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  1. Mazda Axela Grades

    Yes. They all activate by default in startup. Really useful,especially auto headlights which selectively turn off for incoming vehicles,even for a motorbike.
  2. Mazda Axela Grades

    Sorry mate, I didn't see your post. I'll add few photos.
  3. Mazda Axela Grades

    Now Android auto is fully functional and there's a patch for Bluetooth bug. Just need to run the patch with existing AA . I've installed some extra apps like speedometer with compass which is really nice to have.
  4. Honda Grace Gearbox question

    Actually new owner planned to do it with the next service. I'll get the feedback from him and let you know.
  5. Honda Grace Gearbox question

    I've sold my 2015 grace few months back and it too had some hesitation when you need quick power. I thought that was normal in economy mode. But car was fully inspected at the Stafford before the sale and they said "software for the gearbox was not properly installed and gear changing was not smooth due to that". Cost for the reinstallation is Rs 3500.
  6. Honda fit gp5 gear oil leak

    Have you noticed any warning signs in the dashboard during heavy traffic or hills? Is it bit sluggish to drive recently?. Anyway take it to Stafford and get their opinion on this. Leaking oil from DC box is not a good sign.
  7. Mazda Axela Grades

  8. Mazda Axela Grades

    AFIK there is no official android auto from Mazda. Probably he is getting those software's from mazda3revolution.com forum. They have all the software tweaks for free download.
  9. Mazda Axela Grades

    Its snowflake white . Im not a big fan of a shark fin antenna as its not functional. I will be changing the colour of alloy Wheels and may be jet black the mate black plastic part of rear bumper. For the wheels still can't decide between jet black and gun metal gray. What do you prefer for wheels?
  10. Mazda Axela Grades

    What do you mean by all inclusive? Are they installing latest firmware with new sd card?. Any possibility to change the FM bandwidth.
  11. Mazda Axela Grades

    Ordered a trunk lid spoiler via ebay from a Taiwanese seller. Total cost was 57$ with free shipping and received within 5 days.
  12. Mazda Axela Grades

    @sam, what is the location of 7th speaker?. Can you post a pic of centre dashboard area.
  13. Mazda Axela Grades

    You may be right. But when I inquired about some what similar setup in 2L mazda 6 displayed at colonial showroom,the marketing executive said that it contains a speaker.
  14. Mazda Axela Grades

    I think 7th one is placed centrally in the dashboard.
  15. Mazda Axela Grades

    Really, I thought those are standard in 15s proactive