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  1. Dear friends, I have ordered a hyundai tuscon 2011 model.can some one advise me about the type of diesel I should use?Do I have to use super diesel and if the answer is yes can you give the reasons pls. thank you Malik
  2. hi friends, what will you buy if you have the option? a kia sportage or a hyundai tuscon both models are 2011 b/n and diesel . your comments are highly appreciated. thank you malik
  3. hi friends I am planning to buy a kia sportage 2011 diesel vehicle can any one of you tell about the fuel consumption
  4. HI Peri, you are correct about the 55-200mm lens but as I have a very long learning curve I think I will be alright with this combination for sometime.Any how I am very happy because when I accidentally found this forum I was hunting for a P&S .Because of your forum and there after sites like DCRP I was able to buy myself a DSLR.Hurrah for the Internet. Malik
  5. hello everyone finally I bought a camera.I didn't buy the sx10 as planned .Instead I bought a nikon D 3000 which came with two lenses nikkor 18-55mm VR and 55-200mm VR .Paid $599 .Thank you all of you for helping.Looking forward your help for the future also.Thanks again all of you are doing a great service here. Malik
  6. happy birthday Peri. May the triple jem bless you
  7. there is a used nikon d70 is for sale with the kit lens. asking price is 60k. it it bit too much isn't it
  8. Thank you .yes it is my friends photos.I will let you know future developments.kit
  9. Thank you for your thoughts.I am still thinking whether to buy a dslr or sx10is.because i can get a sx10 for about 38k from oman.some of my friends have suggested a used dslr also.thing is i use a small film camera(canon sure shot 76) and really fed up with it because one has to print photos and it is very cumbersome when you compared to a digital camera.And i travel considerably and frustated most of the time due to the restricted nature of my camera. Initially i thought of buying a sx10 and move onto a dslr after another year or so.But when i saw the price of sx10 i kind of change my mind because it seems if i spend another 30k i might get that elusive dslr for which i have been dreaming for a long time.There is a special promotion also which says you can buy a xs+18-55is lens+55-300mm lens for 699$.As YOU SAY A GOOD P&S MIGHT SUIT ME BETTER THAN A DSLR because i have two small kids with whom it might not easy to carry a dslr.one thing bothering me to buy a sx10 is that one of my friends' is using a sx 10 and she is not satisfied with it. she is in face book as sarala gamage if you can visit her site you can see her photos.i WOULD VALUE YOUR COMMNTS AFTER SEEING THEM.one other thing is if you know someone who is willing to sell his camera i might be intereted.kit
  10. Thank you for your quick reply I think your suggetion is a good one .but all the time i have been looking at sx10 .is there a big difference between sx10 and sx20?because i read one review which says sx 10 is better
  11. I am hoping to buy a canon eos rebel xt or a xs or a xsi .can some one instruct me which one is better as i don't have a big photographic knowledge. one other thing is all of these 3 models come with a 18-55mm ef lens.Is it a reasonable lens?i am currently using a canon powershot film camera and feeling the deficiencies of A P&S.I like to travel lot and enjoy wild life very much .will 18-55mm lens suit my interests
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