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  1. So I have this habit, I go up the hantana range to a secluded spot way up in the hills and fly my drones, I do it almost every 2 weeks in my montero sport. Since my car is in the garage being painted, i took the family Montero v98

    Seems the ground clearance is lower than the Montero sport that I managed to peel or off the rear bumper costing 90k for the fix, a ledge that I cross frequently 

    Dad has been swearing since morning now. This is gonna be a fun weekend 

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    2. tiv


      @Gummybr will pm u

       Your Jimny will hop through it no issues.

      @Hyaenidae some bits like clips and all dont move that much ne, they are out of stock

      @Magnum the way the suspension behaves its totally different in the 2

      Lot of overhang in the pajero, ands heavy

      If u loose traction on a slant it will start to sway and hit something.

      This weekend I went in the vitara, she managed without any issue. but I was super careful. Had a spotter to watch tricky places n all 

      To add I have 265 75 16s on the montero sport, AT one size up than standard.

      Whereas my dad has 265 65 17s on the montero, almost a road tyre

      The vitara comes with 215 55 17s again road tyre but is way lighter and nimbler, 

    3. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      @tiv thanks for the detailed explanation. The phantam 3 series isn't available anymore. Most are used by now. 

      I would like an Air 2, but I can buy two mini's for the price of one Air 2. Is it worth the extra cash?

      Also whats the situation on drone regulations now? 

      The mini is under 250g, so the FAA in the states. has no issues(under 250g considered a toy). Is it the same in SL? Internet search has hazy information.

    4. tiv


      Phantom 3 s are available, as they are constantly refurbished, there are guys who sell them as brand new. 

      Unless you are a drone geek, no point on investing on an Air 2, 

      start with a mini, but the thing is now minis are so rare, due to import restrictions. 

      noobs who bought em crashed them in days, so a mini can go upto 130 with combo kit new now. Used ones at 105, 110 with come 80s with standard pack.

      anything lesser is broken as it has no sensors and is tiny and fast so fellas tried to kiss walls.

      Anything with a camera has to be register3d as CAA, so u got to do that online, and they give u a date to come show the drone. They put a code on it, thereafter you got to pay to fly it aka getting a permit.

      i do most of my flying in private property with permission thereby I don’t have to pay for permits, but I have registered the drones through the site, was not called for an inspection to date for the mini.

      The mavics don’t grasp attention, mavic mini most think it’s a toy, thus no one goes to register.

      phantoms on the other hand Attract hooligans to cute chicks to dogs. Then after like 30min, battery dying; a cop comes by 


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