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  1. Dear AL Team, Can you guys using Hondas (Specially the FD series) recommend a good place that does honda maintenance (mechanical repairs)? Need to change the Shocks and lower torque mount as well as check the rear wheel bearings. Agent quotes too expensive. Thanks in advance.
  2. hondacivic

    Jbl Audio

    Anybody know a good place to get a set of JBL speaker system installed? Car is a starlet ep91 so a couple of speakers at the front and a small sub will be enough? Thanks.
  3. Thought I should add my experience since I have been using a starlet EP91 which my dad bought for me and its been close to 6 years now. Its a 1997 AT EP91 and has run close to 150k kms. Had no any major repairs since I got it. I usually do the service every 3.5-4k kms and tune up once a year from toyota. I have driven some Indian small cars (Maruti and TATA Hatch(not nano)) and i can tell you its way better than a brand new one of those two in terms of ease of driving, ride and comfort. Fuel consumption is around 12 or 13kmpl around cmb ( just a rough figure) but it does close to 17kmpl on the hgway. The only problems are that it gives some rattling noises on a bumpy road ( probably from plastics in the dash) and the space at the back is not enough if you push the front seats a little more to the back but i think thats common to all hatches. If you are looking for a car with comfortable space for 4 or 5 adults then better to go for a 110 I think and IMO better to go for a japanese.
  4. hondacivic

    Auto Electrical Problems

    Guys, I got some electrical issues with my EP91 (power shutter motors and central lock motors.) Can you suggest some good auto electrical places around col where i can get these things fixed? I went through the forum bu only a few posts regarding this and those are about a year old. Thanks,
  5. hondacivic

    50 Rolls Royce Ghost's To Be Imported

    Amen to that. Even if this thing was held in the UK, I am sure that UK govt wont get RRs for the delegates. may be a jag or MB. Loketa bara kase gedarata mara gathe kiyanne mewata.
  6. hondacivic

    Looking To Buy Axio / 141

    Hey i got this account about 4 years back and i had a EG8 then. However i still have the love for hondas but looking to try a toyota for daily use for family.
  7. hondacivic

    Looking To Buy Axio / 141

    Dear all, I am looking to buy a used toyota sedan for around 30 - 38 lakhs for day to day use. My preferred are the Axio and 141. Found some decent ones in AL as well as in sales. However I need your opinions before going ahead. If anybody has any info on these models, personal experiences, any other model suggestions please post. Thanks in advance.
  8. hondacivic

    Range Rover Evoque In Sri Lanka

    Anyone know how much this is for the $30k permit?
  9. hondacivic

    Good Place For Engine Tuneup

    I read most of them and one thing is that they are quite old posts. Most say go to the agents and thats in Wattala. So that's why i am looking for a good spot around colombo. Is Lal Alawatta good? how much will it cost?
  10. Dear experts, I am planning on doing an Engine tune up and spark plug replacement this weekend for my Starlet EP91 ( fuel consumption too high). Please suggest good places I can get it done. Name of place, location and if possible how much it will cost me generally. Thanks.
  11. My brother is planning to buy a new european car and he has test driven both 5 series. He says A6 interior is better and has his mind on the A6 I think. I dont know about the prices but since both are of same class, I think its going to cost about same money as a new 5 series . I seen that most of Al senior members have European cars and know much about these two cars. I need the following info about these two cars and your ideas on which is best to buy. 1. Any known issues with the F10 5 series. (520d) 2. Running costs of two models. 3. Agent's after sales support 4. Anything else we should consider Thanx in advance.
  12. hondacivic

    Help Needed...fuel Consumption Too High

    Pannipitiya. Any place in Col is ok
  13. hondacivic

    Help Needed...fuel Consumption Too High

    . Where can i get a good tune up done? Cost is not much a problem if they do the job well.
  14. hondacivic

    Help Needed...fuel Consumption Too High

    Sry mate new to this forum and doesnt have much forum experience. Never changed spark plugs, about 20k kms with same plugs.
  15. hondacivic

    Help Needed...fuel Consumption Too High

    Never machan. I bought the car with 120k km mileage. havnt done any engine tune up as yet. how much will it cost? any good place u suggest?