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  1. Hi folks, Just wanted to raise this question as we have a good array of medical professionals here such as Komi (my senior) etc, Is monocular driving permitted in Sri Lanka? Are there any legislation? Or should the individual give up driving following an injury, worst case assume absolute blindness in one eye. A readup on the net reveals it is permitted on the UK after a thorough examination. Well I do agree there is a threat to the public, then again it is a very sensitive issue, apologies if I've been ignorant in any way Kindly share your opinions Thanks
  2. tiv

    Dpf Filter Cleaning

    Oh yea I forgot zacky, he's good too
  3. tiv

    Dpf Filter Cleaning

    Bruce nigel
  4. tiv

    Does Collision warning system brake ?

    It brakes with varying force based on the magnitude of the impending collision, may may not have a warning buzzer Top pic Top right - Autoheadlight dimming Bottom right - lane departure warning Bottom left - anti collision system / emergency brake bottom pic air recirculation top probably pollen filter / air purifier bottom
  5. tiv

    What does this button do?

    Yea this is the idle, but I've never seen an option to lock it in auto, rather slick This must be a larger engine isn't it?
  6. tiv

    What does this button do?

    Yes and this would function on only a colder climate, definitely not Colombo, probably nuwara eliya, that's how it worked in Toyota anyway
  7. The double cabs that came under L* numbers are commonly converted to dual purpose through dmt, no change in number Just a change in the CR category , maybe the same procedure applies to you, better go inquire from them They charge you though
  8. tiv

    What does this button do?

    Power heater, for cold starts, revs the engine to quickly warm up, common on uk spec
  9. If anyone has a used set of Mitsubishi OEM alloys for sale of the attached pattern pls let me know 


  10. tiv

    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    She’s looking good already, congrats and keep it happening !
  11. tiv

    Dash Cam recommendations (2019)

    A popular sales website sold them in 2017, now the site is also stagnant. Just get a generic one with a capacitor, they run for ages, save your money spend it on the car
  12. Wanted a jimny, tried for a Copen, ended up behind a vitz 

    sigh’ married life

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    2. Magnum


      Didnt Kei vehicles become bit expensive lately anyway? wasnt the duty increased for them? 

  13. tiv

    WHICH octane for VITZ?

    Not exactly the same car, ended up getting the money and immediately purchasing a personal import car, unreg and genuine mileage with jevic/ auction docs etc from a colleague , same colour and a bit higher mileage though. And thanks!
  14. tiv

    WHICH octane for VITZ?

    Nothing scientific, neither long term, just one instance, the vitz we just got was not smooth at all, came with like 1000 bucks of 92, finished that till reserve and tried 95, again 1000 bucks there was a noticeable reduction in sound, vibration and pickup improved and felt smoother. Yet to investigate though
  15. tiv

    Dash Cam recommendations (2019)

    Well I have 3 dash cams a 20k+ transcend a 10k hikvision and a 2000 rs generic Chinese one all of them work well, do the same job, now 2years + continuously
  16. tiv

    Toyota aqua 2014/15 or Honda Fit GP5

    Have they sorted the oil burning issue in the ksp 130, I am yet to hear a story from those
  17. tiv

    Car inner door step protection

    Go to a sticker shop, they have the clear wrap, take it, leave it in the sun a bit and apply it yourself, just like putting a cover to a book
  18. tiv

    Toyota Vitz 2016

    Bringing forth my account status for your opinions guys, My wife went and sold the mira and had reserved a vitz and got it home, paid about 80% of the sum. I was not in the country and due to the budget flare, I just let her go through it. Also she is no noob when it comes to cars After going through the Jevic I found out the thing had done 82000, when I saw the car in person today, it has only 30k on the odo, car is pristine, mechanically. Got the body checked by my painter, bumpers have been touched up, bumpers not lined but frame and body in mint shape Interior is mint , i know enough hoo haas in the relevant district and authorities and even the sale fellas aren't that bad, typical noise but pulls very well, shifts gears well. I can easily return it, but I feel the car is good, price was a bit on the lower side and it's a really rare coffee brown pearl. What do u guys think? Assume the car is at 80k what repairs can I expect? Engine? 1000cc 1KR? CVT gearbox ? Suspension? Theres not even a blemish on the Seats
  19. Would an 80,000km

    Vitz 2015 would be a good idea? Unreg?

