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  1. Thank you. I am planning to remove the barrel. then the car will be more closer to its original specs.
  2. Thank you for your comments and advices. Appreciate them all.
  3. Dear all, I had to replace the engine of my car Fb13 with a similar type of engine since the old engine was worn out. But i was unable to inform to RMV. I called the RMV, they told me that i need to get an approval from them first, and then after the engine replacement, the car must be examined by an examiner in RMV Verahera. There are some modifications done to my car such as changing the original tyre size (previous owner) and a performance exhaust (beat barrel). Some of my friends told me that if there are such modifications, some problems will occur at the RMV examinations. Since this is my first time that i am going to do such a procedure, please be kind enough to share your ideas, experiences with me. I am going to sell the car. i want to make all legal matters clear before selling it, Thanks.
  4. I had the same issue with my Mazda BG5P Interplay. . As you said it was very heavier to push. I Replaced the clutch pump and now it is ok.
  5. Samanl

    Fuel Efficiency

    Vehicle : Mazda Interplay BG5P DOHC Transmission : Manual 5F Engine : 1.5 Fuel : 90 Octane Km/l City : 9 - 10Kmpl Km/l Outstaion : 11-12Kmpl
  6. I had a similar issue in my Mazda Interplay. Ultimately found a the wires to the reverse plug of the gearbox got damaged and touched the body time to time. got fixed it.
  7. Samanl

    Nissan Sunny Fb15

    One of my friend has one. According to him, it has 4 Disc Breaks, power antenna. I have observed these featrues. -samanl
  8. Samanl

    Fb 15

    I heard that FB15 YOM 1999 and upto early 2000 came with this engine cover. Late 2000 and 2001 models came with no covers mounted top of the engines. In my car, there is no Neo cover and no sockets to mount it even. I have seen several cars in this way. If the car is in good condition and @ a reasonable price, buy it. It is hard to find a good car these days. cheers samanl
  9. Toyota Passo = Daihatsu Boon
  10. I have finished rebuilding my B310 , easily found used Driver side door, Steering box and a used but a good Engine ( Since the existing one had some issues ), carburetor. Engine,Carb and Steering Box cost me 30000/-. All from panchica watta, a place called [email protected] Also i found some of the body parts from a place near Pelmadulla.
  11. It may be a problem of the steering column. In my FB13 i had that kind of a problem and got solved after fixing a new column.
  12. Thanks a lot for your comments. Appreciate them Samanl
  13. Samanl

    Under Bonnet Heat Shield

    agreed. I used mcfoil and attached it to the bonnet using plastic clips. never had to drill the bonnet. These clips were very nice and gave a good finish. did it by my self. This foil reduces the heat of the bonnet more than 50 %. I did this for my previous FB13 which already run by gas. ( Generally got heated than when driven by petrol).
  14. Actually Thapal 90 means the honda MD90 model, and not the c90 or yamaha mate.
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