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  1. Seeing the level of mundane posts and the let’s say mentally the challenged level of new posts and discussions going on Here, I feel time has taken its toll on the forum as well, there are interesting stuff  being built on fb, but instead here we attract “you know”  

    was it the bullying that sent away the sincere members? There were times I used to look up at AL on Monday morning with excitement, like watching a flick of Top gear, all the new projects the ups the downs, the sarcasm, the comedy, the parody, sadly now.. 

    1. □AVANTE□


      The world is become boring & sad in almost every aspect it seems. But we can still hope.

    2. iRage


      Bullying drove away some...but most left because on one hand the posts were getting mundane and it is just people asking about kmpl or about a car for a budget and nothing else...so the members'' time was better spent else where...

      Also, I suppose platforms such as FB are a lot easier to update across the board than this forum...

  2. So I took the Vitara to the A*W inspection camp in Kandy today, well impressed as they are quite aware of the model and the technical aspects, however It was hoist inspection, suspension and the scan tool, which again they said is compatible with UK imports.

    all in all it was a good effort

  3. tiv

    2008 Daihatsu Mira Engine Oil Reducing

    Is it low on power, indicates a worn ring set, is it difficult to start in the morning? Also what is the mileage , 660cc right? What is the oil you use, a thicker oil may help a bit You can go two ways about this Either way do a compression test - if low 1. Take the head out, check the bore, rings Replace only ring set, run for 30 40k more if it maintains adequate compression 2. Or run as is, im sure with your given data it can do 30000k odd more, till it gets hard to start and the engine is badly worn, Failing emissions etc, do a full rebuild including the bore and the bearings etc Or put a new recon engine provided you know the mileage. @ admins - the title?
  4. tiv

    Peugeot 5008 2019 Vs Montero 2013-2014

    Depends on your budget, of course 2013 will be better and newer Being 2006 expect a higher mileage and a set of running repairs based on the previous user(s)
  5. tiv

    Peugeot 5008 2019 Vs Montero 2013-2014

    Both are better than a vezel lol, no comparison there, What you need to understand is you are comparing a flagship full size suv ( in asian markets) from a renowned maker with various entry level SUVs or hatchbacks. Whatever the yom, Being the vezel it is somewhat inferior than the competition as well.
  6. tiv

    Car Insurance 2019/2020

    Premium is a bit high, but impressive service
  7. Small doubt here, 

    Seems two vehicles I sold off in the past are not yet transferred and are running on open papers, how can I legally notify the authorities that the two above vehicles are not in my possession and that I have sold them off, papers signed and all that,

    Or is there any way to safeguard myself incase the do some illicit act with the vehicle still under my name.

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    2. □AVANTE□
    3. Crosswind


      Dude, you are in a bit of a shi*hole. 

      It is YOUR responsibility to notify DMT (RMV) that you have sold a vehicle, within 14 days of it being sold. You do that by sending one copy of the MTA6 form to DMT (and keeping one copy with you). No letters or other documents are entertained. If you know the exact date of the transfer and the name of the party which bought the vehicle, I suggest filling up an MTA6 and sending it to DMT. Only your signature is needed on the MTA6, not the buyers (except witnesses). So you are not forging any documents or doing anything wrong there. 

      The trouble is even if you do that, the DMT might contact you and inquire why it was not done on time. However, I did that once in the past and I never got any letters from the DMT or any calls from the baiya who bought the car.

      If you really want to safeguard yourself, pay a visit to the DMT, go to the car section, go straight to the Assistant Commissioner (the guy is usually educated and knows how to deal with situations like this), tell him your story and ask him whether you can fill up your copy of the MTA6 and handover at that point. Chances are they will be favourable towards you. 


    4. tiv


      Thank you 

  8. Naturally as the amount of plies reduce the flex in the tyre, thereby the ironing affect on road distortions, but low ply tyres are week, so you gotta find the best compromise
  9. tiv

    Registration of a Car in Sri Lanka

    1. Rarely, but yes, newer and controversial models are sometimes called for inspection Usually the importer handles this for you Not required unless called, sometimes they request a video, all handled by the importer 2. Not legal, can be badly copped Can save a bit if you have a proper insurance Only permitted to drive the vehicle from the dealer to your house with a fresh receipt 3. Registration can 4.2 days, 3rd day for a courier
  10. tiv

    Honda grace ex yom 2014/12

    Honestly I think the price you have offered is not fair, be respectful when approaching a deal, do not lowball, after all it was the first owners pride and joy and he paid above 5 mil for it, doesnt mean you have to buy it at a loss, But don't low ball, try to make a quick buck and fall into the current perishing society in this country, if it isn't in your price bracket, move on If you can't handle the repairs, go find a better car Overall it's not a wise decision to touch an old hybrid car. It's a great car but the hybrid system is aging
  11. tiv

    Battery problem on cold mornings!

