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    Tow Rope - Place To Buy

    Hi guys, I do need to buy a good towing rope for me. Its basically for my 4DR5 Jeep and may use for other works too if needed. So where I should look for? Any place you know, please reply. Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. Nishan.dj

    Wagon (Nissan, Toyota)

    Hi, I am looking for a car most preferably a wagon type to buy and found basically following 4 types in the market that I am interested in; 1. Nissan AD Wagon 2. Nissan Wingroad 3. Toyota L Touring 4. Toyota G Touring What I got to know for some cars is that; Some Nissan AD Wagons have converted to Wingroad as they say. For my knowledge, I don't look for converted ones which I think either a genuine AD or Wingroad would be nice but if someone could explain how this conversion goes; really appreciate it. Also is it possible that L and G touring also are able to convert from one another? Such cases, if the seller is not willing to share the details (+ we don't know how to find in detail); how is it possible to decide the car we see is a genuine or converted? Apart from that I found very interesting topics discussed on the forum and thanking to all those contributors, please comment on this thread as well. If you are an owner of a wagon on any brand, please share your thoughts about pros and cons about what you use at the moment which certainly a great help for us to know a bit more about it. Thanks a lot in advance.
  3. Hello friends.. Does anyone of you know how to check the vehicle registration number online or by calling them? Please advice me. If it is possible either online or by phone please write me the web address or the telephone number. Thanks indeed in advance. Nishan
  4. Nishan.dj

    Maruti Alto Temperature Guage

    Hi friends, Could you help me with how to fix a digital (or at least analog) temperature gauge for a Maruti Alto LXI 2018 Model. It comes with a heat indicator which is a bulb and I need an additional meter to fix. A digital gauge is much better but if it's not practically possible, at least an analog one is Ok. This is to know the engine temperature in real time without being overheated and get notified at last. Thanks for helping.
  5. Nishan.dj

    Complex Cash flow issue hybrid vs Vitz

    Someone just give me a knife to stab myself.
  6. Nishan.dj

    Complex Cash flow issue hybrid vs Vitz

    Seems like your option 2 is what I choose if I have to go through your situation. You know what, I ended up buying a Suzuki Alto for daily Colombo driving. The reasons I went for that were 1. Because it was brand new (I know from experience, ODOs on 99.9% of cars are changed and even service records are redone to fool the buyers. Happened to gave up few vehicles and 4 days later the same was on Ik*an with a 60% reduction of ODO reading and altered maintenance records which a normal buyer can't detect. ) 2. Ease of maintenance. (The cost of maintenance not only the fuel but other stuff like spares and services are very low. ) I never though of resale value because at the time I needed a solution for one problem. I hope it won't be too bad later if I will sell it but who cares, it serves for the need at the moment. Since you don't need to maintain your personality over an expensive car or not need to pretend to show your girlfriend that you are a rich bastard, go for the option 2. (One reason I said because I really don't like hybrids and forgive me for that. ) Hope this helps at least a little to you.
  7. Hi all I would like to know a simple but very interesting things about buying a Pajero or Trooper/Big Horn. I currently have a 4DR5 but have no idea about Mitsubishi Pajero / Isuzu Big Horn or Trooper. so If I want to buy one of those what would be the best option. I know Mitsubishi is good according to the knowledge I have with 4DR5 Jeeps. So If you know anything ... anything regarding the topic please add a reply. (It does not matter a word or a paragraph. I want to know.) Thanks in advance. Regards, Nishan
  8. Nishan.dj

    iridium plugs

    Friends, Just a quick question about iridium plugs. Has anybody used it instead of copper ones? If so, what pros and cons you can share with us? Thanks so much
  9. Nishan.dj

    EV Conversion Kit

    Hi Guys, Though this topic is not the type that can answer directly, I appreciate if anyone can add something with contacts or contents, really appreciate it. I was looking at EV Conversion kits on internet where we can buy one and install in to a car or jeep. The problem is that, I don't find anyone doing it in Sri Lanka or has done it as a project. (Couldn't find) For instance, look at this kit. Though it's expensive and has 4 motors, same will come much cheaper with 2 motors. But lack of knowledge and experience will waste money and time if one is going to do it. So, hopefully if you are a mechanical / electrical engineer or even auto electrician that has something to say about, please post a reply. This is just a start of gathering some details about it before going to a practical installation. Thanks so much.
  10. General question here is that does Aqua has break pads? What if they are worn out? @Twin Turbo
  11. Hi experts.. I am looking for Mitsubishi 4DR5 J44 Jeep User/Workshop Manual. If you have a copy of it which might be even a pdf or any other format including web link please please email it to me. (nishandj at gmail.com is my email address). Thanks in advance. Kind Regards Nishan
  12. Nishan.dj

