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  1. Nishan.dj

    Scams on autolanka.com??

    Since there is 4DR5 Short Wheel & a F50 on that link, The Mitsu is 25 Sri which I think comes under Land Vehicles category which is what is best as per my guest because of the very low annual fees for licenses. And being a short wheel and not being a 31 Sri, it might goes to that price. But still worth it if someone wants to modify or restore. (Number doesn't matter) and the engine says 2.6 but I think it should be 2.7 F50 price is higher than expected as those have a lower market value here in SL. It seems the F50 is maintained well and therefore he tries to sell it for an amount he think is reasonable for him.
  2. Nishan.dj

    PickMe or Uber Rental

    In terms of maintenance and repair cost. Yes. Relatively better second hand market.
  3. Nishan.dj

    PickMe or Uber Rental

    you might need to install gps movement tracker to each vehicle. uber is free to register and pick me charges 24000LKR Better to go with commission based rental because if you pay a salary to driver they may not try to make more trips. WagonR or Alto would be ideal but Indian alto would be best in terms of repair and maintenance.
  4. Though I own a J44 (Mitsubishi) now, DEF90 are much more comfortable with it's coil spring suspension if I am not mistaken. All I can say is, it's better to buy a same Jap brand jeep than spending all money on Diffenders selling at cheaper prices. These vehicles do need attention to detail if anyone willing to travel across the country and for my experience most of those are being served as second vehicle and kept away from expensive repairs. Look for a better maintained and repaired for a reasonable price no matter the number plate is. Body/Interior/Chassis/Engine should be maintained well. Or else you buy just a chassis and rebuilt one from the bottom which will cost you more but ended up with a better vehicle and you will know about all the nuts and bolts of the vehicle. The fever of "Defender" is very dangerous these days. Hunt more, inspect / drive and see. Believe me, I look 17 vehicles and all gave me different different problems to think of. Good luck.
  5. Nishan.dj

    Mitsubishi 4dr5 J44 User/workshop Manual

    Yep. Those manuals are rare to find. Those who inquire about it are cheap enough NOT event to pay the copying fee. So how do you build a jeep if you can't pay the copy fee to get both manuals printed? That's the nature around here. So bad.
  6. Nishan.dj

    Mitsubishi 4dr5 J44 User/workshop Manual

    @matroska @Vernon De I have both Service and Workshop manual. I never let it borrow because I had a worse experience. You know typical Sri Lankans. So anyone want it can pay the copy fee to me and I will make it ready. You can collect it from Piliyandala or Union Place. Thanks for understanding.
  7. Nishan.dj

    Land Cruiser 100/105 worth the money?

    This is exactly what I would buy...
  8. Nishan.dj

    Mitsubishi Delica PO15 vs Hiundai H100

    Hi Guys, Could anyone give a comparison between Mitsubishi Delica PO15 & Hyundai H100 van? Both give competitive pricing while H100 is newer. I would like to know pros and cons compared to both vans. Appreciate your reply. Thanks.
  9. Nishan.dj

    Japanese letter hanging thing????

    As per my understanding, this strip is a tow strip that attached to the chassis when a vehicle is modified. Because the tow head could be covered with body-kit and this strip will do the job when it needs to pull the vehicle. But as it turns out, here people do it as a style where it has no value. If you try to tow using that, most probably you will only get the bumper. ?
  10. Nishan.dj

    Toyota LH 30 Van

    Friends, I am looking for a Toyota LH 30 Van to buy. I read wiki and found it comes with Toyota L 2.2 Engine and there is no much information online about this. Therefore I need your knowledge/experience to look for a better one. Could you kindly share how to inspect this vehicle to identify the issues most probably not mentioned by the owner of course. It is Ok to have minor problems because these were built around early 1980s. But I should be knowledgeable about what to inspect and how to inspect. Thanks and appreciate your feedback. Nishan
  11. Nishan.dj

    Is 4dr5 Came As T20?

    Well, I didn't buy it. And it's almost 9 years ago. It said, the mistake was done by RMV or relevant personnel who were responsible for entering data at the registration. You may contact RMV and get it updated. The seller at that time had no idea about Chassis numbers and after convincing him, he told me he got it corrected sometime later though RMV. But since I restored a J44 &, considering all the facts, now I don't mind changing it as I can get the license and registration for the vehicle without any matter. However, It could be the same jeep that you and me are talking about if the previous seller lied to me as he corrected. Most 4DR jeepers don't expect it to sell these days as you can see the demand for that vehicle. That said, I mind restoring it rather than spending lot on changing from T to J. Anyway, did you buy it recently?
  12. How Mutch 4dr6 engine?

  13. Nishan.dj

    EV Conversion Kit

    Hi Guys, Though this topic is not the type that can answer directly, I appreciate if anyone can add something with contacts or contents, really appreciate it. I was looking at EV Conversion kits on internet where we can buy one and install in to a car or jeep. The problem is that, I don't find anyone doing it in Sri Lanka or has done it as a project. (Couldn't find) For instance, look at this kit. Though it's expensive and has 4 motors, same will come much cheaper with 2 motors. But lack of knowledge and experience will waste money and time if one is going to do it. So, hopefully if you are a mechanical / electrical engineer or even auto electrician that has something to say about, please post a reply. This is just a start of gathering some details about it before going to a practical installation. Thanks so much.
  14. Nishan.dj

    Mitsubishi Pajero Vs Isuzu Big Horn Or Trooper

    Couldn't agree more. I still wonder how come the pajero 4D56 is bad compared to a bighorn. May be a personal experience. In my opinion, it has to be other-way around. It's true there are lot's of pajero's that I have seen not maintained properly and treated very bad way which is a big sin i think. Despite of such vehicle, a pajero is a vehicle that can't be compared to any other in that range i guess. hopefully many will agree.
  15. Nishan.dj

    Mitsubishi Pajero Vs Isuzu Big Horn Or Trooper

    Could you say why?