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  1. Better show it to a electronics specialist Run a proprietary scanner and all that. I snoop around even at Unit#d Mot#rs while they do repairs, over 100s of times I've shown them when they missed to put back clips, when they missed plugs covers etc. once they forgot to clip in the abs sensor, a long time ago as they had to remove the hub assembly to replace a wheel stud which I over torqued once
  2. tiv

    Toyota CHR 2WD or 4WD

    Just wanted to rectify, a car sale fella told the chr awd has more demand than the 2wd is it true? Being sri Lanka?
  3. Facebook group motoring mentality; summarized

    Everything you own does 30kmpl or you are not cool
    Everyone owns a beast or a babe 

    Everything second hand is bad 

    Car salesman have a right to make the cheapest offer, yet sell for extortion prices. A seller has to agree, 

    Everyone wants WhatsApp pics of a classified. 

    car salesman can facelift, but if the first owner does it, it’s a wreck

    0w20 from salad to lube to engine oil.

    Used Turbo cars are bad, but everyone wants to Turbo their car for a premium. 

    A newer Suv or car from 2010s 2012s are finicky, got electronics and must go cheap, whereas old pajeros and land cruisers that have been to the moon are quoted absurd figures. 

    Every sports car or rare car has no book - commenters

    the group moderator or admin is a self proclaimed god of motoring. 



  4. Just saw the dp and remembered, do you still have the rare 2.5 NA tropical spec defender we used to talk about it the forum?

    i gave up mine a while ago, regret it to date

    1. Devinda_Z


      Hi @tiv,


      Nearly 19 years now! Going strong!

      Just in the middle of fitting a new updated clutch kit and brake upgrade as well! :)

      Still period specific and quite possibly one of the last 90's survivors in genuine numbers matching guise 

    2. tiv


      Red booster?

      So rare, so grand of your for keeping her.

      Would like to see pics!

  5. I faced one of their marketing campaigns warranty is 100k km or 5 years now Which is very nice BUT there’s a choice U get a 65inch tv OR the warranty for the venue, bit weird that the company is willing to compromise the warranty programme for a tv, let alone that is what they think of the sri Lankan clientele! like selling a Chinese phone in pettah. The Bluelink functions don’t work here. There’s no rear wiper, they say the camera can be turned on full time so no Need a wiper? Funny marketing again its made in India, has the same look inside, fit and finish has a high regard as an entry suv all over the world, but then again they use and dispose which we don’t also they get a bigger engine. 1L they offer have power figures similar to a Vitz. either way the Vitara is larger and more powerful, a different sub class and it’s neither GDI nor DCT. Vitara can be compared with the Vezel, Chr lot. Not a fair comparison despite the engine size. And the vitara at 6.3 up. the venue with the stonic, Raize ( the importers deliberately floating prices to make a gap). the venue ranges between 4.9 to 5.19 4.9 being grey imports, the agents also offered it for 4.9 but I believe they wanted to make a quick buck and did a price hike. they are being sold by the dozen. Yet to know how it will fare, but one thing so far we’ve seen, Korean badges have not made it well into the hearts and minds of the Sri Lankan 2nd hand buyer. Atleast the tv will make it
  6. tiv

    Buying a unregistered reconditioned Japanese car

    JEVIC ones usually have a tag on the car with a QR code, you can scan this and check the original mileage of the car. Sadly these are like unicorn level rare as the salesmen tear it off. if you need to check the auction details I have a guy , pm for details
  7. So new fact I learnt 

    Certain Exide "Maintenance Free" batteries have hidden caps to fill electrolytes 

    Seems the electrolyte they add is made to withstand like 2 years of use and then dry out, so the battery shop fella who I know for ages simply topped off the battery with normal distilled water, and said it will work longer, to add he had this battery tester there was an improvement before and after adding the electrolyte. The cells weren't even dry but level was bit above the electrode plates.

    1. alds


      Even amarons got those, None of them are maintenance free but not fully sealed like Gel batteries.

      Maintenance free is a relative term I guess, much like those sealed for lifetime auto gearboxes on euros that one "lifetime" is 7 years.

