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  1. EG8 engine conversion or upgrade

    The only way, notwithstanding the diagnosis that you’re gonna get oil burning to stop is to rebuild the engine. By that I mean bore the block, get a set of new pistons etc. And with an old engine like that yes oil burning is to be expected. Is say get your compression tested. If there is no significant compression loss, you might as well top up oil and putter along. How much oil are you losing? As in how often do you top up and how much? Whats your fuel economy? Hows the eco test? Passed?
  2. EG8 engine conversion or upgrade

    Chaw all this depends on the budget you’re willing to allocate to this. An engine swap is messy. It will take time, you don’t know the condition of the engine you’re buying and then there’s the whole process with the RMV. If you have the cash and the patience AND the luck go for a d series efi vtec engine. If you’re slightly insane I’ll even say B16. But repairing the current engine or doing an efi conversion would be a good option for you if the budget is restrictive. Why not first get a proper diagnosis as to what’s the issue. Oil burning most likely is due to engine wear and you might be up for a rebuild if it has run 250,000 without one. That in itself is a costly affair. But at least it won’t cost you as much as a new engine and you would have an excellent reference point to your own car as you’re sure all components are new and has been fixed. We cant decide for you. That depends on the above parameters I’ve mentioned. But what we can do is advise you on the pros and cons of each. Let me know if you need any further guidance.
  3. Project R - December 2017 - Katukurunda Drags

    one of the greatest joys of having a car that actually runs and doesn't sit in the garage more often than it does at home, is that i can actually leather it now and then. this is one thing i am eternally grateful to PAS and Sabry for: for coming through with what they promised and building a car to last. it was on his insistence that i entered the drags. i stood no chance fromm the get go. i was in the 1800cc-2500cc NA class, and i was up against 5 other competitors who brought drag prepped monsters carried there on trailers. while i drove my daily whip to the track, raced, and drove back. but with a qualifying time in the 15s range, with the winner running 12s, i'm quite pleased! i was loaned a pair of semi slicks for the race. this is why i love this community. the love, people. the love! our resident rice police @VVTi and @Bugatti both took part in the one make BMW event, and i was sharing their tent space, feeling much like the Geisha to a platoon of SS soldiers... ^^this, by far, is my favourite shot. this is going on a wall somewhere. Built. Driven. Inspired. with Sacha Peiris in his Babyzilla here's the two time trials: and here's the qualifier. i was booted out after this. but hey, i'll be back! this was easily the most fun day of my entire life. to actually have a car that could run a race, and then go home in, to me, was the real victory. and while i sat there, on the start line, with the throttle blipping on launch control, i realized i didn't even have to run the race. i'd already won. the result was immaterial! <-- this was how the other 5 cars went home. mine is still proudly daily driven. all i did was remove the stickers.
  4. Project R - Future Plans

    the spoiler for me is the biggest concern. im' still in two minds about it. well hey there's time so i'll let it stew on the back burner for a bit. the cams and intake are here with me so those are more pressing concerns!
  5. Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

    coilovers! i've been telling you from day one! where? where?? damn you!!
  6. Autolanka Rc Build Thread

    my god. just my god. that subie. damn. i took a day off form work to read this!
  7. Project R - Future Plans

