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    Project R - December 16th 2012

    some photos: here's the box: removed the auto. the flywheel screws had to be replaced. the MT ones are longer. its funny how every little thing int he tranny from this to the mounts have been reinforced to handle more torque. quite frightening in a very very nice and here it is, bolted into place. had to source the pedal(s) locally. couldn't find the A and B, so got the C off an EK2. it was a perfect fit. not a bolt out of place. its funny how this car was made for a manual but someone decided to stick an auto in there. every little part had its place, with the bolt holes deleted by rubber bushings. and there it is, the cheeky little bugger! have to unceremoniously cut the brake pedal, tho. so invested in some sparco carbon fiber pedals to cover up the evidence. got these directly from sparco italy. tough as nails, light as a feather. impressed! INTAKE EXHAUST UPDATE here's the intake manifold. a Skunk2 S2 pro 70mm. coupled with the s90 70mm throttle body got a simota cone to fit. need to fabricate a housing like the stock box, so i can use the existing cold air piping leading out from under the car. there's a Mugen DC2 4:1 header in there as well. its still in its wrapping. plus it has a thermal insulation which needs to be wrapped. will post pics of it once i'm done. for the moment going with stock fuel rail and injectors. planning to keep the latter, but ordered this: need to sort out the exhaust piping. plus get hold of that tanabe soon. getting it done as soon as the car is out. INTERIOR this is one of the costliest and painstaking parts of the build. making a 15 year old car look like it rolled off the plant yesterday is no easy task and the interior is where the age shows the most. firstly, here's the stock interior: this is not off my car, but its the same tan interior. here;s my goal: so, the tan had to go. did a lot of research with my paint guy and sourced an epoxy interior paint with a heat and electrolyte (sweat) resistant primer from italy. redid in satin black. getting the felt bits done in fabric. threw in all the other little type R parts as well. including... the momo type R DC2 steering. with an airbag of course. cost me packet for one in good shape, and after a buffing with shoe polish, it looks killer! got hold of a type R DC2 gauge cluster as well. and of course, the type R clock with the amber digits! details details... and then there's the gear boot/knob. black rexin with the red herringbone stitch, OEM honda. i might keep the seatbelts tan. its good to have a little reminder of what the car was. but the seats will definitely be replaced. the rear will be upholstered in black, while a pair of black recaros will replace the fronts. again, in time. recaros are harima ganang!!
  2. Komisiripala

    Project R - December 16th 2012

    HANDLING/SUSPENSION you guys have already seen my adjustable camber upper arms from the previous thread. here they are again anyways: front: rear: what i'm adding now are the upper and lower control bars. front and rear. got a sweet deal from ultra racing for the entire kit. quite impressed with them, i must say. the front and rear tower struts: the front tower is a 3 pointer. i might not have room to mount it with the new intake manifold. if so, might have to do without it. its a fit for any EG8, so look me up if anyones' interested. front and rear lower member braces: the nxt thing, of course, are the coilovers. i need to lower the car. at least 1.5" front and 1" rear. i'm aiming for an Eibach multipro S2 setup oil shock coilovers with adjustable dampening and spring rates. this car is a daily driver and i can't give my self spondylosis at an early age! for the moment, i'm installing some cheap ebay tin cans. they cost me next to nothing, but surprisingly amazon has some good reviews about them. ah well, only for 3 months... INTERIOR UPDATE the door panels are finally done. and looking more than just patta. i'm stunned. really! fronts. and the rear: and what impressed me most was the center console armrest. deen's threw this in for free. wow. just wow. tears in eyes, lump in throat: here it is bolted on. waiting for indika to fix the interior to see how this looks. used your car as a background, prvnrox. hope you don't mind
  3. Komisiripala

