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    Spending money on 2 suvs thereby forced to drive a vitz I hate

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  1. Avoid the kias if you consider what you spend on the car an investment,
  2. tiv

    Montero Sport 2012

    I don't think the 2012 model was sold in Japan, was made in thailand for emerging asian markets and Australia
  3. tiv

    Montero Sport 2012

    not all parts, some bits, many minor variations, the engine that came in the montero sport is 4d56U, the power figures and bits are different from the sportero there are many variations in the egr, egr cooler, turbo, and intake design in various L200 models, the UK L200s that came in have different specs, except the raging bull, which has the same engine code as a montero sport, same egr BUT the turbo is different, transmission is different, and intercooler is smaller due to an oil cooler which the montero doesn't have windshield, bonnet / hood / engine mounts, most 4d56 engine etc same, front supports are different, shock absorbers are different, overall l200 fenders, rad, intercooler, ac condenser, bumper and grill are different, engine mounts also different based on the engine, L200 had a smaller intercooler and ac condenser, montero sport is dual ac hence a larger ac con, and a larger intercooler front supports frame and front chassis bits are the same, rear chassis parts are different, montero sport is shorter and on coil springs, as I recall everything was made in Thailand
  4. tiv

    Suzuki XBEE

    1000cc and Everything has the mild hybrid system, MZ is the fully loaded one if I recall, prices have plummeted due to crazy low demand. There are cars in sales from 2018 July try a personal import or verify auction records, if you go inquiring about one from a sale they’d pretty much worship you give you everything as they are so hard to sell.
  5. tiv

    Montero Sport 2012

    It's not a small car, massive lump of metal, a moderate collision on the front end would take out the above parts, doesn't make it a write off, no spoken frame chassis damage either, and being sri lanka people go to the extent of replacing , rebuilding chassis to save their investment, so this is nothing, The above can be done with a sign board or a moderately sized dog, 4 foot tree branch given the right speed.
  6. Is there any leasing company or bank one would recommend for a purchase of a new vehicle? Least troublesome and lowest interest rate? 

    Bit confused after talking to various people 

    1. Uditha88
    2. Quiet


      Try NDB/NTB balance between rate and documentation requirement

  7. tiv

    Toyota vitz 2018 - rear Speakers silent

    Wiring loom is there.
  8. tiv


    Not cheap to maintain mate, expect 50k per standard lube service with / without running parts, parts about 40% more to jap parts these are large cars so fuel economy isn’t your friend either, I have a friend who works for the agent, in Sri Lanka everything is costly, he said it’s like maintaining a newer merc, in terms of costs, but definitely reliable. vague answer I know for a vague question, also if you are referring to 2019 models, lovely cars though
  9. The way you’ve worded the question makes me feel that someone might make you end up with a lemon as long as it’s cheap, I suggest you talk to a person who knows the car scene in person before deciding, just because a car is cheap to run doesn’t mean it’s good, and will not save you financially,
  10. tiv

    Vehicle Is Blocked No Gear changing

    Release the handbrake, rock the vehicle a bit, the P or N will appear, probably the parking pin is not engaged as you pulled the handbrake too soon.
  11. tiv

    Toyota Land Cruiser Prado LJ 78

    So 2L turbo engine, nothing major to worry.
  12. tiv

    Toyota Land Cruiser Prado LJ 78

    1. For an LJ78, check engine light is like having a Bluetooth headset on a dinosaur, so don’t worry, is it a 1kz? 2. Turbo timer not mandatory, but not a bad practice either, meaning some manufacturers recommend allowing 10 to 30 seconds for the manifold and the turbo to cool after HIGH REV motorway driving, which is again rare here unless it’s a non stock turbo, Toyota afaik has no issues with turbo timers. 3. I’m not sure exactly how the 4wd patten for yours is, 2H - for tarmac, least traction, can go to top speed, 2WD 4H- for traction mild/moderate , mud rocks etc, not for pavement driving, unless wet road or loss of traction, if it’s not an awd based system ( LJ70S DIDNT HAVE), driving in tar roads even when wet in 4H can damage transmission during turns, low speed only 4L- engaging the 2nd gear set / transfer case for extreme traction, mud bogging, rock crawling, certain supervised towing, at very low speeds, exclusively off road or relevant scenarios you may have a diff lock as we’ll center or rear which engages in 4L by a switch, for heavy mud or cross axle events. Try to source a Japanese owners manual relevant to the gearbox you have, or perhaps you can share more details of your car. Basically do everything in 2H, when off-road use 4H, use 4L when things are really bad. 4wd gears may get stuck showing lights on after disengaging levels, drive a few meters backwards to unwind the transmission.
  13. Don’t they have an additional injector to spray a mist to the valve? and isn’t this due to the egr? both my Mitsubishi’s have egrs and I’ve cleaned them every 20k, this is for diesel though, the carbon buildup was horrendous!
  14. tiv

    DFSK 580

    Everyone should see the prado one, hilarious And defender As for Value for money, my opinion is subjective Say a prado 2015? You buy it for 16mil, run the nuts off, sell it for maybe 15mil in 5 years So much car, poor value for money as it's like a 5mil car in japan, we pay the taxes we run it, but we make it back when selling allowing a certain upgrade or to consider it an investment, at the going rate the above idea is short lived though Say you buy a vitz, good value for money in a sri lankan context, 1 mil car in japan, and probably can sell like a few 100k less and make it back, Assume the car op is into here, you buy it for what 6mil? Or whatever quoted Obviously you get into a commitment of keeping it for like ? 4 to 5 years or longer, assume you do 50km a day, 20 to 30k km a year, by 3 years you ll be off warranty and enjoying the perks of chinese car ownership The car being cheap doesnt mean parts are cheap, parts being brand new too, And being limited to the agents, parts take time to be found and imported as the vehicle ages and agents finish selling their quotas So then the value for money is debatable isn't it? If there are owners here of the above car, we dont have any intention to undermine you or your purchase, im sure you've got into an investment as the above after much consideration and reviewing the pros and cons of a Chinese vehicle, its just a friendly discussion, for noobs to read in the future.