    PickMe or Uber Rental

    @tilvin @dantoddd Don't get discourages with my stats. You have different options to hire. 1. You can pay a monthly salary to a driver and you can employ him. (Question is, he may stay offline and do hires as he likes because a static monthly salary he gets. Just like some government employees. lol ) 2. You can go for a commission based package with a driver. For instance 25% to driver and 75% to you. In this case, you should fuel the car. ( The driver may do offline hires and you won't be able to track it. - In this case, moment tracking system is helpful which I am going to install very soon once a day is cleared with the driver) 3. You can rent out the car for a taxi driver on monthly payment basis. ( In this case, you won't see the car until he returns it, Some set a monthly mileage restriction and beyond that, additional fee is charged per km. But ODO can easily tempered. I know a guy who owns 2 WagonR and every two months he sets the mileage to avoid being tracked from insurance claims and service records. He has actually run more than 150000kms on his first WagonR and the ODO says it's 48000Kms. So, as him, service records and insurance records are showing the tempered mileage and only he knows the mileage. (I was so upset about this but can't help.) This same person told me to run at least 8kms a day if you own a WagonR to avoid malfunction of the hybrid battery. and he stopped the engine auto stop function and said, it destroys the engine than saving fuel) Hope this helps further to support your decision.
  13. Nishan.dj

    PickMe or Uber Rental

  14. Nishan.dj

    PickMe or Uber Rental

    Talk to them. You can get details. The operator is very helpful.
  15. Nishan.dj

    PickMe or Uber Rental

    Depends on the category I think. AFAIK, should not be older than 5 years and should have a hiring insurance coverage.
  16. Nishan.dj

    PickMe or Uber Rental

    Yes. Everyday it starts from Piliyandala and runs around Colombo. The driver employed is very keen to understand the Apps (He said he hasn't used a single app before. That lead me to send him to PickMe as they provide driver training too). Still his learning curve is progressing and it's not that much profitable to run a car for a taxi with a driver. But I can't say it directly because I lack at least 2 months data to analyze. I noticed, during the morning, evening and night are the times it has more hires. During lunch time, the car is idle. So if you are around piliyandala and need a taxi, do let me know. (LOL) I got to know that, PickMe register avarage 60 vehicles a day (All types) and 16000 active drivers are in operation. So you can imagine the possibility to get a hire during the day. However, driver has a major role to play here. He needs to understand the app first and then to see the busy areas and also he must concern the best driving practices to optimize fuel consumption. For past 4 days, The total milage per day to hiring milage ration is around 50%. (Which means if he runs 100Kms he gets 50kms as hiring.) Sometimes, during traffic, it takes too much time to reach to the passenger to pick up. Finally, when you get the loss, it's not entirely the driver's fault. You have to train him and provide him necessary equipments to learn and grow. (I hope younger drivers are better in this case.) These are the some facts I mentioned you to go for a vehicle that is cheap to buy and cheap to maintain. WagonR is good as long as it doesn't give problems. But once it does, the expenses are higher. Yesterday I called A*W to ask for another car to buy (Imagination ) and an area manager told me that they have stopped importing Alto car due to the price increased and last 60 cars in at the showroom and after that, no Altos. If you currently own a kei car, try Uber yourself and see. Go for 2-3 days full time and learn it. That will tell you how you do it. Look at some graphs below. Hope you get more idea about this. The only pleasure I have if I continue this way is if it does not improve is that, 1. I have created one job for a person and I feed 1 family. 2. The driver is helpful for the personal commitment that I will have from next year onward to come to Colombo every day in the morning. If I continue to loss, I will have to make a decision of course but I take these two facts into consideration. In your case, it's different. Hope this reply helps you and not bothering others to read a story.
  17. Nishan.dj

    PickMe or Uber Rental

    You have a point here. For 2 days I drove for Uber, that was really an amazing experience to get to know the society we live in. Some passengers do not set actual drop off location and ask the driver to drive more distance may be 2-4kms more. (In this case, passenger is charged more than expected). Sometimes, if a rider cancel a trip after booking, he gets charge a reasonable amount to be paid for the driver for the distance he drove to get the customer's location. (May be riders don't know that and the payment is charged from the next trip he made) The problem with Uber is, they get 25% commission which is too high (For ZIP car gets Rs.30 per 1Km). So those who drive for Uber are either part time drivers or they do both PickMe and Uber. However these days there are many App based taxi service providers coming up which is good in terms of passenger's point of view but none of those are as good as PickMe or Uber.
  18. Nishan.dj

    Wagon R Depreciation

    This could be due to his personal issue of maintaining. WagonR needs both engine and hybrid battery serviced on different intervals. If battery is ignored, it lacks the power given to the engine or whatever the power that it gives to move the vehicle. So the engine gets overloaded and it runs out quickly. Also, with heavy luggage will make this worse. Tourism means heavy luggage and at least considerable no of people. There are known facts (off label) being practiced by some service agents to keep domestic cars in operation to our road conditions and climate. (Unreg,Recon means these units have been used in Japan and who knows what happened there) Even though we service according to the manufacturer, "Where was the service done?" is a question. I believe, a well maintained Wagon R can be used more than 150000kms and as it's a hybrid with very little engine, it needs more care than other cars.
  19. Nishan.dj

