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    Nissan Presea

    Just wanted to find out from anyone who have owned or driven a Nissan Presea 1997-2000 model. Hows it performance and the availability of spare parts. Does it do well on petrol and hows the resale value. What would be the best price to pay for this model.
  2. Le Sabre

    Express-Way Updates

    Havent heard much news on the southern expressway, colombo-katu , colombo -kandy and outer circular road projects. Anybody has any updates on these projects so far.
  3. Just want to find out from anyone in the forum about the Lancer CS1 (2001-2002)car. How is its performance, avaliability and cost of spares and resale value. Which trim level ( GL,GLX...) comes with auto transmission.
  4. Le Sabre

    Cars Made In Srilanka

    Just wanted to put a list together of cars made in srilanka. Other than Microcars what are the other companies manufacturing cars in srilanka. Theres a company making pickup trucks and also i heard that theres a company making vans and electric cars. If anyone has any details on the manufacturing companies, there websites and other info and any future companies setting up in SL please so post some info and websites if there are any.
  5. Le Sabre

    Toyota Cami

    Hi guys just wanted to know the price of a Toyota Cami, registered and unregistered. Thanks for your help.
  6. Le Sabre

    New Micro Car Models

    Just checked out the microcars website and they seem to have added some new pickup,busses and hatchback models. Are they going to replace the Micro Trend anytime soon. Any info on the srilankan designed model that micro said it would produce. Would be nice to see a locally designed model manufactured.
  7. Le Sabre

    Road Rules

    Stick to lanes The Colombo city traffic police has urged motorists to use only the relevant lanes while driving in the Colombo city area, in an attempt to limit accidents and reduce city traffic. Police media spokesman Prishantha Jayakody said that a new programme to create awareness among the public will continue for a considerable time period and thereafter the law will be strictly enforced against drivers. “The police will first create awareness but we will not impose fines. Strict police action will taken against careless drivers after the awareness programme is concluded,” he said.
  8. Le Sabre

    Lancer Ck And Cs Models

    I am looking into getting some info on the Mitsubishi Lancer CK1, CK2 and CS1 ,CS2 models. Whats the difference in these models. Hows the resale value and the cost of spare parts and its performance as well. These models are YOM 2000 - 2002 What are the prices for these models as well. Anyone owning these models can give some advice.
  9. Le Sabre

    Suzuki Baleno

    Can anyone give me some advice on the 1999-2000 Suzuki Baleno sedan. Hows its performance and do spare parts cost more than other japanese models. Has anyone driven or owned this model car, if so what are your opinions on the car. What would be the best price to pay for this model.
  10. Le Sabre

    Southern Ew

    The first stage of the Colombo - Matara Expressway (up to Galle) will be completed in July 2010 and the total project would be ready by 2011. Total length of the expressway would be 126 kilometres, which is 34 kms less than the existing Colombo - Matara highway. The expressway costing Rs. 84 billion is Sri Lanka’s biggest development project in history(nop Colombo south harbour) and is also the first access controlled expressway (EW) in the country. Design speed of the project starting from Kottawa on Highlevel road and ending at Godagama in Matara is 120 kilometres per hour. “One of the biggest advantages of the project is that a motorist would be able to reach Matara in just one hour and twenty minutes and Galle in one hour,” said Project Director, Southern Transport Development Project (STDP), S. Meihandan. The EW is a four lane dual carriageway with eleven interchanges with toll gates and one rest area in Bentota with a 1.5m wide centre median with a cable barrier. The access to the expressway would be from Kottawa on High Level road and from Kahathuduwa, Gelanigama, Dodangoda, Welipenna, Kurundugahahetekma, Nayapamula, Pinnaduwa, Deegoda, Weligama and Godagama on Matara Akuressa road. There would be 153 underpasses and 27 overpasses as well. The EW would also be linked to the Colombo - Katunayake EW and the proposed Colombo - Kandy EW. He said the EW was originally planned to be a two lane expressway and it was converted to a four lane anticipating the future demand. “We estimate that the Southern expressway would be sufficient to meet the demand for another 25 years. There is provision for two additional lanes for the future,” he added. Two Special ambulances and a fire brigade would be assigned for the Expressway in case of an emergency. Commenting on the proposed ‘toll’ he said that the STDP, hopes to charge a toll of Rs. 3 per kilometer from Cars, Rs. 6 from Vans, Rs. 9 from Buses and Lorries and Rs. 12 from Container Trucks. A toll card is also planned for regular users. No motor bikes or three wheelers would be allowed in the EW. Japan International Co-operation Agency, (JICA) Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the government would fund the project. The main objective of the project is to assist the development of economic activities of the Southern Province by encouraging growth in industries such as tourism, fisheries and agriculture. Another advantage would be the reduction of fatal and non-fatal accidents (Most of the present victims are pedestrians and cyclists) in the A2 highway. Security against potential tsunami impacts between North and South on the Western Coast has also been considered. Land acquisition and resettlement has been substantially completed. Post resettlement activities such as income restoration, home gardening development and environmental monitoring are in progress. He said that nearly 1340 families were displaced and Rs. 4.57 Billion had been paid as compensation so far. Commenting on new technology the project director said that application of Compact Vacuum Consolidation and heavy tamping methods to treat soft soil areas were introduced.
  11. Le Sabre

