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  1. Never have I seen a more offensive abomination on four wheels since the Sssangyong Rodius.... Good grief, this makes the previous generation positively gorgeous!!!
  2. What sort of adjustment? Pray tell you're not thinking of cutting the firewall....
  3. esdeez

    Express-Way Updates

    Not sure, but you can call them on 1969 for any questions.
  4. esdeez

    Express-Way Updates

    Registered for the ETC system recently. It runs off a card(slightly larger and thicker than a typical Credit Card) which is affixed to your windscreen, and is much less obtrusive than some systems I've seen abroad. Registration is simple enough. Go to the dedicated ETC Customer Car Center which is basically a converted container near the Thorana Junction (Maps coordinates: 6.967379, 79.900730). There are a few forms to sign, and you need to give them a copy of your vehicle registration book and ID/Driver's License. After which an ETC account is set up, operated by Bank of Ceylon. You don't need to hold a BOC account, but if you do it could be advantageous as there a features such as automatic debiting of your BOC account etc. For none-account holders like myself, you're able to top up your ETC account at any BOC branch by depositing over the counter quoting your ETC account number. There are no charges for obtaining the card per se, although you do need to top up your account with a minimum of Rs. 1000/- when registering. So far the service is working flawlessly for me, however, until more users are registered the ETC lanes are not operational at peak traffic times on weekdays, as they need all available lanes to process regular paying customers. When using the service, slow down to around 20-30kmph (15kmph is advised) when approaching the barrier (in the dedicated demarcated ETC lane) it will automatically open, whilst the screen to the right will display your journey's charges and your remaining balance. If you're running low on credit then the message board will also prompt you to top up. Oh, you also get text message alerts to top up too if you so wish. All in all a very good system so far. Hopefully it'll be implemented in the Southern Highway soon as well.
  5. Which begs the question: Why are you trolling members of a forum that is dedicated to cars? I'm sure if you take your ideas over to another forum you'll be praised by the great multitude of people who look at cars as tools, but here the majority of us love cars. You have every right to your opinion, as do we, but despite our petrol-head bias, the majority of members were arguing with logic and common-sense: I.E if you want cheap running, buy a nice Japanese car! For the Rs. 300,000 spent on replacing a BMW engine with a 2C engine, not only would you be able to retain the value of it remaing what it was designed to be (after years of R&D by technicians in a multitude of fields), you would also be able to completely overhaul the original engine with a chunk of change to spare!
  6. Many Diesel BMW's of the 90s and early 2000's have been reported to have issues running on our local diesel. One of the main issues for E46's was the diesel pump failing, which was in the six figures to replace at a specialist. In addition to this E46's in general were a bit more finicky than the models preceding them electrics and suspension wise. Might have been a combination of the above that have lead to a decrease in numbers, but generally I see quite a few (often diesel) on the roads each day.
  7. If you think we have it bad in Lanka..... Sigh....
  8. One method to avoid scratches is to use the two bucket method. I.E have one bucket with whatever detergent you have in it, and the other used to rinse the cloth after each swipe. Wet the car/panel before hand, and use microfibre cloths. Depending on how anal you are, you could get a grit-guard for the rinsing bucket so that dirt doesn't surface in the water. Keeping the car waxed is a good idea too. Car care is a lengthy process, but it's usually at the washing stage where such fine scratches and swirl-marks come. which is why sometimes I go longer than I should without washing just so I can get the time to do a proper job. Also, car's are meant to be driven
  9. Yes indeed Supra....Jag owners flying the flag high eh? https://www.facebook.com/srilankantrafficviolations/videos/365160137007214/ (Sorry, had to)
  10. Go for the Premio. Sit inside and drive either car (I have) and you'll notice the vast difference. And Not only will the Premio retain its value, you'll always have a flock of buyers waiting for one. The same cannot be said of either the Micro or the BMW. Although easily the best car dynamically, the E60 BMW's are notoriously costly to maintain, especially one that hasn't been cared for. If you can afford it then by all means go for it, but just to give you an idea, a headlight assembly (one side) apparently costs Rs. 175,000 locally.
  11. Yes, from what I recall it goes as the Land Cruiser, and the full fat LC went as the Amazon. Passenger vans have never been popular in the UK, perhaps as the term van is often associated with builders.... MPVs though, are extremely popular among families.
  12. As a BMW driver myself, I have to agree with the general consensus. It's sad because they're ruining the reputation of a company that has and does build some genuinely good cars. Perhaps it's time the rest of us graduated to mercs... :/
  13. Also isn't continental being handled by Prestige now?
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