    It's the battery bro, Exide is cheap and effective, have used 100s of them, Max 2 years, but I dont mind changing em Amaron lasts, used one for 5 years yuasa is expensive and good if the battery is not in the engine compartment otherwise 1.5 years with difficulty Panasonic is ok, manages 2 to 4 years Speaking from experience, may vary in different conditions
  12. Yup I do not own a Prado but I do own vehicles in the same category and weight, and the very same tyre size, 30 is kinda the sweet spot for me, the door sill stickers kinda range at 32 to 36 psi as per load variations, also consider the tyre brand, if the car has done above 60k surely the tyres are replaced, check the ply, higher plies make it a hard ride even at lower psi
  13. 30, don’t go too less as it causes early wear for the steering rack.
  14. tiv

    Help me to find a car

    01. 02. 03 all retiring hybrids, will need component changes therefore I suggest avoid
  15. tiv

    Vitz 2019 jerk when deacceralating

    Don’t go fact finding and troubleshooting the 1KR Vitz, it’s really never ending the engine is poorly balanced, bit underpowered and very noisy, probably cost cutting way poor effort on Toyota, but they are very reliable so don’t worry, most 2015 Vitz here are being sold as 20000km when they’ve done beyond 80000km, they age that good. mated to the cvt, yes it’s very jerky on deceleration and sudden acceleration, Improves after the oil heats up, maybe about 15min drive but you still can feel it, drive a 1l Suzuki boosterjet car, whatever it is, you ll feel like kicking yourself; same way I felt, they’ve put a lot of effort on that engine design.
  16. in Sri Lanka we call a 100km trip a long trip, of course it takes time, in the Middle East and the west some people do 1000km a day, of course at 100kmph or more, hence a brake pad replacement is not mandated to be done roadside or as an emergency, but needs attention Thus, About 1000km can be managed, the high pitched sound is made by a metal device , more or less a small strip, built to touch the disc when the pads are near replacement, if you ignore this though, eventually that bit will also wear out and fall off.,and it will be pad top lining on disc and eventually caliper edge on disc, also some brands the pad has a noise making material sandwiched in to the the lower parts so that once u wear the good bit off, it gets noisy all over, Some Euro makes’ pads have electrodes in the middle of the pad, once worn, the electrode is exposed and it grounds a bulb on the dash, primitive tech but useful. Don’t expect any of the above If you use non oem pads,
  17. So just realized android auto is not supported in Sri Lanka, downloading the apk doesn’t work, any ideas?

    mirrorlink works, doesn’t support waze or Google maps, 

    but works with Sygic, but maps are old

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    2. alpha17


      @BlueRaiden Totally agree with him. Some cables only have the wires required for charging the phone. If you buy a specific cable for apple, make sure it is MFi certified. They support data transferring. For androids better to buy some cables from eBay like Ugreen or Blitzwolf. Both brands are reliable chinese brands.

    3. Ruslan


      Will the google map supports On Apple car play once changed to US region? I was thinking upgrade to a Apple car play compatible headunit like a Kenwood. Fed up with Pioneer AVH 265BT.

    4. tiv


      I tried CarPlay on an ipad with ipadOs, that didn't work either 

      All with the stock cable in the phone box 

  18. tiv

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    Worst case scenario after trying all of the above, if it still looks the same, you can repaint them, pls look into Komis project R thread, where they painted the brown interior black, also some diy threads
  19. tiv

