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  1. tiv

    car setup

    There are kenwood models, if you already have a setup and the wiring then it can be done. If you just have the camera with no setup installed very less likely the car has steering input for the camera, in that case if you really want the guide lines, you can install a camera that already has the lines which automatically move at angles to work like moving guidelines do not expect the guidelines in ANY system to be accurate as even a 10 degree slope or incline throws them off by about a foot, check the mirrors a 2019 Vitz bumper cost around 80k and the tailgate included around 400k
  2. Would a newer petrol prado 2.7l TRJ150 be a wise swap to a 3.2 diesel Montero 2013 v98, can it be called an upgrade? 


    1. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Options and Prestige wise,Prado it is.

      But 2.7 is hella underpowered. The 4 liter V6 is awesome,but rare to find. But the suspension is soft. Hard bends make it swing like a boat. The monty is much better to drive. Off road would be bit more capable on the 2014 onwards 150 more than the monty(took them out recently after asking for your advice).


      Also the prado has amathi thuma status. So u can hoon in traffic a bit more than the monty. 

    2. tiv


      UI don’t daily drive the montero, and it does 4 kmpl in traffic, touched around 75k km, but tight as a drum, my dad drives it mostly really don’t care about the amathi status as I mostly drive around in a kei or the vitz lol, I get looked down upon daily by my colleagues and subordinates who show off,  off road though is a big point. Was wondering since prices have come down, still it’s s hefty sum to go for a petrol prado, just wondering if it will be worth it, the 2.7 vvti is the budget and sensible one

      and the prado is the only petrol suv that won’t depreciate a lot. 

  3. tiv

    Lug nut lock nut on audi a6

    Don’t try to drill it, the drill will jump and damage / score / scuff your wheel and the stud threads as well, go to a reputed lathe or a garage, they ll tack weld a small bit of metal and use that to rotate the nut, simple job most lathes know as its a very common mishap when importing euros
  4. tiv

    Tools for DIY of Vehicles

    Spoken by someone who literally taught the words DIY to this forum, nice to see you back mate!
  5. tiv

    Tire air drops

    Basic car ownership check the valves, stems check the tyre bead, pull it off and set the bead again check the expiry date for the tyre, expired Tyres leak a bit lastly swap the tyre to another wheel and see if the rim has a leak.
  6. tiv

    Tire air drops

    Basic car ownership check the valves, stems check the tyre bead, pull it off and set the bead again check the expiry date for the tyre, expired Tyres leak a bit lastly swap the tyre to another wheel and see if the rim has a leak.
  7. tiv

    Suzuki Hustler/wagon r Vs Demio

    I own a Hustler The demio is better than the hustler in every way other than fuel economy. Reliability maybe equal
  8. tiv

    Tools for DIY of Vehicles

    Voltmeter + 12V Tester Long Screw Drivers Flat/Philips Short Screw Drivers Fat Philips Spark plug sockets Set of wrenches, open end, + ring spanners Torx Screw driver set Hose Crimp Pliers Hose Clamp Pliers Wire Stripper, wire crimper Hydraulic 2tonne - trolley jack Drill with Dremel , Extension Cord, bits, hole saws Angle Grinder Universal Filter Removal Tool. or to suit your car(s) Metric Socket set with ratchet and angle Vice Small Compressor with paint gun, with tyre attachment Plastic trim removal tools 12v light to hang into car Plastic funnel PLastic oil tray, Jerry Can
  9. The truth is this mate, cars at mileages below 10000 ranging to 30-40000km go for much higher prices at auctions, just take a look at listings in some Japanese sites, you yourself add the duty and the cif/ handling values, you ll see that the cost of the car in the island will be higher than what you can buy locally, thereby implying they buy lower grade cars for lesser cost, fix it up and send em, sell em and auction documents are forged. truth is most real low mileage cars are r grade cars, and the rest are all tampered mileages locally and in Japan itself. Few personal import vendors are good in that aspect though, but really rare. the fact is an average Japanese car can easily run about 200000km now even with very little care, and being japs most do take minimal care at least, and being Japan the service tech and materials are far better and running conditions are far better. bottom line a 120000km jdm car run in Japan will most likely be in better nick than a 45000km car in Sri Lanka
  10. tiv

