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  1. ive driven the 3 series and the merc c, the 3 series and its a good car with a sweet motor and it handles beautifully,but it looks kinda stupid from the back and it has very less leg room which you would expect more from a beemer! though the merc looks much better than the beemer,the ride isnt as enjoyable(handling) as the beemer,but i would say very very close.very nice car aswell.but i kinda liked the merc for no reason, and the audi just looks FAB!the best looking car out of the lot,and the base model has alot of options comparing to the beemer, so if i were you,Id go for the MERC,but yet again,i was just being me,i wouldnt blame anyone for choosing the other two as all of these cars are brilliant!
  2. yes gihan,the sti x and the evo x are present, but truth betold i really dint enjoy the game apart from the moment i was able to take the aventador for a run,superb grapics but horrible story. so try getting yorue hands on the limited edition one to take the lambo for a go.
  3. riddle

    Buying An Alto

    its a crappy car,very bad built quality,very plasticy feel!terrible ride quality.and i have no respect on these vehicles. but as to your question,the alto's are more comfy than maruti 800, though i may have no respect on altos and marutis,choosing one in SL would be quite a wise option for a very few reasons.il give you that. 1)cost-low maintenance and parts are found easily. 2)its almost brand new so the margin of error would be quite favorable to your side,buying a euro or jap contestant for that price would give the car a decent decade to the odometer or even more. 3)has good resale 4)does good on fuel so its upto you to choose between cost vs comfort and a peace of mind
  4. riddle

    Macbook Pro And Imac

    as ripper said,you sould be quite specific on what mac you need. and judging by your comments,youre just buying them for how they look and feel.so you would be okey with base models. and if you still care about pirated softwares and windows you can always have the dualboot option with mac and windows. I myself use a 15" pro and have a custom built PC(windows) for high-end gaming, and at the end of the day i always am with the MAC!
  5. riddle

    First Fatal Accident On E01

    sorry for bothering you on your period!
  6. riddle

    First Fatal Accident On E01

    ARe you mentally retarded?why on earth would i ever say that? I am talking about the SL rules!why do cops stop english numbered vehicle and leave non english numbered vehicle for not wearing seat belts?WHY?its the rules,not becuase of racism. why do you guys have to be so menstrual?
  7. riddle

    First Fatal Accident On E01

    well,but belts arent for non english numbered vehicles!and this is a 65-xxxx car!
  8. riddle

    First Fatal Accident On E01

    ive heard that if seatbelts were not on,the airbag doent come.if thats true then Its a 65- car and im sure the driver wouldnt belted himself,so maybe thats why the airbag dint come on! poor guy
  9. the new aston db9 volante and the merc SLS ATm i guess,,
  10. riddle

    Mclaren Mp4-12C In Sl

    but isnt that a customs oficer who is driving ? curious!
  11. riddle

    Mclaren Mp4-12C In Sl

    Any details about this car? is this on transit or is this coming to haunt SL roads?
  12. riddle

    Where To Refill A Butane Lighter ?

    you can try that zippo shop which is opposite MC(in a small lane) or try the fancy shop at unity plaza under the escalator or you can buy zippo butane lighter fluid from odel,,
  13. riddle

    Different Versions Of Corolla 110.

    machan. have owned both cars,ae110-1995,fb15-1999/2000 machan!The FB15 is more comfy,and has better space comparing to the corolla,but judging as an allrounder-ae110 is better than the nissan.
  14. riddle

    Ac Gas Refilling

    i dont know about the refrigerants,but The price quoted for the gas refill is reasonable..normally all places charge the same!
  15. riddle

    Car Key Panel Issue

    Thanks stig!im gonna get down a guy to my place ,hope my car gets well by tomorrow! thanks alot!