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  1. fayas

    Car Key Panel Issue

    definitely key barrel problem there is a safety mechanism between LOCK and ACC, so that if you can not move the key to ACC the staring wheel is locked(problem with searing column locking pin). So even you are able to start the vehicle by removing covers and exposing ignition switch you can not run If you can turn to ACC + expose the area by removing the necessary covers, then you can remove the switch barrel by simply pressing the safety lock (small button found at a side of key barrel column) just press it and pull the key barrel with the key inside at ACC. Now you can take the key barrel to a key cutter and see! If you cannot Turn the key from LOCK seak a mechanics help. hope it is clear please Youtube key barrel ignition switch and see some videos I was stranded in the road once with the same problem repaired the key Barrel, now no problem.
  2. Hi all I am looking for a car for the government permit http://www.treasury.gov.lk/EPPRM/ttip/vehicalpermit.htm my budget is 2.0 to 2.5 million +> what can I afford Honda civic !! Toyota axio !! Honda city (GD8) Vitz Ist No Yaris or Tiida please Permit states can only import cars used less than 1 year. which taxes shold I pay http://www.customs.gov.lk/tariff/formula_2011.pdf Please help me to calculate taxes Thank you in advance Tc
  3. the error: www.autolanka.com Driver Error There appears to be an error with the database. If you are seeing this page, it means there was a problem communicating with our database. Sometimes this error is temporary and will go away when you refresh the page. Sometimes the error will need to be fixed by an administrator before the site will become accessible again. You can try to refresh the page by clicking here «Return to the index tc
  4. moderator please delete these multiple posts of myn there was some error in my browser Google chrome Sorry
  5. oops~~ the Government circular regarding tax concession : http://www.treasury.gov.lk/docs/vehicalePermit/vehicale-permit-2010.pdf
  6. oops~~ the Government circular regarding tax concession : http://www.treasury.gov.lk/docs/vehicalePermit/vehicale-permit-2010.pdf
  7. the Government circular regarding tax concession
  8. fayas

    Manju Wanniarachchi……….

    +1 Congratulations
  9. Any Toyota experts please..
  10. Hi I came across a decent looking CE110 97, Auto, crystal light, Eng Num, Grey colour, mileage 122000 km What are the things should I check Prior to buying, specially regarding the engine, should I check the engine is under-compressed or not, by just looking at the engine visually by a mechanic or should I run specific test in a garage. If I should go to a garage in Colombo what are the things I should be aware of. thanks in advance Regards
  11. fayas

    Mazda Service Manuals - Free Download

    thank you "some" manuals are in Russian
  12. fayas

    Fb 15 Vs New Face Fb15

    is nt half a million is too much for a facelift and couple of year difference. Even the carinas dont have such a price difference i suppose. Tc
  13. Hi I am seriously thinking about Buying a Nissan FB15 while going thrrugh the market I noticed there is a significant Price difference {around Half a [email protected]!!} between "Old face" FB15 and Newface FB15. Any Special reason for this since both cars are having same components as far as I know Tc
  14. fayas

    Findout The Year Of Vehicle Reg No

    Yes of course the special numbers so better to check the registration records Tc
  15. fayas

    Which Car To Buy Fb15 N16 Or Carina

    Carina is say if iI go for a 2000 one, is 10 Years OLD but for the same price I could buy a 2003 FB15 or N16. Theoretically less Used, Is this line of thinking is practically reasonable. Tc