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  1. SanjeevMahen

    General Service In TVS

    Check the TVS Lanka website. They have comprehensive lists with addresses and contact numbers of all their dealers (sales, service and spares). From that list you can identify one closest to you.
  2. SanjeevMahen

    About toyota lanka full inspection

    Take the car to 'C*r Ch*cks' in Kohuwela. They are quite good in what they do. You can check them out on FB before going. The price you pay for the inspection is worth it because they will give you a comprehensive report which would come in handy, incase you do end up buying the car. Cos you'd know what needs to be looked in to after buying. Good luck.
  3. SanjeevMahen

    Scooter vs. Honda Navi

    Yes. Emission test report is required from the second year onwards. I got the test report and renewed my revenue license online.
  4. SanjeevMahen

    Buying A Nissan Patrol Y60

    Well, I'm a bit late but hope this is useful to someone in the future....
  5. SanjeevMahen

    Hilux Question

    Thanks. That's a good price cos I think TL price is well over 100k. I might be wrong though... I guess yours is the normal turbo as well and not the VGT one that's found in most Thai trucks.
  6. SanjeevMahen

    Hilux Question

    Nice to hear that you got it solved. I have a 2007 Hilux HL3, 2.5 liter intercooler turbo. Nearing 200k KMs now and the turbo does not perform like earlier. I believe the fault should be similar to yours. Mind sharing details on how much the turbo cost you and where you sourced it from?
  7. SanjeevMahen

    Scooter vs. Honda Navi

    Last year, I did some research and ended up buying the TVS Wego for my short runs/errands, just like the OP. Pros- 1.External fuel inlet. So no petrol fume smell on the items kept in the under-seat storage. I got the front inside plastic panel changed to the one with cubby, which is very useful to (somewhat) securely store a few items. It was offered with the plain recessed panel, which gave more leg room but no storage. Even with the cubby, I have no issues in leg space, me being 5' 10". 2.Combi brake on the newest model. I.e both front and rear brakes are actuated simultaneously with left brake lever. So no need to balance your braking between the front and rear tires with two separate levers. 3.Tubeless tires. Also the 12' alloy wheels were larger in diameter in comparison to other scooters, which meant better ride on poor roads. Most other scooters at the time came with steel wheels. 4.Headlight was mounted on the handle bar, so you could turn the handle in the direction you are travelling in to see in the dark. On the Dio and some other models the headlight was fixed on the body and hence illumination in the dark was quite fixed to the area only in front of the scooter. 5.Digital meter console with service reminder/battery/clock/fuel level as well as Odo/speedo, which gives a feel of modern scooter than being limited to the usual speedo and fuel meter of most scooters. 6.Unlike the most other models, Wego came with a silencer which was of a narrow, rectangular design, resulting in a silencer that was not protruding outside much and looking awkward. It also contributed to the practicality of reducing the width of the scooter, enabling to be parked in narrow slots, etc. 7. I had a friend at TVS Lanka, who offered to strip the scooter and undercoat the chassis and body panels before delivery. This was very worthwhile, since the iron used on Indian vehicles tends to rust very easily. I would recommend to do this if you are buying a new scooter. 8. External body panels were metal and hence would only cause dents(slight or severe depending on impact). Whereas on most scooters, it's plastic which would crack and splitter on impact, might need replacing immediately. 9.Phone charging USB port, located inside the under seat storage. Useful but bad placement, since the phone also has to sit inside the under-seat storage when charging and zero chance of its' ringing being heard by the rider. Cons- 1. Recently getting some noise from front shocks/steering handle column when going through deep potholes. As if some bearing has gone bad. A real pain with the scooter being only 1200KMs old. Yet to take it to the agent to check. 2.Key has to be inserted to a barrel at the rear left of the seat, to open the seat or fuel lid. On the Hero Dash noticed that the same key barrel operated all utilities, which is very convenient. 3.Large seat is quite comfy and non slippery but trade off is get easily heated after being parked in the sun and unbearable to sit on. 4.TVS agents all over are not good at all and do shoddy service jobs, even with me monitoring them. I guess it's to do with the level of society that rides motorbikes/scooters where the level of care for the ride is very minimal and it has shaped the service providers in the same manner. Demanding perfectionism or even some commitment from them is dreaming too much. Not trying to demean anyone here but gone are the days where most people valued their rides and took care of them. 5.Drum brakes. Not the greatest but given the low HP, sufficient to ride safely. Honda Dio is the largest selling scooter in SL but it was somewhat basic and had a few rough edges. I heard that it's engine is the best in the market with almost no reports of issues. The Hero Dash's rear design and colour themes were a real turn off for me. But very utilitarian design with nice touches. The Yamaha Ray might look masculine and sporty but it has too much going on in the design with very little purpose. Comes with steel wheels and a silly looking rear grab rail and for the price, it wasn't worth it. I hope above is useful to the OP or anyone looking to buy a scooter. There are always new models comingin with newer better features. So better do your own market research considering your requirements and taste before deciding.
  8. SanjeevMahen

