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  1. tiv

    Fuse tap

    Very hard to find, get it from aliexpress There is one model that comes with a fixed fuse, it's not interchangeable or replaceable Came standard with some steelmate stuff Car audio vendors have cut them off and can buy em If its micro almost impossible Matter of 2 weeks via online order
  2. tiv

    Landcruiser Prado 2014

    And just on tarmac
  3. tiv

    Government Permit

    Yes and they go showing a pic saying this is the same size as a CHr, probably trying to make a fast buck before the car gets common and the taxes come in
  4. I’ve no clue of the above but for future viewers as a 9th Point Suv capabilities I’ve seen one on a bad muddy road, it has very low traction on slippery roads and inclines, makes the vezel look like a god
  5. tiv

    Government Permit

    Yup these car sellers walk into hospitals and keep on ranting this and send docs to panic drive.
  6. http://s.aliexpress.com/VbEneaAN
  7. These are available in AliExpress, About usd 5-6 I got down one after misplacing it. A different type though till it comes a bit of epoxy can Hold it.
  8. tiv

    Honda Vezel 2015 Clutch oil drain

    It could be a vent of some sort, and seeping oil through the channel from a leak coming with in. These dual clutch issues are a nightmare when they start so I suggest to immediately show this to the agent and do an oil change. I’m sure they know the issue. Costs may obviously be a bit higher but showing this to a 3rd party and him munching about will cost you maybe 10000lkr less at the most. Besides you have agent history and the receipt when selling Even in normal cvt and auto boxes the oil needs a swap at 40k km.
  9. tiv

    Honda Vezel 2015 Clutch oil drain

    As far as I know, there is nothing called a clutch drain, nothing to let out oil When did you change atf? Only thing a gearbox can have is a breather and this doesnt look like a breather The image is not clear but it looks like a drip from the sump or something coming from above gravitating there. And from your post I can see you are not very aware of these things. So to save yourself from getting conned and ripped of this being sri Lanka I suggest getting this inspected from the agent before attempting any repair.
  10. tiv

    Defender L number

    L numbers came only with the single cab 110 and 130, thereby running the heavy vehicle rego, but most have now been converted to dual purpose after a body swap. The resale market is a bit low for the L plates 53 to 58 mostly were station wagons and some single cabs, also a few ex embassy 61 62 mostly single cabs as well running heavy vehicle rego 69 ex embassy 64 65 again a mixup of mostly station wagons and some canopy single cab 110s and 90s 32 again a mixup of 90s and 110a if you have the chassis no, you can decode to what the car originally was 90 or 110, hard top, soft top, 110 90 or series etc
  11. tiv

    Japanese Car News

    I too got a feed of the same one IRage posted, I think it’s the Indian market Then rest of the countries got the new shape as you mentioned. The back reminds me of the new A Class
  12. tiv

    Japanese Car News

    People are selling off jimneys and vitzes to make reservations for a a Raize, it’s that crazy, there are importers visiting hospitals trying to lure docs to make a purchase, the thing is like 3 mil for the permits The small time reviewing crowd from Uk do a very decent job actually, I’ve been following them for ages earlier on smaller tv channels and webcasts, now on dominantly on YouTube. I’ve seen pre top gear videos of Richard Hammond as well, it’s been a stepping stone for most of the hosts on TG and Fifth gear!
  13. tiv

    Japanese Car News

    Isn’t it kinda a facelift?
  14. You need it, cops call it the “VIC eka” , as it’s a remnant of the old Vic days. they usually look at it when they go nitpicking to charge you, when you have no other cause. it’s the license plate lights and this.
  15. As far as I know there are certain makes and models that have a higher demand for certain colours and a lower demand for others. I am not sure how it applies to the axio, I've heard the whole pearl white drama here has started because white or pearl white cars go for higher sums in auctions thereby that price is reflected here as well, and in turn our market also has gone favourable towards it.
  16. Can do, get an extract and do the homework with the emissions tests as well
  17. tiv

    First things after importing a car

    6500lkr upwards
  18. tiv

    First things after importing a car

    Do an inspection at Toyota first and foremost
  19. tiv

    Iridium spark plugs

    I sold the car
  20. The 2016 vitz I owned had iridium plugs, verified with toyota lanka as well, and I recall posting pics of them on the forum Whatever intervals given on the stick is complete jargon when considering the conditions we drive in.
  21. tiv

    Steering Rack Limiter

    The feel of your wheel rubbing in the arch is nothing subtle, will be like you are driving on a railroad, bumping up and down with a large racket, also can damage the brake lines and abs wires, unplanned forces and torsion on the ball joints, you can damage or even disengage the cv joint from inside and damage the rack itself, further you can warp an alloy, id say do a 3 point turn.
  22. Hi folks, Just wanted to raise this question as we have a good array of medical professionals here such as Komi (my senior) etc, Is monocular driving permitted in Sri Lanka? Are there any legislation? Or should the individual give up driving following an injury, worst case assume absolute blindness in one eye. A readup on the net reveals it is permitted on the UK after a thorough examination. Well I do agree there is a threat to the public, then again it is a very sensitive issue, apologies if I've been ignorant in any way Kindly share your opinions Thanks
  23. Dude don’t go counting on the fact the car will hold its value or appreciate in the ages to come, it’s not the 80s and 90s, the competition is more, govt. taxation’s will change, generations change, forex will change. buy a vehicle by coming to terms on the fact that it will depreciate or you ll go mad if something happens and 2nd hand markets drop. Vehicles rarely will appreciate in the given market, even the raize, it’s a brand new model, SriLankans will flood this island with them, abuse them, bring in wrecks for cheap, they ll produce the model for at least 3 more years then maybe a facelift and another 2 years, so we ll have them here like three wheelers, it won’t hold value, nor will it appreciate, being 1000cc we won’t see them doing 500,000km like an old pajero, so understand the market a bit more, this applies to any car in the given trend.
  24. So my Vitara does like 6kmpl in traffic, the vitz like 11kmpl in traffic, 

    my uncle used to have a Land cruiser 1980s HJ60 with a 12HT 4200cc coaster bus engine, 4 speed manual, and that did 8kmpl normal diesel And was a monster to drive, 

    Makes one think what’s the point of downsizing cc

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    2. matroska


      well how many Km's has it done? My civic's fuel figures improved a bit after it was driven for about 5000 Kms.

    3. tiv


      Precisely 1020km done, my commutes are just 1km, 

      usual for a Montero of this age as,


    4. iRage


      Hmmm...that is in the range of our RAV4...and yes the CRV used to do a little bit better.