my S4, its pretty good and most of maps available with voice navigation. I can recommend that without any hassle
  9. How about Rexton around 2009, saw couple off ads in AL too. But no idea about maintainance cost
  10. Sorry for asking question not fully relevant to this topic. But I like to know the technical wise deferent between 2nd generation and 3rd generation of Prius.
  11. I think its more appropriate if you can give the reason before placing such a statement.
  12. Do you have idea on fuel consumption, coz as i heard, it is pretty bad on fuel even being a little car. but have more power.
  13. I too use this method. once u get used to it, it's not so difficult
  14. Turbo booster switch required in that time... LOL ppl do not know it, check from
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