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  1. seejaylk

    Window Tints-what's The Deal???

    hi guys... wht is the current status of Tint Law...? still active?
  2. seejaylk

    Looking For A Vitz

    can't be..
  3. seejaylk

    Urgent Help Needed

  4. seejaylk

    Spark Plugs

    Any comments....?
  5. seejaylk

    Spark Plugs

    hi,, How can i choose Spark Plugs for my car..? there are various brands, various types(platinum, iridium, etc..) and pricess.... how can i choose best one for my car..? and what are the best brands? usually i'm concerning about the performance than fuel economy. thanks in advance
  6. seejaylk

    Need Advice On Complaining Against A Cop

    I also saw a 1 guy issuing fines near malabe.., as i heard there should be more than two traffic cops to issue fines.. anyway Good Luck for your mission :action-smiley-060: :action-smiley-060:
  7. seejaylk

    Lancer Ck2 - Mx Touring

    normal situation on Mitsubishi lancers..... anyway... as i know its litl hard to find a gud MX touring (my expirince and finlly bought a CK2 GLX)..
  8. :o :o thanks for sharing....
  9. seejaylk

    Personal Experince

    :grinning-smiley-003: :grinning-smiley-003: nice work....
  10. i thought i can reach 10 - 11 kml range after proper tuning... anyway i lv this car.. so fuel consumption not a big issue...
  11. hi. i'm inviting to Mitsubishi Lancer CK2/ Mirage / GLX /EX / Galant owners to share their fuel consumption figures.... These are mine.. Model : Lancer CK2 Year : 1998 Engine Capacity : 1500 Engine Type (Carb/EFI) : Carb Traffic : 7 -8 km/l Normal : 9 - 9.5 Long Distance Driving : Thanks
  12. seejaylk

    Body Kits

    How about the price...? do you have any experience with them?
  13. seejaylk

    Need Some Info Regarding An Eg8

    If you want to know about EG8.... "Search" the forum... you can find anything and everything about EG8...
  14. seejaylk

    Auto Lanka Need A Major Revamp

    I think AL needs a revamp..., it should be a functional revamp not a fancy addons. At the moment i think site working very well and very stable. only problem is registration procedure, i guess that was fixed as well.. i have few suggestions 1. More user friendly and attractive home page layout with AJAX integration (current layout is bit messy ) i think it may better if we can allocate more space to New Ads and New Forum Post. Main menu should re organized with more functionalities, then users can reach to information more easily 2. Ads Search facility should add more advance filters 3. Add more functions to "My Account" page with a some kind of advance photo album feature (I know it needs more Space) 4. AJAX integrated Photo Gallery to better speed and user friendliness Thanks...
  15. seejaylk

    Body Kits

    is there any possibility to purchase Body Kit parts from them? what would be the cost..?