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  1. Anyone interested in classic bikes here?

    Got myself into a CD200 roadmaster restoration situation!

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    2. tiv


      I know I sent a friend over to check it out

      They are plated. Sadly there are no good plating joints in SL 

      Everyone has a horror story

      If you are buying chrome bits you gotta buy new or else due to stone chips n all things will start to rot gradually, whatever plating does in SL is to cheaply cover the old defects

    3. AVANTE


      Ayyo, true about the plating issue. The experts have told me not a effective good plating place in Lanka. Can't we give them a special coating (ceramic, nano, etc) to save them from rotting away? 

    4. Ruslan


      @AVANTE Nope no Bikes mate. yep, Plated mud guards would look much better.

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