    Project R - December 21st 2012

    Reverting back to my old lights. Getting it fixed, cleaned and fibered. There's nothing like understatement on the outside! well here they are after a cleanup. the fronts are still messed up. too much age and grime to cut away. at least you can see what's inside the housing. earlier they were just opaque little orbs of mystery. thinking of replacing them with a set of chrome eagle eyes from the US. the right size this time. the rears, however, came out smashingly well. wow. looks like i just unpacked them! here's a before shot: and here's the afters: also considered giving the front end to ajitha to get it completely redone. might be a better and cheaper option than getting a front end down... Ok so Darwin racing effed up their shipment. My alloys haven't come through. Ascent holdings deserves a Darwin Award for that one! Have to wait another month for the next shipment. If I get another "sorry sir" calls then that's absolutely it before i proceed, here's a pre paint shot of the tan dashboard. it'll be done on boxing day. can't wait! forgot to mention, i shipped in all 4 AC vents as well. they were broken, and bothering me, somehow.
  4. Komisiripala

    Project R - December 23rd 2012

    santa came! ho ho ho, motherhuggers!! MSD blaster coil ignition system ACL performance bearings: main rod, connecting rod and thrust BLOX anodized lug nuts. adjustable cam gears: saved the best for last: brian crower valve springs, retainers brian crower stage 2 street performance camshafts! sadly, these will sit idle for some time til i get the gearbox sorted out. once that's smooth, will start on the engine rebuild and engine bay respray
  5. Komisiripala

    Project R - December 29th 2012

    well, work is progressing, and the pace has picked up since the weeklong holidays are over. jeez... rust! what you doin'?? rust! STAHP!! well, that's the only place this car has rusted. oddly. went through the rest of it with a fine toothed comb, and...nothing. well it saved my a$$ tho, now the dashboard color change is a "necessary evil" in dad's little book of "my son is wasting his life and money" this was taken apart, rust removed in two layers, put back and cataloyed in a day. impressive, considering the sloths employed here. and here's a shot of the interior. falling into place. the glare makes it a little hazy, but that black somehow... just makes my ticker skip a beat! and, finally, dat a$$! man, those lights! i should be hanged for crimes against the JDM rear seat upholstery got pushed back a bit. because i ordered these little buggers. would rather go with well built replicas than splurge on spec recaros simply because i dunno what condition they'll be in til they i see them, and then its waaay too late for customer satis complaints. well, if they're good enough for janaka rodrigo and his fire breathing dragon...
  6. Komisiripala

    Project R - January 1st 2013

    got two more little items yesterday. delayed shipment: aluminium dual core radiator with a reserve tank. malaysian make. and of course, what every b18c can't do without: a torque damper! also handing in the rear seats today for upholstery. more updates to follow. dad's customs agent is clearing the spec type R strut tower bar today. and i'm handing the bumper over to ajitha (very gingerly) to fabricate a new one. lets see what the fiber-castell can spin up for me. so here's the front after the tinkering was done: and then that layer of NH-0. a teaser of things to come also, handed in the rear seats to be reupholstered in black weave fabric, with red herringbone stitch. notwo tone nonsense. just plain black. here's the before shot. this, on monday, should look epic! also, had a chat with indika regarding the front bumper. he says he can fix it to my specs, so i thought i'd let him. it'd be a damned sight cheaper and nothing comes close to the real thing, i guess... a little more type R goodness. the front strut tower. taxed only 1250. could kiss mr customs man. lucky break. and of course the power window master switch. the springs on mine were broken so found a replacement. ooh ooh look what came today!! its the little emblem that goes below the handbrake. there are a few things that give me goosebumps. one such is that bar in its place. <3 also, the dash and other tidbits from the interior arrived today. looking mint. very happy with the finish. its a sikkens nanotech epoxy paint (satin black) used for interiors. not available everywhere. my paint guy said he got in touch with sikkens distributors to inquire what was the best paint for the job, since this is not a regular do. said that this coat is electrolyte (sweat) and heat resistant, as in it wont fade off. but a sharp object can scratch it off, tho. and my garage mechs aren't the most careful of people...
  7. Komisiripala