    this is the car up to now, and as with any project, its never ever over! i do have a few more plans. some of these are already in the pipeline, whilst others are mere pipe dreams. ENGINE after running the December 2017 drags, i was sorely tempted to splurge on more power. what's the point of having a car that was built to take it and then not give it the best tools with which to do so? sabry advised on TODA Spec C camshafts, which he insists have better power outputs than even Brian Crower or Skunk2. and thus, with a credit card crunching push of a fateful button, these arrived: i also needed to work on the stock intake, as it was restrictive. the aluminium piping i had sounded very harsh, abck in 2013. but that was also at a time where the car wasnt' tuned. after much research, decided to go for a Tegiwa powerchamber kevlar intake. this is also known as the "whale penis" intake. for obvious reasons. my whale must clearly be oriental, as the intake is shortened due to the presence of the ABS distributor. SUSPENSION nothing major to change here. maybe an EDFC controller for the coilovers, so i can change the dampening settings on the fly from within the vehicle. if and when the GAB springs live out their useful life i will opt for a better softer coilvoer suspension, such as maybe Tein's new line. INTERIOR the steering wheel needs a reupholstering after i quite judiciously once cleaned fungus off of it with undiluted dettol. the leather came off like the scabs of a sore. i still beat myself up for that. aparaade. this involves sending the wheel to the UK as none of the local upholsterers accepted the job. they can do it, but not back to OEM spec. so i first need to find a spare steering wheel. i've also got my sights set on a set of OEM red EK9 recaro buckets. nothing wrong with the SSCUS ones, but hell there's nothing like recaro. someday, if i have the money and find the perfect set. EXTERIOR the biggest change to happen here is the JDM front end. the E-DB8 sedan was never made with the UKDM facelift front end. not off the factory. and this was what i sourced last from dubai as i got a good deal on a front end conversion, with a set of ITR headlamps (which have a black housing and plastic lenses, as opposed to the other trim DC2's which have a clear housing and glass lenses.) i also got the ITR lower lip in rubber imported via kapruka. took a huge risk with them 4 years after they lost my wilwood brakes. took three months but this time they delivered. phew! the conversion is here but i cna't find the time or the money to do it yet. so i've shelved it for a later date. for the moment i'm still in love with the UKDM face and have no heart to rip it off. i might also opt for an OEM spoiler if i find one. beyond this i haven't really given it any thought. i have no plans of parting with this car, so who knows? maybe a turbo? big brake kit? supercharger? let's see where it goes. for the moment its singing its song, and i'm listening!
  8. Eva! My Journey With An E36

    Shut shut. Shut down this thread. Jeez
  9. Eva! My Journey With An E36

    Back in the day Autolanka have only 512kb of space on their server for uploads. Now it’s 5 gigs. So you’d have to edit each and every single post and reupload the photos to the AL server. Or, like I did just blog it, direct your subscribers to the blog and get Madz to shit down this thread. The blog is more streamlined and versatile. Highly recommended.
  10. Project R - Redux - from 2014 to 2018: EXTERIOR

    a few changes on the exterior were made. the most notable of which was the front fender. initially i was under the impression that the center grille and the bumper were two seperate pieces. they were not. its one large plastic mould. and my front grille was unceremoniously removed by a previous bodywork specialist and replaced with chicken mesh, which i have documented removing very early on in 2013. i had to make an impromptu crucifix grille in the meantime but i was NOT happy with the looks of that at all. eventually, with great difficulty, i found a nearly mint front bumper and lip from a dismantled ITR coupe, and had it shipped over. my god, the difference... ^^ the lights too were new. imported from an ITR in the UK, and cleaned before fitting. they look mint. the car looks breathtaking in these streettuner pics. the fogs had no place with the lip in situ, so they had to go. i didnt' remove the wiring or the switch on the handbrake console, as i had a feeling it'll come in handy someday. the other major change was the spoiler. initially i very proudly had a replica of an ITR spoiler made of fiberglass and stuck it on: but then, i grew up. and as you get older, understatement makes more sense. it was time to bury the boyracer in me, so i decided to remove the spoiler. it was also very heavy on the bootlid, and as it wasn't OEM and made of FRP, it began to bother me. i was all about having a car with more horses than the mounted police and less fiber than your morning meal, so the fake spoiler had to go. it was replaced with a rubber lip, which to me is quite a subtle statement. i lau it ! a few other small changes were made. i removed all decals except for the ones on the door. and now, it was too cheesy and mainstream to call this a type R. so this was removed. and replaced with this: not the clearest shot, but you get the idea. no other major aesthetic changes were made, but some major plans are afoot. i will elaborate later. the side mirrors were repaired as well, as one by one both retracting motors gave out. i bought two dual power civic mirrors and harvested the motors for the fix. they both fold perfectly now. tis these little things that turn me on.
  11. Project R - Redux - from 2014 to 2018: EXHAUST