    PickMe or Uber Rental

    If I may share my genuine experience with you guys. (This is my personal experiences and opinions and I may be wrong. Point out that straight away :) ) As I have a family commitment from next year onward to travel to Colombo early morning which I kind of hate driving in city traffic and have no cost effective vehicle specifically for that, I analyzed both WagonR and Alto (Indian). Wagon R are not bad vehicles for city traffic but compared to Alto LXI it supposed to be higher in maintenance costs. (Too many electronics and hybrid and so and so) But Alto LXI is very basic unit and has lower maintenance and cheaper to maintain. (But again, Alto is Manual)Finally I bought an Alto from A*W and it costs 1 million lower than WagonR. My main concern was to travel in city traffic and even for that I employ a driver. Before going to pay someone straight away, I get registered with Uber (Because it's free) and worked 2 days to see how it goes. I noticed people use Uber are different segment than those who use PickMe. (Some says classy - not my idea though) This is because all the foreigners and those who travel overseas are already using Uber and they have their payment plans merged with the app too. But Uber takes 25% from each trip you make and they charge that amount from the credit hires you get. If you start about 5.30AM and works until 10-11PM, you might go for a daily income of Rs.7000-8000 if the day is good. Uber has more hires than PickeMe because it's relatively cheap for the customer. But for the driver, he gets only Rs.30 per 1km which is worse even tuk tuk charges Rs.40 per 1Km. With 2 Days experience, I employed a driver and went to PickMe for registration because I wanted to earn at least for the amount that I pay for the car and for the drivers salary. (Not basically to operate on profit basis because I have a different agenda which I mentioned above) PickMe charges about Rs.24000 for registration and their daily commission is 10%. Other than this a daily fix pay of Rs.100 is also included. Now the driver is on PickMe and still he is under the period of studying. Once fueled, a little amount is saved but that would be enough to pay for the driver's salary. (Still few days in operation, so can't come to a conclusion. At least 2 months data is needed to make a conclusion) I maintain the car at agents to avoid makabaases ( I believe A*W does a good job) and by the time I bought the car, I didn't think the resale value. There is a depreciation and by the time I sell it, I have to bare that. Also, with current SL Auto market conditions, you can't predict what will happen next. May be I have to give the car for nothing. May be I can sell it again in few years with a profit. Who knows? And I don't care as far as I get my works done. But I know, I can sell it more reasonable price than a WagonR. (You know the reason already I guess) My very basic conclusion is, if you plan to hire the vehicle in taxi service, the vehicle you buy should be easily maintainable with minimum cost and should not have fancy electronics. (Security concern is different thing and if it is city driving, I think both of these cars have enough security already because having additional air bag won't help to avoid major crash). Hope this reply helps you.
  20. Nishan.dj

    Wagon R Depreciation

    Good explanation @tiv. It's good to have a car for each family too. Can anyone share the differences between company imported ones and ones imported through car sales people? If I buy a brand new one, which one would be ideal. Thanks guys.
  21. Nishan.dj

    Wagon R Depreciation

    Other than this, There is no any complain for WagonR. (Any mechanical or common issues of the car) Slow is not a problem for city driving specially in Colombo. Handling also is not that concern because it's the city & can't speed much. Bumpy ride is Ok for short distance travel. So all these can be neglected for that vehicle to be used as a taxi. isn't it?
  22. Nishan.dj

    Wagon R Depreciation

    Can anyone please share the pros and cons of buying a WagonR? I see many says don't buy and some says it's a good car. Could anyone elaborate the arguments please? Thank you.
  23. Nishan.dj

    Wagon R Depreciation

    someone has to drive it at least 240kms a day without any day off for 42 months to make it 300000kms This is possible if someone starts around 4am and run until 10pm in taxi service assuming you get hires without no time gaps. if the current market conditions apply, you might be able to sell it for about 2mil. If you maintain it off the agent and do all the hacks to make it as 40000kms as milage, you would sell it for about 2.5mil. better to find someone who has done 300000kms on a wagonr and ask what sort of problems he encountered during maintenance. and also share it among us as well.
  24. Nishan.dj

    Scams on autolanka.com??

    Since there is 4DR5 Short Wheel & a F50 on that link, The Mitsu is 25 Sri which I think comes under Land Vehicles category which is what is best as per my guest because of the very low annual fees for licenses. And being a short wheel and not being a 31 Sri, it might goes to that price. But still worth it if someone wants to modify or restore. (Number doesn't matter) and the engine says 2.6 but I think it should be 2.7 F50 price is higher than expected as those have a lower market value here in SL. It seems the F50 is maintained well and therefore he tries to sell it for an amount he think is reasonable for him.
  25. Nishan.dj

    PickMe or Uber Rental

    In terms of maintenance and repair cost. Yes. Relatively better second hand market.