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  1. We had a C220 Diesel a long time ago. It was a very nice car but the C220 version suffered from a problamatic Diesel Injector pump. For some reason most of the C220 in SL had had the Diesel pumps fail and replaced. I would recommend you go for the C250 which was from what I hear didnt suffer the same faults with the engine.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Trlv9UdIheM Jaguar F-TYPE presents Desire
  3. You can use a clay bar to remove tar and other contamination off the paint.
  4. In most old cars its basically an additional small gearbox (epicyclic gearbox) that is strapped on at the back of the gearbox giving an increased gear ratio to the output of the gearbox. So basically all gear ratios are increased when the overdrive is engaged. Its mainly used to let the engine cruise at a lower RPM when cruising at high speed for long periods (i.e highways) to lower the strain on the engine. http://auto.howstuffworks.com/automatic-transmission8.htm
  5. Yes it is. I would guess it would be atleast 40 Mil + in SL
  6. I think it looks stunning but the price has gone up significantly. Here in the UK they start at £71k whereas they used to start around £55k I think.
  7. Platoon (1986) Great Movie based on Oliver Stone's real life experiences
  8. +1 I can totally relate to some of those
  9. Yes the 520D does not do anywhere near the MPG figures that BMW quote. In stop start traffic without auto start/stop the real life figures are 25-30mpg (8-10 km/l) and highway/motorway cruising 40-50mpg or a bit more (14-18 km/l). Still quite good for such a big car with such a small engine.
  10. The BEng (Bachelor of Engineering) is a specialist degree usually leading to accreditation from professional bodies (i.e CEng). The BSc Engineering follows a broader curriculum and is not recognised by professional bodies.
  11. Thank you Sampath for the great info and thank you Mr Hettiarachchi if you are reading this for that glimpse of the past. Being an avid enthusiast of all things historical it was very nice to read through what you had written. Im sure there will be many more people here who would love to hear more.
  12. Anyone want to buy a car company? http://www.pistonheads.com/news/default.asp?storyId=26754
  13. Would be interesting to see how that guy got all those ladies in to that car MD, Is that a TC in your photo? The TF is quite a rare care especially in SL. Would love to have one
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