    Project R - January 4th 2013

    so deen's is done with the rear seats. and my god they look amazing! here's the before: and here's the after: the herringbone came out perfect. that's some sartorial skill... now we wait. let's see how things progress.
  8. Komisiripala

    Project R - January 11th 2013

    so, since half the interior is out, i decided what the hey and went ahead with the color change. no point in putting it all back and taking it out again, noh? also brought the floor carpet with me and the seatbelts to be coated black. indika doesn't mince his words when he said "i'll make sure you can't even tell this was ever any shade other than white". wow. pretty thorough. yesterday his tinker dude was sitting there marking the lines of the car. he sees the dents that i never knew were there. plus, i think they suspect i'm a little psycho. none of the other car owners come, sit, pat their cars and talk to it calling it "baby" and "honey" with false promises like "it wont hurt" "i miss you" "we'll be together soon" etc. the looks i get, i tell you... a few more goodies rolled in over the last few days: thought i'd have a standby gearknob... spec ITR... brushed aluminium, 16oz. and of course, another completely useless thing: mittens for the clutch and brake fluid reservoirs...
  9. Komisiripala

    Project R - January 17th 2013

    i'm back, motherhuggers! in the middle of exams so can't really go tickle the teg these days. but here's what's been happening so far: got the floor carpet redone in black. can't have traces of tan to give it away now, can we? also, got some other goodies. amber turn signals. going clean JDM on this. no smokey-the-bear bullsh*t and of course the spec integra projector foglamps. nothing but the best for my little girl! so, sat for my first exam in the masters program. 6 hours of mental rape later, thought i'd go by indikas' and hold a wheel for comfort. boy was i in for a treat. they just starting to spray the basecoat! i'll let the pictures do the talking: https://youtu.be/D--96GLhTHk https://youtu.be/D--96GLhTHk
  10. Komisiripala

    Project R - January 20th 2013

    the stock headlights smudged more than a van Gogh painting. so i asked our resident DIY-guru Davy for some help in restoring them. he didn't just help, rather took over the whole undertaking. and the end result... well... Rice lights pair $150 Spec lights (same as above) $293 Shipping $300 courier, or $100 plus nawila waren at customs. Hope that explains it davy my man tell me where i can make a statue in your honour! blown away. mind you this is after bara had a go at the lights... Bought the alloys. Handed them over to Indika to spray gloss white. Got the white Center caps printed as well. Progress is slow! Aargh!! a little bit of history. taken outside the mawanella police. when we went to rescue a certain zx in trouble... since progress is slow, here's a shot of my new alloy caps.
  11. Komisiripala

    Project R - January 23rd 2013

    an interesting eBay story: was looking for the black seatbelts all over the place. since i changed the interior color. attempted spraying the existing ones. since that would win me that darwin award again, gave up the idea. then did some seatbelt research and found out that belts are not interchangeable with anything else as this car has dual airbags. the EG doesn't. so anyways, found what i was looking for on ebay: sadly, only coupe. no 4 door sedan listings. out of curiosity, contacted the seller. the seller, Steve from sportsnimports, went through the trouble of: 1. checking whether the 2 door and 4 door match 2. scouring through 25 integras in his yard to find black belts in good condition 3. pressure washed them and rubbed out the rust, olied them up etc etc 4. made a listing for me and put it up ... all for $50. the closest quotation i got from our local boys for the seatbelt set of an EG ( i would have had to say good bye to pretensioning and then get killed by the airbag, mind you) was 18,500. i wish our parts guys shared an iota of this guys' work ethic. very very impressed! in other news, found the entire JDM decal set from the type R DC2 teg. OEM honda stickers. you know, the jap stuff that say 91octane unleaded in the fuel lid, and the color code and tyre pressure on the door, and the SRS thingey on the sun visor. waiting for a stressed out moment to place the order
  12. Komisiripala

