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  1. according to the person who scanned the Car told that CEL indication is working fine. Actually I noticed that this happens only after car is driven a few of miles. I checked this several times. It always happens after I drive about 2 miles.
  2. Throttle body clean up done. I don't have much idea about the IACV and EGR However MAF & TPS both clean while diagnosing the issue of hesitance in engine start. P.S. Injector filters also replaced when petrol filter was replaced as those were clogged.
  3. Hi HI, just to let you know that i got the issue fixed. Issue was with the petrol filter and git it changed now starting issue is fixed. now car start without any issue. However there is this knock(not a noise, but a shock) while driving. As long as I keep the foot on accelerator car runs smoothly, but when I release the foot to reduce speed, car gets this knock(one time shock). Then again when I keep foot on pedal car start to gain speed after a one time shock. Any idea why this might be ?
  4. I told the mechanic to scanned the car. That guy told it is not necessary as CEL was not indicating. Even he told that such scan would not find issue with petrol pressure. i would get done what you have advised, just curious, why do I experience misfire, loss in power then, if it is not fuel pressure what t could be ?
  5. will do that, So, you are suggesting issue may not be with the fuel pump and my original fuel pump might have worked properly.
  6. Thanks for the response. CEL is on when switch is on and disappear after engine starts. That's normal, right?
  7. Hi guys, My car was having this acceleration issue recently and show it to a mechanic and got the fuel pump (the one inside the petrol tank) replaced by mechanic two week ago. Actually he checked the fuel pressure and there was no pressure at all when switch is on only jumped it to 25 knots after engine started. when engine stops pressure came down at no time. Mechanic told that even after engine shut down it should keep the pressure. With that conclusion he changed the fuel pressure pump. However replaced one was a TAIWAN made. After that I drive the around 1000 km with several long trips. Last week I drive to Kandy and again the same issue came and car was not moving at all at the middle of Kandy Town. Engine was not accelerating when I paddle. However I found a mechanic there and managed to drive back. He told that TAIWAN petrol pump is not reliable. Since the I was driving the car and I felt car was not ruining smoothly as earlier. Hence I show the car to the mechanic who replaced the petrol pump two weeks back. He tune up the engine replacing spark plugs, cleaning injectors and all. After that he check the petrol pressure again. It was zero when switch is on. went up to 30 knots after engine starts. back to zero in no time after engine stops. Mechanic is telling i got to replace the petrol pump again with genuine one. Now I am thinking of what option I have. Car is not running well and engine starting is also a bit lazy. I have to give little gas to start the engine. (can all these be due to not enough petrol pressure? can it be something else) Please share if you have any this kind of experience and hope mechanical experts can assist me. Thank you.
  8. Hi, I have a FB15 1500cc 2000 YOM super saloon. Spark plugs model currently existing in my car is NGK BKR5E. One mechanic recently told me that spark plugs in my car are not the exact model intended for my car. He said that it should be BKR5E-11. Anyone knows the difference between these two models and should i get replaced the existing plugs with BKR5E-11 as mechanic told?
  9. @The Stig, you've got a good point. my problem here is finding accident free good condition vehicle with my budget is very difficult. I regret selling my carina now. Car brokers and business man in the internet are selling craps for high values. I looked for BJ5P, FB15, 110, recently and could not find a good vehicle for a reasonable price. all are overpriced, but our people are ready to pay high prices and for these old cars. That's why i though ending up with this FB15 for this price.
  10. It seems a bit odd to me, but this guy has all records of the car even from the 1st owner. This guy mostly running a diesel VAN he is having and car is parked in his garage. When I talked to him i felt he is telling the truth. Interior of the vehicle is very clean. You believe it or not, there is this FB15 I know from my area has done only 65000km so far. I could say that it is the best FB15 in the country now. The owner is a miser and does not run the vehicle much other than going to buy groceries in his town. I happened to ask his price for the vehicle and he told me he needs 28 lakhs, funny right? I had a carina 212 previously for 3 years and i did only 25k for all three years. I ran the vehicle on weekends only because I am working out from my home town.
  11. Thanks for the reponse machan, Actually I don't know difference other than this Steering wheel thing. I tried to search in, but could not find. The guy won't come below that as FB15 super saloon goes for crazy prices now a days. In addition it is very hard to find a good vehicle, I am trying last 3 month since i sold my Ti carina.
  12. Hi friends, I'm new to this forum and need your support on buying this vehicle. yesterday I went to see this vehicle which is FB 15, Super saloon 2000 YOM (Splend) white color one that comes with the Teak steering wheel. Car is with his second owner for last 6 years and in good shape. only done 100000 km. Owner is expecting 23.50 lakhs for this vehicle. There is this problem with its side mirrors. Left one is not responding at all (neither adjustable nor retractable) and right side one is retractable half a way with a lot of sound, but however adjustable. I want to know whether : is it worth buying this car for this price ? if side mirrors are not repairable, is there a place to buy new ones and how much would it costs around? Please share your views. Thanks.
  13. Any idea what would be the axela 's fuel consumption..
  14. yeah I know 121 is a boring car... I choose that only because of my price range.. about Nissan Tiida, I don't like the shape of that cat. however thanks for your comment.
  15. Hi Experts, I'm planing to buy a second hand car and have in mind of Toyota 121, Mazda Axela, Honda Civic here are my concerns 1. Price range within in 2.5M - 2.8M 2. Fuel consumption 3. spares parts availaility 4. easy maintenance 4. Automatic or trip-tonic This will be for mostly family use and occasional trips. I can change my mind if you can suggest any better sedan car within my affordability Please give your ideas to help me to make a decision... Thanks
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