    2. tiv


      Well despite adding electrolytes and jargon

      the thing was losing charge, the battery shop fella exchanged it for a new one. 
      exide warranty works people!

  8. tiv

    Best Hatchback under 5 mil

    Well my wife loves the look of the car hence first car I bought, caught odo Tampering 80000km to 35000km, returned it the next car I bought. A senior colleague whilst parking confused between drive and reverse and Drove into my car, taking out the full front end, which I fixed meticulously but my wife went all ocd on it, then went for an exchange with a dealer who got down a good car with all stuff verified, the facelift with some options, lost a heap of money on the ordeal. Tell me about it, I’ve barely scratched 3000km since I bought it, the thing sounds like it’s breaking apart, u d be amazed on the way the engine sways when u start it up, open the hood and take a look, It’s not maddeningly slow, it is comfortable, handles well, I guess it’s reliable but so unrefined, and ages behind the competition. I am trying to convince my wife to get rid of it, people are laughing at me as it’s so new.
  9. I would say no, as a beginner not this age of bmw at least. also to add to the others, do not expect it to hold up value, even though u take care of it or upgrade it. These were 7mil up cars when new also do not get too finicky with the mileage as these are high mileage capable cars, look at the service history, go ocd on that and get a thorough inspection done, most cases the inspection alone puts you off the idea as this country is is full of people who don’t maintain cars well, and short term money makes who flip cars for a profit, especially euros which they buy dirt cheap from the owner or lease yard, do a facelift or paint touch up, shoddy work beneath and sell it to a poor bum saying bmw luxury ultimate V*P blah blah This is taking into account that you are investing a certain lump of your finances into buying your car and hoping to enjoy the car. If you can manage to withstand the financial turmoil, Any car can be made to look good and reliable.
  10. tiv

    Any Horologists with us? Watch lovers?

    They are not happy with indoor bulbs, yes even the agents are a bit iffy about opening it, they are like use it as is, as the battery will be hard to source and once remove it may not work Noah blah. I used to be a nut about mechanical self winding watches, so I have 3 all seiko. I use the most is a seiko 5 sport, 23 jewels automatic hardy enough works well. The dream is a rolex with the Pepsi dial.
  11. Why does the Civic 2017 + depreciate so much, I saw cars that came 7mil plus now at 5s, the hatchback liftback model.

    it ain’t hybrid, I’ve not heard horror stories of them breaking.

    are they slow? So much room in the back as well 

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    2. iRage


      Interesting take on the Premio/Allion effect...but I don't think it is just the Toyota badge (that is only about 70% of the impact). The Premio/Allion, with its soft cushion like  suspension is a lot more comfortable than the Civic with its slightly firmer setup. In fact the Premio is quite soft and smooth in terms of its ride when comparing it with many other cars in the market. Sri Lankans like a cloud like suspension...anything a bit firm and sporty they start complaining.  Yes the Premio/Allion is running on 15 year old tech...which I believe is another reason why Lankans go for it. They simply do not trust the new tech to be serviceable cheaply and properly (cheaply being the key word). We Lankans quite happily turn a blind eye towards safety features, eco and other new tech. The only time Sri Lankans jumped in for new tech in herds was with Hybrids and that was mainly because it was dirt cheap compared to gasoline equivalents. 

      So why do people go for the 1.2T Toyota ? Well..because of the badge.

    3. alpha17


      @iRage Totally agree with you mate. Adding a little about 1.2T Toyota: When people became aware of the Vezel’s DCT replacement, there were no other alternatives than the CHR(while the CHR being a bit smaller). Most people who were dreaming of owning a Vezel, went for CHR extending their budgets. A person I know did the same thing😁

    4. sathyajithj99


      Actually the C-HR is bigger than the Vezel when it comes to actual dimensions .Only the boot area is less due to the sloping roofline. 

  12. tiv

    Any Horologists with us? Watch lovers?

    I have an eco drive, the thing needs to be kept in the sun, so either you gotta wear it everyday, now almost 15 years old and the battery has had it. Currently it’s a train wreck to repair.
  13. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, to me these are hideous Either in looks or reliability to begin with. street credit not worth mentioning