    Cctv Used To Catch Errant Drivers

    Over 300 errant drivers have been captured by the Close Circuit Television (CCTV) camera security network activated in Colombo on Wednesday, the CCTV department said. According to the department most drivers were seen to have violated road rules including instances of passenger buses idling at bus stands in the City, obstructing traffic, jumping the red light, changing lanes in violation of the rules and driving on the pavement. The CCTV department said that 150 errant drivers were captured on the cameras today alone and action will be taken against all these drivers in accordance with the law while images capured using the CCTV cameras will be used as evidence. Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa inaugurated the Close Circuit Television (CCTV) camera security network in Colombo on Wednesday. Over 100 CCTV cameras have been installed at 28 locations in Colombo as part of the initial stage and the cameras have been connected to monitors being watched by the police. The police will maintain vigilance through 105 CCTV cameras to combat crime and to carry out surveillance and to collect information.
  12. Le Sabre

    Locally Assembled Van

    Any body know the price these locally assembled vans are going for. Any info of their website. http://www.dailynews.lk/2010/02/17/bus03.asp WTL launches locally assembled van To compete with other imported brands: Th local automobile industry has a huge potential and there is a growing market for locally manufactured vehicles. It is a landmark event for WTL Automobiles to unveil their first locally assembled diesel passenger van, WTL Hiace WTL Automobiles Managing Director Indika Sampath Merenchige said. A BOI company, WTL Automobiles was set up for vehicle assembling with an investment of Rs. 100 million. WTL Automobiles (Pvt) Ltd launched the locally assembled diesel van at a ceremony held yesterday in Colombo. Picture by Kavinda Perera The venture has been successful in producing vans assembled in Sri Lanka. The value addition per vehicle is 42 percent. The parts for the van are imported from China. “The company will provide an efficient after sales service and this could create a market for its spare parts within the country. It would help generate employment and also a market for the automobile spare parts saving a great deal of foreign exchange,” he said. Sri Lanka could attract international market as a vehicle assembling centre. We are confident that we could compete with Japanese vehicles as our product is offered at an affordable price. With this move, an automobile related industry growth could be anticipated, he said. Wasana Trading Lanka was established in 1994 to import Japanese reconditioned vehicles by focusing the requirement of customers and a good after sales service. In 2005, Chana Changan Automobile Corporation awarded the sole agency to Wasana Trading and it captured the market by opening many showrooms, workshops, spare parts outlets and a 24-hour technical assistance service.
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    Ignis And Swift

    Is there a difference in the Suzuki Ignis and the Swift. Is the Ignis manufactured in india and does it come in A/T as well. I guess the price must be less than the swift as well.
  14. Le Sabre

    Eye In The Sky Traffic Report

    Newsfirst along with Sirasa FM launched a unique programme today to report from a helicopter on the traffic situation on the entry roads to the City during the rush hours in the morning. The Newsfirst team took off from the Ratmalana airport on board a R-44 helicopter at 7.20am and kept a live commentary on the traffic situation of all entry roads to Colombo. From today, the Newsfirst team will keep a live update on the traffic to Colombo during the rush hour in the morning during week days. The commentary will also be aired on Shakthi FM, Yes FM and Y-FM. Check out the link as well. http://www.newsfirst.lk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=15457:newsfirst-begins-airing-live-news-on-traffic-during-morning-rush-hour&catid=1:latest-news&Itemid=18 Source : newsfirst.lk
  15. Le Sabre

    Tata Nano In Sl

    In the microcars website there is a link which directs you to the model designed in SL and theres a pic of it as well. Micro should have tried to develope the locally designed model and after that gone into manufacturing busses and other models.
  16. Le Sabre

    Cctv Used To Catch Errant Drivers

    Also read that they were planning to fix CCTV's in other cities as well.
  17. Le Sabre

    Tata Nano In Sl

    What ever happened to the new Micro model that was designed in SL. They should develope that model and try and replace the 3 whelers or give some competition for the Nano.
  18. Le Sabre

    Cctv Used To Catch Errant Drivers

    Thats right hope the vehicles will keep clear of the cameras. But on the other side even if any type of vehicles take out the camera posts the images would have already beamed back to the control room and recorded and stored and the driver will be in trouble. That might make bad drivers think twice.
  19. Swift might be a good option. But not sure how they compare price wise.
  20. Le Sabre

    Cctv Used To Catch Errant Drivers

    There are more than one CCTV cameras at each junction and they face different directions. So i guess they might be able to get the number of the vehicle as well as the driver.
  21. Le Sabre

    Happy New Year To Everyone!!

    Happy New Year.
  22. Le Sabre

    Vitz Or Fit

    Fit would be a good choice. Are you looking at the unreg Fit Aria or the Fit hatch model.
  23. Le Sabre

    Happy New Year 2011 For Everone !!!!!

    Wishing everyone a happy and safe 2011.
  24. Le Sabre

    Best Buy Between 1 - 1.2Mil

    Were you able to find a car in your price range yet or are you still looking.
  25. Le Sabre

    Help Me In Buying

    Another thing i heard that the agents for the viva dont give test drives which i thing is absurd. Not sure if they have changed that policy or if they were out of demo cars to give customers to test drive.