    Project R - January 30th 2013

    was back at indika's today. he's done the little bits and bobs. here they are, after first coat: going into the engine bay soon. had a chat about the build as well. looks like that's happening in one go as well. it is easier i guess, than parting with the car again for another month....
  13. Komisiripala

    Project R - February 9th 2013

    here's the goods that came down end of january: amber turn signals. as i said, no smoke signals this time round... some bling for the engine bay: a godspeed high flow fuel rail, capable of handling 1000cc injectors, and a build upto 1000HP. now that i would, of course. and it wouldn't be complete without a fuel pressure gauge! a lucky strike after much searching for that elusive "perfomance silent exhaust system" that had me being laughed at by various petrolheads! an APEXi world sport 2 muffler. need to fabricate a piping for this once the rest is done: also managed to chase down a can of VHT wrinkle red for the valce cover and calipers. hooray! thanks Chang! there's more: sickspeed red washers to dress up the engine bay and quarterpanel mounts. would look nice on white and then there's the red plug wires. you didn't really think i would NOT get red plug wires now, did you? and finally, my crowning glory, the cherry on the cake: the two thrones: reclinable racing buckets from SSCUS malaysia: in case you're wondering, i sat in them and was doing the imaginary lap. and i thought i was bad until lakmal came over, sat down and did the same with a little bit of double clutching too. even he can be excused... my wife came home, and had to take a spin as well!
  14. Komisiripala

    Project R - February 28th 2013

    so after a long pause, work begins again. the engine's out for the rebuild. so glad to see SOMETHING happening at indikas! and the best yet i've got P72 pistons in there as is. which is a wonderful find. P72's have a slight hemispherical curvature on its surface, to allow for a compresison ratio of 10,8:1. another little JDM gem that japan decided to keep for themselves! looks like i can look away from the datto for a little while now!
  15. Komisiripala

    Project R - March 7th 2013

    so the engine respray went ahead. and no paint is complete without getting down to the nitty gritty, eh? so first we cleared up all the wires, pipes, hosing etc etc to expose the bay, like this: then we had a go at it, with brushes and kerosene spray. lots of gunk. good old majan. and finally cleared up til the basecoat. wasn't around for the spray. indika tells me its making him all emotional. should go and see. and try not to cry. aah, the wait draws nearer to an end... righto chaps, am off to give my liver and larynx a run for its money for the next two days. will update on monday. cheers! and of course, go thora!! go thora thamai. redda. anyhow, there's always next year... now, back to the teg: a little progress over last week. the engine bay was painted, as was the inside of the firewall. she is looking lovely!! there's something about that white i tell you... even the baases are like wow... indika had also had the engine mounts and brake servo sprayed. the little details. good. they're now starting to piece it back together. bit by bit... meanwhile, at my friends' workshop, the alloys were powder coated gloss white and baked! here they are! jizzing pants at the sight... here's the before: and the afters...
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    Project R - March 18th 2013

    so suddenly a lot happens over 2 days. indika has laid out the engine bay, its waiting for the engine now. since he bought the repair kit yesterday i guess that wont take too long... and the dash goes in! after so long! oh wow! *-giggles-* and that meter cluster! 10,000RPM motherhuggers! woohoo!! i could have hugged the wiring guy... the front end is done as well. dings and dents straightened, putty removed, bonded over, diffuser straightened, and coated. only the paint is left. my baby! and he's cut the auto brake pedal so it fits. complete with pedal pad and all! the clutch is being sorted out... inching closer day by day. sadly next week has two public holidays, and a long weekend. so i doubt much will happen. ah well. this one time its worth the wait! next up we're installing the window paraphernalia and giving the doors another coat. then in goes the engine and then final coat of NH0
  17. Komisiripala

