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  1. Guys, sorry for dragging an old thread...Coz flew into the country after about 15 months... Has this " Personal importing " thing been taken out ? Pls let me know..coz one friend said...still we can import a car like previously without any hassle !!! is it so ? thkx
  2. Hi, I once was interested on this duet ( at that time it was around 1 million), but heard from many that Spares were a problem in this model....and also not that many duets around too, with a low 2nd hand mkt due to the spares I believe...I went for a Startlet ( which was higher in price even then ),but was a good decision at the end...
  3. Guys, FB15 recently I bought , I was told the ATF was changed with " mobil " oil and the car has done only 84,000 km uptil now ( one owner - directly bought from him..not open papers )..what do you think of the oil ? ( only once changed after doing 75,000 km )...
  4. Guys, is it a must to open a L/C in SL ? Can't you do the payments by TT ? Sorry for my ignorance in the import procedure...
  5. FlyingFox, I had the similar figures of my 2000, 206 Auto. Believe it's the figures around ....
  6. rez

    Nissan Tiida Latio

    Guys, out of the blues... Have seen a good Tiida ( Hatch Back's ) to import directly ( 2009 model, auto ). How are these ( in respect of fuel consumption, after sales and other issue;s if there is... thkx
  7. PrasadK You can check the discussions on same issue under Peugeot 206. Can recommend you only one place aprt from the Agent, it'll cost you about 1.3- 1.5 lks + autogear oil ( will take time ). the place is in Kandana called "RS Auto Transmission Centre " of Rajeev Dassanayake's.. but I have come acoss in "Alibaba " site from China, where they manufacture autogear parts...no idea how good they are !! cheers
  8. To all the peugeot lovers.....there's a person called Mr. Rajeev Dassanayake, who restores Autogear boxes in most of the European cars / coaches / Trucks and also can by spare parts ( brand new or used ) from him. His place is along the Kandana station road called Auto transmission Centre. If you are unable to find any spares in Panchikawatte you could try this location. Rather reasonable prices and a good preson to talk about your vechicle. And also there's a crook, who owners a shop called " Abirami Motor Stores " in Panchikawatte, near the" Darshana Motors". This fellow has got many used spares too...but will try to play a massive game and cheat on you, tries to be smart.... As Harshana mentions, the other places are worth a visit - specially Ideal, Darshana etc. I did restore my Autogear box with original spares, hunted down in Panchikawatte and then met Mr. Rajeev finally.. cheers
  9. You would have to pay the new duty rates even you have already opened a L/C.

    I cleared my car on 4/30 paying the new rates. The new policy is, if your car / etc arriaved and REGISTERED with customs before 23rd April, then you would not pay the new tax.

    My increase was about 2.20 lks...so you better keep the money ready.

    no choice...

  10. It's a real Tsunami for me !!! When the car is at the docks waiting to be cleared today....now exceeds my budget and trying to find the extra cash to clear the mess....no words to shout....How come these morons can do it suddenly !!! Guess they have already filled their ass's with gold !!! :
  11. I'm trying to clear my car today and heard this sudden news from the forwarder...more than Rs 2 lks increase for me !!! Well made a few calls here n there in Customs...Import section guy said " maybe a limitation of time period would be given to some "..but not sure util tomorrow. Sucks !!!
  12. rez

    Nissan Beetle Ak 12

    Hi RWD, Yes 2002 are the ones in the market available with price tages from 1.5 m to 1.65 m differing from Manuel to Auto. But then I came across a 2007 unregistered, auto without that intelligent key for 1.9 m. The question in me now is why should I not go for the unregistered comparing with the make of the year and price.. Though I got no clue of this unregistered market price. But will the resale of it will depend of this key issue lateron ? One person said the fuel worksout about 15 per L ( manuel )in a 2002 make..I doubt it !!! Even came acorss a 2002, registered in 2005 for 1.45 m ( auto, 60,000 km, 2 owners in J number ). It was good in condition, but had done a fully paint job, which took me off the idea of buying, though I liked it. All other Auto ones were around 1.6 m +.... cheers
  13. rez

    Nissan Beetle Ak 12

    Dear Friends, I'm a bit interested in this Beetle AK 12, 1240 CC ( 2002 model and unregistered ) and have seen a few so far with various price ranges. But would like to get your expert opinions on intelligent key issue / Remote key, Fuel consumption, Manuel / Auto, retractable mirrors, the reasonable amount etc...and other issues negative / positive in selecting.... ( went through the archives but could not find any information ), so hope I could some help from u fellows !!! thkx
  14. Djay, EP-82 fuel works out 15 + outstation with my experince ......with a good second hand resale value too !!!
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