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  1. Small doubt here, 

    Seems two vehicles I sold off in the past are not yet transferred and are running on open papers, how can I legally notify the authorities that the two above vehicles are not in my possession and that I have sold them off, papers signed and all that,

    Or is there any way to safeguard myself incase the do some illicit act with the vehicle still under my name.

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      Dude, you are in a bit of a shi*hole. 

      It is YOUR responsibility to notify DMT (RMV) that you have sold a vehicle, within 14 days of it being sold. You do that by sending one copy of the MTA6 form to DMT (and keeping one copy with you). No letters or other documents are entertained. If you know the exact date of the transfer and the name of the party which bought the vehicle, I suggest filling up an MTA6 and sending it to DMT. Only your signature is needed on the MTA6, not the buyers (except witnesses). So you are not forging any documents or doing anything wrong there. 

      The trouble is even if you do that, the DMT might contact you and inquire why it was not done on time. However, I did that once in the past and I never got any letters from the DMT or any calls from the baiya who bought the car.

      If you really want to safeguard yourself, pay a visit to the DMT, go to the car section, go straight to the Assistant Commissioner (the guy is usually educated and knows how to deal with situations like this), tell him your story and ask him whether you can fill up your copy of the MTA6 and handover at that point. Chances are they will be favourable towards you. 


    4. tiv


      Thank you