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  1. Hello all I just bought a Prado 150 - 2104 model with teardrop set of headlights. It has the same issue. In one of the headlights , there is little bit of vapor / water drops at the inner surface of the headlight cover. There is no any crack visible. Pls let me know a reliable place. I want a good place knowing that they will disassemble the headlight for the job hence needs to be in safe hands. @ rukmaldk - pls let me have contact number of the place you visited for the job. The impacted area is marked in red below. Pls help
  2. I was driving this vehicle ( 1.5 L) for abt 4 years. The power not so great but OK. Did about 9- 10km in city initially and later i changed the wheel size. Then fuel economy came down drastically to 7 -8 km. I was quite happy with it based on following Nice interior Comfy ride Nice road handling The other side of the coin .. Suspension needs regular maintenance Thirsty on fuel Other than that no complains what so ever....
  3. G10 - I have got 4 years of driving experience and pretty good car. G11 - There is no first hand experience but two of my friends driving for last two years and never heard anything bad from them. Thanks
  4. Mine 7 per liter when eco mode off and not sure how it would do with eco mode on as I generally driver eco mode on.. I pump 95 octane but ensure that Tyre pressure is maintained at 30 always. check once a week when I go for fuel refill. This fuel figure is better compared my previous ride ( Sportage 2011 - It did only 6km per liter in city and outstation the same numbers). Therefore I am happy man Mine also odometer at 19,000 km. I dont think it has nothing to do much unless the engine is very old.
  5. yes . 2 Liter City driving - 6 - 8 km ( I manage to do 7 on average ) Outstation - 12-13 km Highway - 15 km @ 100km per hour - If you are little harder on paddle 13 -14 km
  6. Tks. Tried that place and fixed. JVC. My vehicle was coming through agents . I am the second owner . Thanks
  7. Hello, Need some advice pls. Planning to upgrade CRV 2014 current head unit with a touch screen full display. Unfortunately no proper unit is found as yet. Tried P*to Lanka yesterday . They have Kenwood but not happy with housing as looks odd and looks detached from dash board once fixed. Cost was about 60k. S*un lanka does not have one to suit CRV. I am very particular to find a unit which fits nicely with the double din housing looks as factory fitted. Please let me know if you know any place who can get it for me ( agents are damn expensive and not encouraging saying that they don import if not linked into chasis number as per their database) Tried e -bay and found few units looks as original at a cost of about 60k LKR ( picture below ). But not sure if you have to pay taxes. Pls let me know if you recommend this option
  8. Thanks for you note.. Spoke them and realized that they do not have silencers for sale but they build up based on the model/ spec..... they said the thickness of the plates being used for this is 0.75 mm and the cost would be between 10k to 15 k..
  9. Dear All, My KIA sportage silencer beat was not normal and showed her to Agent work shop while I was there to buy front brake pads. They said it looks like the silencer barrel is damaged inside and need replacement. I was wondering can the silencer barrel be damaged so fast and he said this does not happen frequently and even they do not have stocks in hand. Cannot wait until they get it down and even the cost is about 50K. Do you recommend me going to a normal silencer place and get a replacement faster and cheaper and if so , what should I check please. Please share your knowledge.
  10. @Z.u.L Did you find a noticeable performance difference in terms of pulling power ( bhp) between X trail Hybrid and Outlander during your test drive as both shares the same size engine (2L) , but may be different technology.
  11. @ iRage Thanks so much for your very detailed experience sharing notes which is very helpful. Just to admit the fact that even I hate the fancy uplifted gear position in CRV and thankfully it is now same as other any other SUVs in that range with nice storage capacity attached to it. At the moment what is in my list is X-trail Hybrid version and as you said need to go for a test ride to feel the difference. I have used a few nessans (sedan) before and did not find very interesting thing but surely serves the basic purpose. I do not think we can expect any difference in here as well. Thanks again for your valuable thoughts
  12. Thanks for your input. Agree with you that Mazda is a good vehicle but CX5 did not take off the ground for some reason. As you may agree Suabu XV is too small.. so that did not want to check further. New RAV 4 is a good looking vehicle and need to a do abit of search . Tks Tucson is not my favorite for some reason. The reason for Out-lander to come down is over supply from panic small scale importers that tax relief will come on future importing PHEV vehicles under electric category , as per my knowledge.. Thanks
  13. Dear all, Trying to figure out what to buy between those three. Budget is about 7 to 8 mn. Not very particular about fuel consumption as mostly city running. I really like CRV 2011 Onward version but the second hand price of 2013 ( abt 50 k millage) is almost equal to brand new X trail hybrid . CRV Brand new price is abt 9 mn. As you know the reason is lower tax on hybird. Therefore CRV is overpriced.may come down as we move on... can buy unreg. Xtrail for similar price. Therefore CRV is a question mark ??? Outlander PHEV second hand market price has come down significantly to about 7 mn (2014 ) from its original price of 9mn. Love to experience new technology . However the shape of vehicle is not really looking good for me. Sluggish look. So that not thrilled to go for. The only option left is Nisaan X trail Hybrid. I like the shape of the SUV other than the face . It looks odd. But should be able to go for a simple and decent body kit to give it a better look. What do you think and what would be your choice if I were you please. thanks
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