    Cool Ebay Gadgets For Cars

    I see that the Clex dashcam project has completed. Have you received your unit yet? If yes, how is it overall? Worth the USD99? Or having issues? Whats the resolution of the front/rear cam? How is the footage in bright sunlight or headlights from vehicles in the rear?
  9. SanjeevMahen

    Viva Elite Community

    That seems to be one heck of a clean up / service and repair job Sampath. Do you mind sharing the AC guys charges for the job? I'm contemplating giving up my present AC guy for this one. Can you share his exact location and any other details about him / his operations? From what little I know of auto AC, this seems to be an excellent job. And after completion that temperature at the vents, is pretty unbelievable. I might sound stupid but can anyone tell me, if it's actually possible to get such a low temp reading in a car's airconditioning?
  10. Guys, Need to buy a steering wheel cover and the 'OEM' looking, proper fitting plastic/rubber mudflaps (both front & back) for the Passo. Any recommendations of shops down Darley road or elsewhere in Colombo for better quality stuff? Remember reading of a recommended shop down Darley Rd but cannot locate the thread now...

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    2. PreseaLover


      LOL fiat fan you know the drill noh? :P

      Wait wait il do it for you.. I know a girl who owns a passo.. I'll ask and let her know.. sorry I saw this status now only....

    3. PreseaLover


      Ok I asked her she has bought mudflaps for her Passo from Toyota Lanka branch in Panchikawatta.. so check it and see, it wont be that costly... aparade, I had some universally mud flaps, i just sold them for 900 bucks at the other site, if you stated this before would have given you free...

    4. SanjeevMahen


      PL tks for the info man. This weekend was hectic. So got to see next weekend only. Will look up TL too. Next time u got free give aways, pls put up a status ;)

  11. Agreed. Both the headlights on my wife's hatchback had faded over three years in the sun. Then, one was damaged in a small accident and got replaced with a relatively newer 'used' one from a parts shop in Wijerama. The difference between the two were so obvious that I got one of the service station workers to clean the old one with compound durng regular service. Though it looked fine initially, within 2/3 months it was back to its badly faded condtition again, whereas the replaced and untouched one is still hanging in there and looking relatively ok. Decided that I'd get the protective sticker done the next time but never got around to doing it yet Also KP do not have the agency for 3M anymore and I'm yet to come across any recommendations on their currect brand, which they promote as being better than 3M......... You could get the 3M stickers done from the new place down the 120 bus route, just before the Pepiliyana junction, opposite the Dilmah(not sure) 'Tea Castle' buidling...
  12. SanjeevMahen

