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  1. walkernet

    Noah Conversion For A 5 Door Kr42

    You will have to go back in time for this. Check the original post date
  2. walkernet

    Datsun 280zx

    Sorry to bring up an old post, but any idea who has the red colour FairladyZ 280Zx now in SL. It has been advertised in another site last Dec, wondering how much it went for.
  3. walkernet

    License Plate Frame And Sticker; Help Please

    As per my knowledge there is a rule as front number plate should be in White and back plate needs to be in Yellow, and the letters needs to be in black. Correct me if I'm wrong here.
  4. Get your insurance and emission test completed. Once done they will be updated in their system. Only after that you can proceed form this point. If it still gives an error better to call the help line and check with them or get it in the usual manner. I have got the my licence renewed via this several times.
  5. walkernet

    How To Flush And Re-Fill Radiator Coolant

    Do you think this coolant can be used for Corolla 141 model as well.
  6. walkernet

    Shock absorber for aqua

    Can you let me know where you got them. I also need to change the shocks of my 141
  7. walkernet

    Japanese Car News

    Based on the looks and specs seems it's far better than a premio or allion.
  8. walkernet

    Japanese Car News

    Now there will be a competition among Civic 1.0L and Corolla Hatchback in that market segment.
  9. walkernet

    Japanese Car News

    Yup, there's a group called R*pid R*v R*cing which has the advert
  10. walkernet

    Japanese Car News

    The hatchback version of this is already available in SL for 6.75 mil and looks great
  11. walkernet

    Corolla 141

    Thanks Davy
  12. walkernet

    Corolla 141

    Hi all, my 141's coolant level has gone to the lowest level within a limited amount of time. Any idea why this kind of thing occurs.
  13. PMed, not sure about the prices though.
  14. I don't think he is looking to avoid the fine in this situation. He's asking a method to get his license back to Colombo or where ever he is, after paying the fine. @varotone I think there are some courier services for this but they charge large sum when it's outside of Colombo. Just search online and in FB.
  15. walkernet

    Number Plate Province Change

    As said above this can be done easily. I did a province change from WP to CP for my Vitz around 2 years back. Cost me around 10k for the complete task, which included cost for new plates and some transfer tax as the transfer was done within 5 years of first registration.