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  1. Really keen to see this Raize in person, What the hype is,

    I’ve been getting calls and texts from importers mentioning it, Out of the blue, 

    all for a car that Hasn’t even reached the island. 

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    2. iRage


      Its decent..its neither good nor bad.It will do waht it is supposed to do...move peoplecargo A to B (it won't be able to do much off-roading than any other crossover)....it is definitely not the hype that the car sellers are creating. But then the hype Sri Lankans fall for is price and SUV looks.

      It is nothing ground breaking for the automotive industry in terms of technology nor design nor capability. I am waiting to see what the custom parts people will do in terms of kits and upgrades.

    3. AVANTE


      Quad turbo twin-charged E85/Av-gas running Raizes coming soon???!?!??!?!

    4. Ranjitha


      It'll catch on and just like the wagon R (2019) , leaf 2017 , hybrids (2015)

      Inevitably the government will find a new tax regime to strangle its inflow

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