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  1. Hi Guys, one of my friend planing to import ( personal) Honda Insight. Anybody have idea about how much (roughly) it's gonna cost and good, reliable importer? Thanks
  2. Hi Guys, One of my friend trying to locate a good IELTS learning center or person near colombo/kandy area. if you guys happen to know a good place , please let me know. Thanks.
  3. mine is doing 9/10 km in colombo and 11/12 in outstation.( this is 1300cc auto)
  4. Hey mate, I got similar issue in my Mazda famila Bh. I replaced all 4 plugs, petrol filter and done cleaning the efi twice, But problem occurring time to time. Wondering what to do. it's so hard to keep the car in idle, jerkin and sometime stops the engine.
  5. Agreed. And My friend went to the police station few minutes ago and collected his license. Luckily there is higher rank officer and he admitted that they made a mistake and asked Trafic OIC to hand over the license. And gave clear instruction to him regarding the law. So all good now. So guys remember " wear your seat belts if there is any, don't care about the vehicle number."
  6. No, Personally don't think so mate. he don't have to pay the fine, because he didn't do anything wrong according to the law.( Law, Which they trying to charge him) http://www.mediafire.com/?sc2jzvn84w7g7yb http://www.mediafire.com/?7xv2yt138z1fpoh again, We all know how important wearing seat belt etc... but "question is do these people can alter the law for there will"
  7. Hey Guys, One of my friend got caught by dumb police officer and took his license for not wearing seat belt. This is happened 1st of October morning. And Funny thing is his driving 65 - XXXX car. he clearly said to the officer his not guilty for charge that he mentioning. But we all know about how SL cops behave. We all know, how important wear seat belts and etc... But seriously , Cops have right to amend SL law for there will? MY question is, can we challenge this in Court?
  8. Hi mates, Found this on internet... http://www.dl4all.com/software/871846-alldata-1030-full-complect-on-31xdvd-1982-2011.html Tried to download it but it's 250 GB, so gave up. Hope this will useful to you. cheers!
  9. mates. I got the same problem since last Thursday. Mechanic says , it's becos of the bad fuel. and he did some cleaning on fuel system. and asked me to fill up the petrol with 95 octain. when did this hapens I got 3/4 tank with 90 octain. and for the issue, it's still have but not like earlier. it's happens only on idle.( some time engine shut down ) and now i am wondering about engine mount issue. I mean as i remember I think I got bad mount near gear box. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  10. Good post mate... Gained lot's of knowledge. Keep it up.
  11. mate, you are replying for my older post. I am using this model nearly 17 months now and I am very happy with this car. it does about 9-10 in colombo. if you need more info drop a PM.
  12. Mate, Thanks for your tip. but Airtel customer service suppose to give that information to us? I mean, I have made 7-8 complaint regarding this matter to Airtel customer service. And they don't have any clue or solution for this. just passing the ball around. and best part is, Airtel "Borella Branch" Using slt adsl. :blink:
  13. Ye. I got the same problem with Airtel ( Colombo, Rajagiriya). really suck and they got no real explanation. So I switched to good old SLT ,
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