    Toyota Passo Car Stereo Problem

    I did the same for my wife's YOM2007 Toyota Passo about 1 1/2 years ago and yes I also had to replace dashborad central console cover unit as in your picture. I cannot recollect the price of it but it sure wasn't cheap. Yours being a 2004, I strongly assume that you also would need to change from your present one to this after market one. Appearantly the older versions of the Passo (2004-2007) came with a dashboard center console which couldn't accomodate single / double din conversions, though they seem like they can. Go ahead with this if you are going to stick with the car for sometime cos such cost is not recoverable when selling. The Passo was sold as Daihatsu Boon / Sirion in different regions around the world.
  13. SanjeevMahen

    Grade Differences Of Suzuki Every Mini Van

    Well...let me put it like this. Fuel efficiency is not at the top of my requirements list as of now. For the near future, I would not want to try my hand at hybrids or electric vehicles. Would prefer to stick with ICE vehicles. Much less sophistication and headache too. Murphy's law works full time in my life. So I try to keep things a little less sophisticated I didn't see the sticker myself. So I guess that it would have been the JAAI inspection sticker as u said. I do not see y the owner would lie wrt such because he only stands to loose by such a statement. Anyone knows how these Kei vans suspensions perform and hold up in our potholes ridden roads? The Passo gave me never ending headaches in this regard but then again Passo is known for that issue....
  14. SanjeevMahen

    Grade Differences Of Suzuki Every Mini Van

    Well, not sure abt the Mitsubishis. There weren't many around but did notice that there were quite a few Mazda Scrums, which were exactly the same as the Suzuki Everys except for the badges. Somewhat like the Toyota Passo / Daihatsu Boon scenario. They were abt 100k less in price and were not the Turbo version. Given that Suzuki Every is the more popular and common Kei van in SL, I was looking for that(U knw the SL mentality ). It's appearance too has somewhat grown on me Yes, saw the Wagon Rs / Stingrays but not interested on em cos this would not be the only vehicle at home and I want it to serve the city running purpose better. Agree that the mileage on these cannot be trusted. The initial 2004 Every that I mentioned on my earlier post, was bought unregistered in 2006 and had 24k on the ODO whereas after buying the owner found one of those Rev Licence like round sticker in the vehicle, which had the correct chasis numbr and it mentioned 178k KMs!!! But mind you the engine didn't sound like it had done so much. That I guess depends on the running conditions in Jap.
  15. SanjeevMahen

    Grade Differences Of Suzuki Every Mini Van

    Update: And so I started from Pepiliyana and went all the way to Pamankada, stopping at every car sale where I spotted Suzuki Everys. Thanks to the info I got here, I was able to identify the models better. Sadly there wasn't a single Every Wagon. Most places did not have the Join Turbos but only the basic models or at times Semi-Joins. Came across a few 4WD models (manual) but wasn't interested. At certain Car sales, the guys there were trying to convince me that the Turbos of the Every were faulty due to a 'sensor issue' and to go for the non turbo basic auto versions they had It was the first time I heard of such. I even found couple of basic models which had the full set of bucket seats. Not sure if they were an option or were 'converted / upgraded' locally. Most units' physical condition was not great. Lots of scratches and dents internally. Looks like these were used in Japan for semi industrial use. Found only one Join Turbo (2013Dec Manufactured) in pretty good condition with 4k KMs on it. Full bucket seats (front and back), power mirrors with power folding, rear wiper and all. Didnt have any scratches / impact marks on its under carriage. Asking price 23.5 Though I started the engine and revved to abt 5k RPM, I actually couldn't make out the turbo whistling, which was strange. My 2KDs turbo is very noticeable at such revs and hence I expected this also to be so. Mebe petrol turbos, especially Everys' are quieter??? Is*ra traders had a whole bunch of 2008-2010 Everys, all in pretty bad condition but with high asking prices. Hopeless buggers..... Wanted to look around more to see if I could find a wagon. Internet search indicates that most Wagons are in Car Sales up in Kandy. Even those advertised in CMB are not there anymore when I called. I wonder why...