    Suzuki Vitara 2019 SZT

    The Review So it all started when I decided to replace my Suzuki Hustler, Nice little car, thus the little part got to me, needed something bigger Pondered with playing my budget, sell something that I own? Or go new, went behind Merc CLAs, GLB 200s, Nissan Patrol, 150 Prados, CHRs so on, while in the works, a colleague on a visit to my workplace bought one, caught my attention, decided to go see one, then next day that was sold as another colleague took my word for it, saw it and advanced. Well finally after an extended hospital stay due to dengue hemorrhagic fever and its complications, finally made up my mind and imported a new one, fresh off UK. As usual this won’t be the brochure, so please do tolerate, this is going to be long though, Please note as I don’t have a professional cam, I’ll use professional promotional pics to make my point The exterior, In my personal opinion, it has a boxy look, just like an old school SUV, no sloping roofline, coupe looks etc, plenty of headroom and leg room is also tolerable, my family being mostly obese can fit in, It has pretty normal looking wheels 17”, with road tyres, 40psi and cladded wheel arches, giving this mild off roady yet practical look, it has lock nuts from factory, discs all around, One thing you would notice the door sills are huge, about 8 ” wide, My most favorite feature is the ground clearance, the way they’ve protected the undercarriage gives it ample ground clearance for even mild off roading, wheel articulation is not that good though. Tyres float easily, cross axling is certain Being the SZT trim, headlights are halogen, same with the fogs, it does have a very appealing set of drls, again it has a practical appearance, nothing fancy, almost a dinosaur when you look at newer pugs and the chr, hence why I love it, I went with the complete white, rather than the fancy 2 tone colours. The rear door handle is In the right place, in line with the front! The doors and the clamshell hood close with a very reassuring thump, this model does not have the panoramic sunroof or the safety / autobrake radar guidance kit. The rear is very simple, huge hatch, button operated, manual pull up and down. Led lights large and simple, I do like the fact the blinkers are hidden in the red taillight It has a large single reverse light, with an integrated red rear fog light, UK stuff! Its got large mirrors, power but they don’t fold, no winker lights, just fender indicators Folks in UK have heaps of good reviews all over as well. One reason I went ahead with it as they abuse their cars mostly. The interior, The SZT trim comes with Key start, which again I prefer Honestly love the interior, very plain, simple lines, the gauge cluster is very pretty functional, old school needles, pleased with the led display in the middle, shiny plastics easily scratched though Seats are hard but comfortable enough, they are very stingy on carpeting though, but gone ninja on soundproofing, door cards are wide but very plasticky, the upper half of the dash is padded, Paddle shifters move with the wheel – not a fan, well the steering is telescoping and adjustable and a very nice bit of kit, got all the multifunction luxuries, all lit in a nice red I feel the interior is extremely well insulated, being UK spec, as It tends to hold a temp for upto 6 hours in the cabin. There are very recognizable deep footwells, allowing dirt to collect, a vacuum is a must, rear being a bit small but can easily accommodate, Rear headroom is like in a van, zero issues, and you can easily look out the window unlike the CHR and vezel, or go all german shepherd with it down The glovebox is nice, the movement is damped, its lit, door cards have some storage, Rear seats do fold to give a slanted surface and does come in line with the boot, this model doesn’t have a spare wheel, hence the rear load tray can be placed at 3 levels, in one level you can hide the parcel shelf in the floor! Plenty of space in the boot, more than enough for 4 sri Lankan(s) luggage, again very stingy on the carpet, plenty of storage pockets, the repair kit is also rather small and tiny, It has a normal headliner, light colour, but very thick door seals, Overall rear and door trim feels plasticky yet, I mean not even comparable to a euro, but definitely better than a typical new jap, trim parts are firmly fixed, zero play Geek stuff Well its got TPMS, fancy MID, nice graphics there, torque power graphs, stuff of swifts! And IDLE stop, which can be delayed permenantly, Programmable lights, warnings, footwell lights, various blinks on rear lights, wiper timing, aircon levels, Infact there is a geek fest hidden menu in the MID, many settings to play with, including thank god! UNITs, it has the metric option on demand, and the clock has gps mode and manual mode! Its got 6 airbags, and fancy seatbelts, and a fest of isofix mounts THE SOUND SYSTEM? This is where the interior shines, the head unit is bosch, with Suzuki software, speakers I’m yet to confirm myself but my sales contact in UK, the sudda said they are sourced off JBL. The sound quality speaks for itself, go test one, don’t believe me. Zero distortion! This will be my first car where I have not replaced the door speakers or head unit, no need for a sub either, the factory software is epic, I had a leaf with BOSE gear, yet I did some changes but this, let it rest Nothing fancy, no graphics, fancy bits, but loaded with everything, within 4 squares, its even got carplay and android auto, I’m yet to find a way to install a local map to the gps, BT SD cameras, USB, etc it has all Call integration on this is better than a high end pioneer unit, has a separate steering control pad as well ENGINE and DRIVETRAIN The engine well, all 1000cc’s of underpowered goodness? Well no, actually I can’t thrash it as its still run a few km and need a break in, doesn’t feel slow, turbo is very responsive, but tiny in person, fits on your palm tiny! With a cute little BOV that whispers Being a 3 cyl. The engine ain’t noisy, no vibrations either, very impressive, I mean its enough for an SUV, I live up a almost 30 degree incline and it does climb up in 2nd or 3rd gear, the all grip system, is a poor excuse for 4wd, honestly other than auto whatever the mod, its like a dog on skates, sends too much of torque to wheels, everything starts to slip, yet I’ve never got the requirement to run it in 4wd under normal circumstances! Being FWD it just crawls on, just tested it The gearbox, this thing is like its on meth, constantly playing with the gears, revs the nuts off the engine, its not cvt, conventional, and noticeably jerky, moves gears too fast, very rev happy, loves to kick down and hold a low gear, bad recipe for breaking in I’m yet to get in sync with it, it loves to run the engine on high revs 2000 and up, which I don’t, it has enough gut to go in low revs, the best part is the paddles respond even when on D, allowing me to go in higher gears at will. Fuel economy- its got a PPF, so specced at 95 OC , lot of horror stories to come. 10kmpl that’s it for me, near far wherever you are Brakes, 4 moderately sized discs? What more do I say THE DRIVE Well this is where things change, most people like this, but was a let down for me, It handles like a car, suspension is not very soft, extremely comfortable, null body roll, very tight on corners, a very fast steering rack, I expected the whole boat bubbly SUV feel which this doesn’t have, probably shares something with the swift, brakes are superb, the engine has a nice little hum, can’t say roar, hell no Aircon, really good, no drop in power when its on, basic climate control system, simple display works well, no rear vents though but no complaints. Yet to try in Colombo Very good grip on 2wd mode, putting it on Auto is ok but on other modes is like sticking it in 2nd gear forever, doesn’t freewheel WHAT I HATE The horn, sounds like an orgasming cat, Carpets, it’s an SUV? Why the bloody kei car carpets Those wide door sills, will break an ankle shortly Yellowish halogen lamps, many telepathic communications regarding the mom of the guy who decided to put em. Wheel size, I prefer a chunkier tyre, smaller rim, Rear seats, can’t slide front and back, hence they’ve permanently left a large boot That center reverse light, I like a bit of symmetry! UK things, Bit of padding on the upper part of the doors? The antenna, of course its got GPS Glonass and all that, but a sharkfin? No option now The center arm rest flips up to reveal a small bin, where you can’t even shove a wallet in Overall, Again honestly I’m very pleased with it, finding every excuse to put a few km in to ease the break in mileage, it was a win-win for me, as I got it during the GBP dip, I’m hoping to keep this for a long time, probably a decade, and its got bucketloads of accessories online from UK, hence will manage keeping me broke for a long time, and yea I pissed the wife, she liked the small car, buying this I had to leave ‘her vitz’ in the rain as my garage got too crowded, after much torment ended up making a DIY cantilever extension, which managed to hold in this torrential weather and ended me falling of a 8ft ladder, cheers!
  20. So the Vitara manual says the first oil change to be done at 10000km, even under harsh conditions, 