    Mileage untampered car, with matching jevic

    do they forge jevic as well? 

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    2. matroska


      @tiv - might as well keep it I don't think the jevic got messed up :82 is a believable mileage  most cars brought to LK has done that mileage. The 30k was rolled back typically (it's always done) you'd be in the same boat as someone who went and bought a vitz off a car-sale BUT you would know the truth. Is this a base grade or one with the safety package? 

    3. pug306xsi


      Return and get your money back.

    4. tiv


      It’s a base grade, still pondering

  20. tiv

    Tyre Pressure - Suzuki Hustler

    Hustlers have a very bumpy ride, so going a bit light in the psi helps at 36 psi u will need dentures soon
  21. tiv

    Tips of Maintaining a Black Car

    Car covers kinda scratch badly, even the original Oem/ Toyota ones also, basically every time u use the car, you ll have to wash it to proceed with covering it, or else there will always be dust on the car, and it will transfer to the cover, also u ll have to meticulously dry it or it will mess up the clear coat later if you cover it wet with the contrasting black paint they are going to show, back in the day I had a dark blue pickup, here’s a trick I used to do, go very heavy with a hard wax, old school, not a spray on. apply like 3 coats each one week apart, thereafter I just use to hose the dust away with a gentle water pressure almost daily, this kept it shiny and dust free for the rest of the day, and I didn’t have to go through the trouble of washing it daily, just a 5 min splash of water. once the wax starts fading you ll see dust being collected after water spots dry, the. It’s back to coating. Worked for me for 4 to 5 years btw since your paint is new, avoid waxing for 30-60 days due to gassing.
  22. tiv

    Tips of Maintaining a Black Car

    Honestly I feel black cars should have an upgraded aircon as the heat soak is very apparent
  23. tiv

    Suzuki Hustler

    1.Imo 4wd is always better, I have a 2wd one and traction is not a big issue, 2wd is more fuel effecient and has a bit more resale here 2. Nothing more than 18- 20kmpl, ac , no ac , city or not, 3. Services- these cars are meant to be cheap to run but due to popularity mudalalis here have made extorsional rates Does not have the adjuster issue Wagon r has Otherwise same as wagon r in maintenance cost 12,000-15000lkr per avg service Agents cost a bit more but are good 4.Not as large as a spacia, funkier and better than wagon r 5. Pls use Google J2 is the latest and most loaded one Alloys, cruise control, multifunction wheel etc, different body trim, winker mirrors G- steelies, power mirrors, pretty much fully loaded X- no fog lights, steelies, basic trim J- SAME as J2 with older bumper styles 6. Really good in terms of handling minor difficult roads and terrain, better ground clearance better traction, and better pickup than a wagon r (turbos aside) Does not scrape all over the road due to skirt like bumpers Also not as common as cockroaches on the road . Very bumpy ride, body panels are rare and expensive.
  24. tiv

    Sell my used car with leasing

    Yup, only a letter attested by a lawyer, or a police entry just to prove the vehicle will be run / used by the new owner, mentioning the mutual hand over / transfer but there is no legal cover However the lease agreement and the original owner is the person who opened the lease and will remain answerable to any issue pertaining to the lease. The above is when they mention continuing the lease "gevagana yanna denava" By settling the lease I guess he has a price which the new buyer will hand over and he will settle the lease and keep the balance for himself (seller) People try to sell vehicles that have issues in getting leasing facilities ex; Nissan Leaf (depreciation) 4dr5 Jeep (age) , Minis / Suvs etc (book CR issues) etc, so these vehicles with a lease may look attractive for a person considering to settle the cost via a lease / hire purchase overall making them fast sellers
  25. tiv

    Sell my used car with leasing

    Most leases cannot be transferred Only way is to let someone continue paying it and hope they wont screw you over, which mostly they do and you end with a crib note and possessed car, maybe a court case Handing over with a lawyers note or a police entry etc may link the new buyer to the car but will not save you from the leasing company or court as any lawyer can counter it saying you are the owner. Otherwise discuss with the new buyer and ask him to settle it, and you take the remainder to hand, safest way. If you don't Have the funds to continue it or to settle it and sell it, an obvious way is to borrow the sum, settle it, sell it and return the money.