    Project R - March 29th 2013

    here's my engine guy Kelum working on the block. the bearings are in. he's bolting the flywheel to finish it off. next up, the piston chambers. that should be worked on today, methinks. closer with each passing day. so today met up with kelum again. he had finished the block, and put the piston rings in with the cleaned pistons: here's the before: and this is the after: and started working on the valve ports. so much gunk in there. unbeleivable. cleaned all of it out. bugger too his time doing this. nice to see some dedication! and a few more pieces have gone into the engine bay. electricals mostly. fuse boxes et al. i guess you have to be as fanatical as i am to notice a little difference from last time going to spend the whole of monday there. so lots more to update
  18. Komisiripala

    Project R - April 23rd 2013

    finally, we get the proverbial ball rolling. haiyyo after so long, it feels wierd when some work is actually done... here's a shot from where i meditate. chanting "nam myoho rengek kyo" and hoping for miracles... so the springs are in, as are the cams, valves etc etc. bolted all the itty bitty pieces. and mounted the intake manifold for kicks. isn't that the loveliest thing you've ever seen?? i swear to you monica bellucci could have stood there with nothing but a pair of socks on, and i wouldn't have been this aroused...
  19. Komisiripala

    Project R - April 29th 2013

    oh its all coming together i can barely stop jumping around the garage! such a lovely sight... well the engine rebuild is finished, so here she is all closed up and watnot: we then bolted on all the little sensors and other doohickeys onto the throttle body. next on was the injectors. cleaned them up and stuck them in there as well and finally, my piece de resistance... the godspeed fuel rail. mind you that's not where the gauge bolts on. will be mounting it in the right place after mounting the little gadgematics on the rail as well. that's for monday meanwhile, i got the paint guy to start work on the valve cover... this is after one coat of wrinkle red: and then 2 coats: we went full on four coats as instructed, and my god it looks divine. too dark for photos. will snap one first thing in the morning and post. taking it over to a friends' place and baking it tomorrow as well. final touches on monday more good news: we hope to plug the engine and tranny back in the car on monday. i've already taken a day off to swing on the electric vines with the grease monkeys. should find an auspicious time also... well, here's the baked cover. thankfully, the paint dried after baking. its hard as a rock now. and the brownies came out well too. and then there's the painstaking task of scraping the letters out. with a 25 gauge scalpel blade. need to sand it tomorrow for a perfect finish. al she look sso good. mera pyaar
  20. Komisiripala

    Project R - April 30th 2013

    and when ti rains it pours! went today and its all bolted together. gearbox, mounts etc... and then up it went on the hoist. and a lot of grunting and heave-ho'ing later... in she goes. mounts connected. sitting pretty. next on is getting everything connected. dizzy is till out. will do the hoses behind the engine first...
  21. Komisiripala

    Project R - May 2nd 2013

    more work, ah the joy! got down and dirty today as well. connected the wire harness, which took most of the morning, and then plugged in the radiator hoses. then proceeded to thermal wrap the exhaust. and had to fabricate a new mount, since the prop shaft got in the way. another hurdle of a manual convo... and then in it went: what an utterly rewarding day! exhausted, but so so content... the header gave quite a fight yesterday. all the mounts were different because of the auto box, so had to cut and weld everything back into place. half a day was lost on that process. so today the power steering pump and ac compressor went back on. along with the hydraulics and ac hoses which means the engine is almost nearly finished. only the distributor and intake isleft to be installed. broke open the dizzie to clean up. and have to read up on how to mount and wire the msd ignition kit. that's for tomorrow. also, we thought of getting her off her perch and onto the rubber. so we're fixing the lowering springs now, and putting the driveshafts into place. sadly couldn't stay long with her today. had to pick wifey up from work at 2pm. those struts just made my heart stop. going into the 7th month now. today the mechanic has suddenly gone home. supposed to come back tomorrow... at least she's off her perch, and back on her feet again.
  22. Komisiripala

