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  1. I sold my Vitz and got newer Vitz 

    Why are these things so bland

    and why do wives like them so much 

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    2. Davy


      The only time I've driven a 1L Vitz is from Colombo to Kandy and back with two friends. 

      Had my right foot buried in the carpet in order to overtake that slow bus on Kandy road, while praying that you will clear that oncoming truck in time. 😣 My goodness the lack of power!

    3. Uditha88


      3rd time I saw n now hear old to new Vitz upgrade. why do they do so....

      btw. 1.3L vitz still available right? might be high in price due to tax....

    4. Magnum


      I wonder how the Vitz 1L is compared to a turbo charged kei car. I drove a N/A Spacia, it pulled cleanly.

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