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    Motor Sports / Motor Mags / Movies / Watching Top Gear / Driving / Net surfing

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    D16W7 / R18A1
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    ES5 Mod List : Denso Irridium Spark Plugs - IK20L K&N performance / Lifetime air element Ultra Racing Strut Bar Alutec Rear tie bar Uni Chip Piggy Back with VAFC - Vtec controller (Plug & Play ready) Tein S Tech - Super Street Coils Veloce Ultra Light Semi Forged 7.5JJ 16" alloy wheels ------------------------------------------------------ FD1 Type S Ultra Racing Strut Bar - Front and Rear Ogura light fly wheel WEPR Axel Back
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    ES5 OEM --------------------------------------------------- FD1 Type S Mugen RR total make over Type R 160g Gear Knob 8JJ front and 9JJ rear Inovit full forged rims
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    To gain my knowledge in all the areas where i can grasp information
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    No Pain * No Gain

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  1. KI4120

    Honda Expert

    Dinanjaya is the best in the country and hes in Kandy ! 0718711444 0812476517 0812494195
  2. KI4120

    Honda Expert

    LMAO .... Amen to that !
  3. KI4120

    Honda Expert

    Considering the Skill Set : 1. Mahesh - Bokundara (Piliyandala) 0777116172 - can handle honda productions from 1989 - 2012, very sound knowledge in both gasoline and hybrid productions. Know and posses OBD1 and OBD2 diagnosing tools with inhouse building facility, pricing is bit costly. But quality work 2. Dharshana - Boralesgamuwa (Does repairs by visiting - Best for drivetrain maintenance) 0719309914 - can handle honda productions from 1989 - 2012, sound knowledge in both gasoline and hybrid cars with OBD diagnosing tools, Reasonable pricng and best of quality work. extremely good with suspension work and Civic 7th Gen 3. Rohan 0776247938 - Good in all aspects , very honest and reasonable in pricing - best for productions below 2006 in drive train and power train aspects. but lacks in OBD2 diagnosis due to not having proper diagnosing tools 4. Ajith 0772929096, Gampaha - Good for drivetrain and powertrain maintenance. best for productions below 2006, reasonable pricing. All above are uptodate with honda lineup of cars because they are currently employed at Staffords and are the people who run the show at the agents!
  4. KI4120

    2004 Honda Civic Es8 / Es5??

    Non CVT , Honda 4 Speed Automatic (Grade Logic Control Gear Box), oil service interval in Critical Condition running : every 40,000km, But in Sri Lanka, better to do it every 30,000km, do it from staffords if you are servicing the car from them. Will cost you only for 4Ltrs of oil.
  5. KI4120

    Diy Painting Your Valve Cover

    Nicely build thread man...awsome stuff...soo happy to see our SL people doing things right ! nicely done on DIY clip !
  6. KI4120

    Honda Cl7 Euro R

    R u Refering to the KC6996 CL7 ? its kinda kept well... car is pretty much ok...and CL7 is a 6 Speed manual...but ideal engine is K24..... but yeah...comparatively K20 Red top produce 219BHP on a EP3 and on the CL7 may be tad lesser.... due to it's weight.... obviously its a fun to drive car i say...
  7. KI4120

    Honda Service - Civic Ek3

    Wots the price of a 10W-40 Motul oil Yusuf ? does Motul bring 10W-30 also ?
  8. KI4120

    2013 Honda Civic

    Technically FB chassis and FD chassis shares the same frame. Only upside is FB Civic made for more fuel economy. With it's Auto-Stop feature, it really saves the fuel in stop and go traffic. Same as in in FD, R16 engine block is used for 1.6 iVtec and 1.8 is also available. even the 2 Ltr Si (type R) version is also available. Can import through Kah Motors in Singapore or Malaysia also. FB chassis is developed in Honda - Acura US inc. which later revieled in JDM and ADM, EUDM markets. US domestic market recieved it's powerful Si version with 2Ltr DOHC iVtec with Efficient Dynamic systems. However, in my opinion (being a Honda owener and driver for last 11 years) , FB civic is Sucks in its' looks and feel. Rather settle with FD2. But, come 2014, we will recieve the FB Type R - the first Honda Civic Type R with a little snail in it.... Yes its pumping little less than a 300Bhp with a 1.6Ltr DOHC iVtec Turbo intercooler (FMIC). So if you are a true honda lover, all your dreams will come true after 2014 - June !
  9. KI4120

    Project R

    Komi, need your all known contacts for honda parts and accesories pls.... narmi i know personally, but other contacts pls ! thanks !
  10. KI4120

    Project R

    Hats off Komi..... respect ! i just almost jizzed in ma pants....and man...soo glad to see a clean and tide project....!
  11. Its not about pumping fuel ! First you have to check the RON on your cars before pumping any fuel ... RON - Researched Octal Number
  12. KI4120

    Best Rim/tire Sizes For Eg8

    For optimum perormance and look : 185 - 55- R15 : 185 width makes ideal grip (not too much and too litte) and 55 aspect ratio makes a good cusion for our bumpy roads and 15" radius rim will look fantastic !
  13. KI4120

    1998 Honda Integra Gsr (automatic))

    Komi, u gotta find the end cap, Engine Head Leak Less gasket and also seems like V Tec Solenoid also leaking... just put lil bit of attention on those eh ?
  14. KI4120

    Honda Civic Es Or Ek?

    Pls dont feed Trolls !
  15. KI4120

    Nissan 300Zx Tt Project!

    Yeah Komi Need more pix pls... and hey Octane Heads... soo glad to see u here !