    Project R - May 9th 2013

    so kelum is back after being AWOL for 3 days. i was a bit upset, but then seeing this when i went today, couldn't voice a word of protest! there goes the simota intake and piping. more on kelum, apparently his sister was a navy officer shot in trinco camp due to some mishap. its been an year so the daane bana etc. i heard about this from my friends at trinco hospital. she succumbed to her injuries there. small worls, sri lanka definitely is. also mounted the engine mounts under the car, those were broken, so replaced. the new radiator doesn't have screws for the auxiliary fan. need to fabricate those and stick it in there it is! only the dizzie left to be mounted. the clutch reservoir has its own screws also. its like EVERYTHING in this car was made for a manual gearbox. uncanny! more happening tomorrow. we'll be fabricating a bracket for the intake piping as well. ignition is not so far away now! drawing that much nearer to completion. fixed the coil in place neatly with a bracket: also bolted the intake pipe onto the engine. that mount took a better part of the day to fabricate. frustrating, yes, but i'd rather all this be done neatly, and with attention to detail. and this is one example of kelum's devotion to that very quality: and then all the little hoses and vacuum lines were connected. and that, gentlemen, is it! tomorrow we wire up the distributor, connect the accelerator cable, fill up the oils and water, fire her up and see what gives! after so long, the wait is over. clearly, i'm losing sleep over it! hooray!!
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    Project R - May 15th 2013

    i really dunno where to start. to hear that engine kick up today... probably the happiest thing i'll hear next to the cries of my unborn son/daughter. and it idles PERFECT. there's no "gentle lope" or "rough idle" that so many people spoke about with the BC cams, saying that i won't be able to move the car a foot without an aftermarket ecu. you can see for yourself: also, here's the finished engine bay, with the dizzie mounted, plug wires installed and wire cover in place. also, pug306, you asked what the gauge was. its a fuel pressure gauge, here's a closeup. it does a little jig on ignition, which is hella cool, i'll try and record that soon. now, onwards to finish the paint. and then the interior! thanks guys! it is such a pleasure to see it all come into place. and cyclist, yes i did wonder that myself! but here are a list of things that need to go in there: 1. wiper washer fluid reservoir 2. type R aluminium strut tower bar 3. ultra racing 3 point tower strut 4. the battery 5. the grouding wire kit with the engine bay mounted voltmeter 6. the 4 ballasts for the two pairs of HID's. so all that should hopefully fill the gaps. i remember the first painter saying that the engine was a "saagarayak". somehow saagare hindila wagey tikak, no? but trust me man, at this moment in time i am simply overjoyed and beside myself. look how well she idles. and the noise... oh the noise! you guys should hear it in person. the hint of bass the whine of the intake. its pure automotive auditory orgasm! with the APEXi exhaust note it should be even sweeter...
  24. Komisiripala

    Project R - May 25th 2013

    see!! i told you guys there's a 4 door type R! its a very rare JDM only DC2 model. never made it out of japan. but it DOES EXIST!! props to chooty putha for finding this vid! wow... i was in ecstasy... and i want my car back! so here's the strut tower bars in place. have to do a little messing around to get the aluminium bar in place. but we'll firgure something out. the double bars were a perfect fit for the stock strut tower. but i had to be the smartass and change that no... :S aand finally, after long last they are prepping her for the last coat. so happy. only a few more weeks! a little more each day. the gear lever was finally sorted, and the floorboards closed. the shortshifter was also installed, with a little lesson on physics. paint prep work is also progressing alongside.
  25. Komisiripala

    Project R - May 30th 2013

    a day of days... i am completely, utterly blown away. moved, beyond words. its done. at long last. the mechanicals at least. and it is a work of art! here's me trying out the shortshift. and what a shift it is! tighter than virgin p*ssy, creamy smooth, i've not felt a gear this good in a long while. aah! and here's a clip taking her out of the space she's been in for the better part of the year. and finally kelum eases off once outside: it was my turn to drive it afterwards. i wish i could've filmed that. absolutely speechless. she moves. like a hare with its ass on fire. and i didn't even hit 4000 rpm. rib crunching, pant-wetting god-fearing power.