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  1. SpEeD FrEak

    Planning To Buy Toyota Ae 110

    Well said buddy
  2. SpEeD FrEak

    Hid Lights For Toyota Sprinter Ce110 1997 Model

    H4 Bi-xenon Try to go for something Below 8000k.6000k would be fine As said by a fellow member I too dont think its advisable to use HIDs on non Projector lamps.
  3. SpEeD FrEak

    Dead Battery

    It should be a short circuit as mentioned by fellow members Did you install any new electric components like a Security system or foglamps Sometimes poor installations may cause short circuits and drain the battery. Also check the engine bay for any damaged wires because sometimes the Rats may be the Culprits Good Luck
  4. SpEeD FrEak

    Rpm Meter

    Try Motorcade buddy
  5. SpEeD FrEak

    Car For Government Permit

    I would go for the Civic
  6. SpEeD FrEak

    Toyota Starlet

    Buddy, Please don't mislead people
  7. SpEeD FrEak

    Happy Birthday To List Member Sylvi!

    Many Happy Returns of the Day Mr Sylvi
  8. SpEeD FrEak

    Help Me In Buying

    I think the Viva Elite is better out of the 3 Its got ABS,EBD,Dual air bags
  9. SpEeD FrEak

    Best Diesel Suv For Duty Free Vehicle Permit

    Buddy are u working for the Semi government sector? Test drive the Sorento,Sportage and Santa fe and u'll know what suits for urself Isn't it Anyway If I were you I would go for the Santa fe
  10. SpEeD FrEak

    Toyota Vitz Transmission Oil Change

    Isn't the Vitz CVT?
  11. As said by another member EK3 didnt come with Carb engine Only Efi The Non Vtec version came with conventional Auto gear box and the Vtecs came with more advanced CVT gearbox
  12. SpEeD FrEak

    Maruthi 800 Carb Type Or Efi ?

    go for the EFI buddy
  13. SpEeD FrEak

    Vitz 2008 Vs Swift 2008

    Vitz is little bit underpowered. It produces 67 bhp while the Swift produces 90 bhp.And I dont think there is much of the difference in fuel consumption. So the Swift would be a better choice
  14. SpEeD FrEak

    Quick Trivia Part 2

    Is it a Honda Integra 1987