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  1. yisaam

    Warning Light

    Madz, any idea if your wheels have such sensors?
  2. yisaam

    Warning Light

    Tyre pressure it is then! Thanks all.
  3. yisaam

    Warning Light

    Hmmm. Are you really sure? I can't recall driving with dangerously low pressure so I'm not sure if it's working or dead. I'm assuming there has to be some sort of sensor in the wheel to detect this? I've changed wheels and I'm very sure there aren't any wires or any connections, it's all very simple. Also, it's just a basic Corolla ney; tire pressure monitor sounds a bit hi-fi.
  4. yisaam

    Warning Light

    Can anyone tell me what the light next to the ABS one is (top left)? It doesn't come on except when at the usual switch-on, but I'm curious what it's about. The car is a JDM Corolla 121 X Grade.
  5. http://www.hmambassador.com/reasons.asp My 2 cents aren't really needed. That page says it all!
  6. I'm not making a statment here. If the hat fits ... http://driving.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_...icle1984187.ece Click the 'Watch the video here' link at the top of the article.
  7. Perhaps a further classification is due? Completely dog-standard cars with absolutely no modifications :-D No chance of a hope of making a reasonable rank otherwise!!!
  8. Recently I was falsely accused of talking on the phone while driving. I had the phone on my lap, having just finished a call while being pulled over! The cop said he pulled me over because the light of the phone display shone on my face! I mildly protested my innocence and asked if it could be proved in court that I was talking on the phone. He smiled, not too kindly, and said that it didn't matter, the offence would be 'not being applying sufficient attention while driving'. Of course, this just highlights that there's no way logic and fairness and the actual law come into it. Best practice is to pull over or use a headset (though you may get caught for merely dialling the number, lit faces and all that!) I shaped-off out of that incident, but anyway, as someone who foolishly expected to be paid for accident damage by going to courts, you do NOT want to have to go to the courts for anything!!!
  9. Purely logical thinking may lead you to the Maruti. Practically speaking 2000-2001 is not a long time ago for a Japanese car. The point GTAm makes is further enforced if you look at the condition of a 2000-2001 manufactured Indian car!!! Anyway at the end of the day it's about you being happy about owning / driving the car. If you don't feel an aversion deep in your gut, then you should be okay with the Maruti!
  10. Thank you all very much for the feedback. Very beneficial and I hope I pick well and have a good drive tomorrow! P.S Deepest sympathies re: the speeding ticket
  11. Again, thanks all for the suggestions and comments and insight. I haven't driven the Kandy - N'Eliya stretch recently and I'm sure it's great now that it's paved. There's the small problem of getting to Kandy without doing the Colombo - Kandy bit :-p which I have to wholeheartedly agree is an immense frustration and reverses any efforts made to stop using bad language and swearing. It's still a thought though, the scenery is fabulous ney. Leaning towards the Belihul Oya idea, thanks Peri. Again, just to clarify further, I'm kind of looking for a drive eensy bit off the beaten path, but with low traffic and no buses and other hard-to-overtake traffic. I know, it's asking a lot but please keep the suggestions coming. I'm open to I-was-once-driving-to-X-and-took-the-wrong-turn,-but-machan-what-a-road-it-was suggestions too! Places we'd never know without someone who experienced it tellng us. Appreciate full contact details of person suggesting so my family can come and shoot you if I get shot, eaten by a bear or fall off a precipice. Further thing to note, I'm not driving a Porsche Cayenne or Rangie Sport or even a Audi RS4 (sigh, the dream world I live in), just a good ol' Corolla 121. So no jungle trails please! As a further extension of this request, can anyone here suggest a 'Great Sri Lankan Ride'; I ride a VT250 and a quick engaging ride to somewhere and back is appealing too. Key thing here is good road surface and wide roads, sans traffic if possible. Keep in mind it's from Colombo and proximity to civilization (in case of any failures) is a factor as well.
  12. Thanks all for the replies so far. Totally agree with the Avissawella Hatton stretch. Did that once last year, on to Ambewela, Nuwara Eliya and as the usual Kandy road was blocked because of poorly dynamited rocks, was forced to come through an estate-ish road (only wide enough for 1.5 vehicles) through Pundul Oya (if I remember right) down to Nawalapitiya, Gampola, Kandy and back to Colombo. All in one day. Close on 500km, 6:00 am to 11:45 pm. Would not recommend to anyone to do in a day no matter how experienced/macho/'fit' they may be, it's very tiring and without R*D B*LL I think reasonably dangerous. I've heard the road from Puttalam to Anuradhapura, average speed in a van is 120kmph :-S. Anyway, has to be done in one day, very important. Would say max 200-250 km round trip; nd would like there to be something to see/eat at the destination as well :-) Perhaps someone can suggest a way to a Kandy or Galle (where at least there'll be a nice buffet) a bit off the regular routes? Thanks loads.
  13. Hi All I'm sure you guys have seen stuff in magazines and on websites that talk about point to point drives on beautiful and challenging roads, mostly in Europe. All very mouthwatering but I was thinking about the holidays mid next week and wondering if anyone can suggest a good 'drive' for a day-trip from Colombo. I don't mind leaving super early, but need to be back 8pm-ish. Focus on less traffic and challenging drive :-). Try to include great food at the destination. Thanks in advance.
  14. yisaam

    New Montero Sl

    I might be wrong but isn't it on display at the showroom at Lipton Circus?
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