    first ever encounter at 2500km just an inspection. 
    the importers famous warranty jockeys say to do a full oil change at 3500km 


    well the mechanic inside me and experience says to go for a 1000km change at the agents

    and switch to 5w-30 Castrol all synthetic

    most swifts imported by a similar warranty mandated a 1000km oil change, 

    what do I follow? I just can’t make up my mind to run 10000km on the stock oil, nor even 3500km,

    1. alpha17


      What about 5000km? Seems like the sweetspot:D

    2. iRage


      well...do what would put your mind at ease....is there really a negative impact on doing an extra service ? (apart from killing the planet by wasting an extra few liters of oil and burning your wallet ?...you can consider the wallet burn to be insurance against premature vehicle failure...)

    3. tiv


      yea so I spoke to A*W, they recommended an inspection, oil change to be decided after considering the quality of oil, seems not mandatory, hmmm

      anyways its nearing in to 1000km, so might as well go ahead and do the oil change!

  21. tiv

    Suzuki Vitara 2019 SZT

    I'm not sure in gbp, but locally the price was the same as the 2wd, its horrendous on fuel btw
  22. tiv

    Repair Tyre Punch

    Besides they are made to wear off and replace, plugging has kinda worked for ages now isn’t it
  23. tiv

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    Bro it looks like someone has used a solvent to wipe it, taking the dye or colour off? Or is it the pic?
  24. tiv

    Peugeot 5008 2019 Vs Montero 2013-2014

    Montero, never owned a newer gen Peugeot,
  25. tiv

    Suzuki Vitara 2019 SZT

    Well I asked the fellow who placed the order, he sent the possible combinations For engine transmission and drivetrain, he said it is only offered in the SZT and SZ5, and the tuning is also different between the 4 models, hence the 4 columns well according to him the 1.0 szt or sz5 with 4wd and auto transmission is a pricey combo equal or high in price to the 1.4 hence not popular and not offered mainstream, our importers get 1.0 fully loaded ones on request it seems, there’s one in the famous classified site now, and a SZ5 as well. for UK and Europe, we are stuck with the 1000cc due to the tax pattern, but there are some appealing options otherwise, will share for anyone who wants for future reference FYI https://www.globalsuzuki.com/automobile/lineup/vitara/index.html