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  1. In the market for a large smart tv, anyone here had experience with Hisense bought in by Damro? And singer ?

    I know hisense off China is very high grade but what about damro supplies? Clueless about singer though, they have attractive options though, cant afford the giants in the trade like lg Samsung Sony etc in a large size,

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    2. PerfMad


      Buy a non smart tv and purchase a good quality HDMI cable and connect ur laptop to TV and BOOM.. u got a SMART tv and buy a logiteck bluetooth keyboard and mouse(combo) and you can control it wireless. 

    3. matroska


      Chromecast would be the best option - they don't ship to SL through google but i got down one from Aus - works like a charm - though some codecs have a tiny lag when casting 

    4. tiv


      Thanks guys, got a non smart tv