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  1. In the market for a large smart tv, anyone here had experience with Hisense bought in by Damro? And singer ?

    I know hisense off China is very high grade but what about damro supplies? Clueless about singer though, they have attractive options though, cant afford the giants in the trade like lg Samsung Sony etc in a large size,

    1. □AVANTE□


      We are using a Skyworth smart TV for 2 years now which is also chinese. it's really good! A quick google search says that most Hisense models have great reviews & good value for $$$ (Not perfect but great for using, like a Toyota). Friend has a Singer LED (Not smart tv) and its alright for now! 

    2. Magnum


      Do smart TVs make sense in SL? I'm asking this because most or all internet connections have a data limit hence it wouldnt be possible to to get proper use out of TV without finishing off your data.

    3. □AVANTE□


      Doesn't that depend on the data limit & number of people in the house using it? It's all upto an individual's preference & affordability I'd say.

  2. tiv

    vitz or Wagon R turbo

    Get a vitz, more road presence, better resale, more space and more comfortable, the wagon r market is going to come crashing soon once the hybrid batteries get cooked, they have a loan of repairs as well sequentially
  3. tiv

    DFSK 580

    Do not buy these, expect major repairs after 50,000km , the importer thereafter charges premiums to source and import the parts, only a minor quantity will make it to the country anyhow and will be worth like 2 mil 4 to 5 years and you ll have to sell your soul to find a buyer The above statements are based on a first hand experience on a Glory 7 seater van which my in laws purchased brand new from the same importer, home used for about 60000km So far ep steering faults, replaced ac compressor, wheel bearings, ball joints, gearbox shuddering badly, diesel engine at about 50% compression, 3 of 5 doors central locks shot, power mirrors not working, fiberglass bits in the bumper cracking and peeling off, seats peeled off and recovered, the entertainment system packed up in days, and was replaced. It was purchased for 4.5mil brand new in 2016 june, current value is 2.3 mil and moving at 2 mil whereas people advertise higher prices. Also the CR mentions as "Made in Sri lanka" making it a nightmare to sell it off if a potential buyer wants a lease, and valuations will be quite entertaining as well, If its cvt as well, god bless u There are first gen hiaces that have done about 500,000 km and with fewer repairs than above.
  4. If these are shock absorbers for your Montero, they are massive and will definitely be held in the post office and forwarded to customs, you might get taxed, heavily,
  5. tiv

    Mithubishi Montero vs Kia Sorento

    Too old, the car has been almost 10 years in Sri lanka, expect most to be abused by playing V*P as well, mileages turned back, parts aren't plentiful and aren't cheap either. Also the model will be refreshed soon after so many face lifts. Does about 4kmpl in traffic and 8 to 9 kmpl outstation. There is no point of even discussing or even a comparison of a Kia and dfsk vs a montero and a prado,
  6. tiv

    Toyota vitz/ Suzuki Swift/ Audi A1

    Should have these
  7. tiv

    Toyota vitz/ Suzuki Swift/ Audi A1

    Check the auction sheet, jevic jaai, also does it have 6 speakers? If it doesnt have 6 speakers multifunction wheel is not oem
  8. tiv

    Vitz 2016 sudden "hiccup"

    Most likely being a 2016 vitz the mileage is fake, anyhow Clean throttle body egr maf sensors, Change cvt fluid as well, Worst case scenario get a Toyota inspection done,
  9. tiv

    Reverting Back From 325 Number

    You can make it a E*-XXXX number Plenty of defenders here with that
  10. tiv

    Sporty sedan for permit

    It would be helpful if there is some old site with ads from like 2014 2016 so that one can get an idea of what things costed when new, to get an idea of depreciation
  11. Yes and same goes for the depreciation, the new lineage is even worse
  12. tiv