    The exhaust also underwent significant changes over the last few years. i did a few experiments with it over time and eventually came across what i believe to be the best solution, given the requirement for a little back pressure, and the stringent as well as arcane local muffler regulations enforced by the men in khaki. i initially had an APEXi world sport 2 muffler mounted, and that went away when @Supra_Natural and i exchanged cars for a weekend and he was stopped by the cinnamon gardens police. i was given 48 hours to put a "beat ekak nethi" barrell ekak and come back. so i borrowed a stock EK3 barrel for some time and actually enjoyed the peace and quiet. during this time, i sourced an OEM ITR muffler, the gediya of which looked identical to any other OEM honda muffler, but was factory built as a low restriction exhaust. it gave a sweet note on high revs but was still quite restrictive. the cutaway schematic below shows the subtle changes within the ITR muffler which differentiates it from the GS-R muffler: of course this was still too restrictive for me, so i decided to experiment a little, and being true to my Darwin award winning self, decided then that the catalyic convertor was the issue and...broke it. breaking the cat was a disastrous idea. yes the car revved up faster and i lost a bit of the restriction at low rpm, BUT, the sound. oh dear lawd the blood curdling caterwaul. it sounded like the dying moans of a hundred sodomized polecats. it was dreadful. having swiftly learnt my lesson, i then replaced the cat with an EG-6 SiR cat from a race spec EG-6 exhaust. as it can be clearly seen its a lot less restrictive and smaller than mine. <-- this is the spec GS-R cat. above is the EG-6 SiR II cat later on, after sabry's rebuild, on his recommendation, i let sacha fetter with the piping, and got a full catback custom 2.5" exhaust system done by WEPR. this was mated to the ITR muffler until i had the final piece of the puzzle in hand, which was... the Mugen Twin Loop! this was a lucky find. i was shipping some other parts from Dubai (which i'll get to in the FUTURE PLANS entry) and the shipment got delayed because the crate which was made was too small. it took another week to make another crate, and in that time, some poor chap in dubai met with a grisly accident which completely totalled his built civic. it was a front end collision, and the car was wrecked. my parts hoarder friend salvaged this from the wreckage threw it into the shipment the day before it left for colombo! i installed it and it was the bomb. quiet on idle, screamer in VTEC and so smooth. nothing quite compared to it. the joy was short lived, sadly, as i noticed the innards slowly coming out of the muffler and blocking the tailpipe. this was causing a tinny sound and a severe exhaust flow restriction. at one point i just went at it with a tyre iron and removed whatever steel wool and debris that came out. of course afterwards it started sounding like a proper tin can. it was unbearable. many exhaust places refused to even touch it. my garage in attidiya was kind enough to at least open it up, as one way or the other it was done. this is what it looked like: the inner workings were completely destroyed. i don't understand the logic of a company like mugen who makes such a good exhaust out of mild steel. they charge a premium for it when you spec the car with it, but it will only last you 5-6 years. this is what it should look like: after many palaces still refused to repair it, i had to finally goad Sacha into taking on the challenge. he ended up replicating the entire muffler, and the only piece remaining which he used from the old one was the tip! his finished product: it now functions perfectly, is an utter joy to listen to, and is made completely of stainless steel, with a lifetime WEPR warranty. as far as exhaust tech is concerned, the mic has been dropped. i will upload a video of the exhaust note and variations when i get the chance. i also sourced the original integra brochure, which documents the 4 door sedan, and the MUGEN Integra add-on leaflet, which clearly shows the 4:1 header and twin loop as optional extras which can be specced from the factory while ordering the car. i have shown this to the cops twice, and so far they have accepted that its OEM. both times i was pulled over while idling and it was not for the exuast note. just simple dickery.
  12. Eva! My Journey With An E36

  13. Mazda Demio

    1.5” closer to the ground. I beg of you. And you have a winner!
  14. Repairing Alloy Wheels (Curb Damage)

    Ma man! Of course you could also clear up a murder very easily with a plastic covered bathroom. Just putting that out there...
  15. Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

    So should I start the “chooned by Komi” section and go on about evo Conversions and whatnot? Congrats man! Highly belated but hey, the ball-licking lion is back!