    Toyota vitz 2018 - High speed radiator fan

    There are 2 speeds in which the fan runs, usually off or low speed during normal running The high loud setting comes up when ac is on or after climbing a very steep hill, example after max load for 10 20 mins
  13. Kandy Normal hills, Can manage, slow but not absurd. Much better than an alto or maruti 800, Can manage better if you have momentum if you travel with 4 passengers and on a narrow road with a steep incline, 20 degrees or high car will have issues pulling up from a stop or if you slow down, the above results with a zero mileage engine and fresh cvt, will get worse as they age, but in low country you ll rarely feel any Lack of power, so if you are not living 365 days in a very hilly region, it’s not an issue
  14. tiv


    Hi there, so wanted a few first hand opinions regarding the CLA 2017 or 2018/19 or a C200 from this era my parents are considering one thereby I have the most rookie questions to start with, as most of the burden is going to be mine to bear. 1. How are the maintenance costs? We’ve used Mercs abroad but never here so..... 2. Is it worth importing from the agents or a UK import or a JDM import? I know if it’s a black import there is a hefty premium to be paid from the agents 3. Does the new luxury tax or any luxury tax come into play with them? 4. How is the performance? Never had a cla, nor driven on. Comfort is obvious 5. How bad is the depreciation? It’s again obvious mercs don’t hold massive values for long in SL, but how bad will it be? would be nice to hear some real stories before I go to the agents and get in to their theatricals
  15. tiv


    So after much market research, I come with more questions, seems agent price is near 13mil in almost loaded spec and black imports range from 10.1 mil mid range upwards , so looking at deprecation, I guess we are looking at everything going near the black market price or worse? as we will be letting go of something very reliable and something that will hold value for a while, depreciation is a major concern D*MO has a very attractive warranty and free service plan, and I like the security and peace of mind of the whole transaction. yet the black imports mostly come with a service plan at merc stop, prices again almost 30 to 40k per run, break in period a few early services as well. Opinions? Fortunately or unfortunately the car has grown on me!
  16. tiv

    kr52 vs cr42

    KR52 Is petrol with 4wd, people here dont like 4wd Van's and the market is very poor Being petrol thr market will be the worst, unless its converted to diesel like most CR 41 and CR42 has the highest demand being 2c and 3c engines 4wd parts are a bit rare but can be found, these are all common vehicles so parts wont be an issue CR41 CR51 came with 2c engines and are extremely underpowered in comparison Search the forums lot of old discussions noted
  17. tiv


    Thank you
  18. tiv

    Need help in making a decision

    And a person knowing that the timing belt replacement is due and hearing a rattle probably from one of the cam bearings or adjusters, and yet failing to act you should not buy cars from people like that, imagine what else has been neglected
  19. tiv


    Oh yea I went through both aspects, bought a lemon, returned the lemon got a good one, wrecked the good one, had to find another good one
  20. tiv

    Key Battery Change (Mitsubishi)

    Just read the manual buy the battery , pry it apart, and replace em, it’s like putting batteries to a toy, you don’t need a specialist if not follow a YouTube video
  21. tiv


    Well I had to put a lot of effort to approach the so called agent, no proper response in regard to the model I seek, no replies to the mails, and the multiple msgs left to the hotline asking for sales personnel
  22. tiv


    While they charge almost 5 mil for a car that can be bought for 4.4mil or less
  23. tiv

    Meaning Of Reconditioned

    Only agents can bring and register a car as brand new, even if you bring a car with zero km and don’t let it touch the tarmac till rego, it will still be marked as reconditioned aka used in japan an instance this is going to come it to play is, no matter how high u insure the car, any claim including total wreck / write off , they will pay you only 80% of the car value or replacement part value if the part is brand new, as the car was reconditioned * used in Japan *
  24. tiv


    I am from kandy, making it worse, I just got down a Vitz with the same safety pack I could manually drop down the sensitivity using the display and google translator and now its not much of an issue, but the Suzuki one is uncontrollable and brakes haphazardly all the time, The radar options are the least of my concerns whilst buying a merc as I have no idea of how the maintenance goes and the reliability in this country, used only land rovers and japs and one Volvo which caught fire
  25. tiv


    Is D*MO the only place that can handle repairs on a newer merc? Also reliability?