    Toyota Passo 2016

    We only handle the temperatures in the green scored area, thereby why the concern in an engine like this, synthetic or mineral is another story. In 660 cc start stop engines the thinnest oil is preferred to reduce friction as they have little power and are coupled with hybrid assist or start stop systems, 0w-20 base is almost always synthetic as they are difficult to manufacture and meet grades otherwise using synthetics allow one to run a higher mileage over a short period of time ie; 10000km under 6 months, also from experience I’ve seen synthetic oils keep the engine cleaner, probably they don’t darken much either. Even in the 660 engines, the turbo models always recommend 5w-30 doesn’t that imply they are more concerned about heat tolerance than oil flow, esp considering they need oil to the turbo ASAP. A while back I too blindly poured in thinner synthetic oils to other cars, but after much study I don’t believe it’s a prerequisite for these 1kr engines, Comments guys?
  11. tiv

    Toyota Passo 2016

    Do you think this will be that significant in the local context? Given that everything that Toyota Lanka sells and services has been flooded with 10w-30 and its not an idle stop car with an engine as small as 660cc? Unit#d Mot#rs on the other hand sells the Axia with the same engine (variant) but use 0w-20. Pretty much a divided opinion which I am yet to test myself, given that the w figure is the cold temperature performance and the 20/30/ value indicates the thickness at 100c Also I have attached a bit off the jdm Vitz manual where they state all the oil values, please use google translator
  12. tiv

    Momtero Sport 2012 and Kia Sorontor 2012

    Prices are going up and due to the new tax structure anything even close to an suv will be over 20mil unreg, also newer euros need extensive maintenance which the average SriLankan joe boycotts and lead to hefty repair bills, and selling them when they near the service / mileage interval. Thereby causing a mild demand, unreg vitz and fits go to the prices of what suvs used to go and a majority of sensible individuals know what will last in the long run in terms of value and longevity, ignoring maintenance costs this is what was told by a friend who runs one of the oldest car sales in Kandy, even 2000s pajero iO s and rav4s are being sought after, 2003 xtrails heavily restored as well, but no market for Jimnys though
  13. tiv

    Momtero Sport 2012 and Kia Sorontor 2012

    Take a look at the depreciation figures You ll get the summary Search the forum, you ll get the facts
  14. tiv

    Montero Sport 2008

    Plenty for normal use, don’t expect it to pull like a 1kz 1kd prado or a 4m41 montero, or even the 2012 montero sports, or the UK double cabs that came in. It pulls more or less like a old pajero or a 2000s van, once the turbo spools up there is a minor pickup. Most suvs that came in to this country feel underpowered, even the petrol ones, other than the LC V8, 12ht LC troopies , Porsche’s and Nissan Patrols with gasoline engines, also partly due to the size and boat like lumbering feel, which these newer ones don’t have. another contribution is people now drive nippy cvt kei cars which are very rev happy and shoot off the line till like 40kmph, their front wheel drivetrain and small size make the larger conventional cars seem slower. Since they are all manual and parts are cheap, you can restore an engine to near new state and being manual you can rev the nuts off it. Just drive one and you ll realize, hard to explain , i’d say go for it, there’s no way you can go wrong other than having a lower resale market. But once the newer toys start breaking off older conventional suvs will pickup in value, it’s happening all over the world
  15. tiv

    Montero Sport 2008

    It’s a very hardy vehicle, look for something around 150000km, nothing further the low market is because they are manual, they don’t have the super select system and not that comfortable, rear brakes are disks in comparison to the newer model, with drums. Bit cramped inside for a SUV and mind you these are also modeled after the 2006 era L200 Trojan, front seating and dashboard feels just like a 90s double cab. My in-laws have one from new and the only repairs they’ve done is replaced turbo at 40000km, premature why, no clue why Timing belt, suspension is badly worn on theirs so Need a complete replacement. Looking at around 45000 for shocks 30000 for coils and bushes. They are slow, but very hardy lumps and quite good off road. You ll easily find a good one as plenty in Colombo that have never seen mud, Corrosion’s are common behind the rear wheel arches so look into that. body panels are extremely rare, so avoid ones with poor body condition mechanicals and running gear - ample in spares stocks at stores and agents. It’s powered with a mechanical pump 4d56t so needs no super diesel. Interior plastics are poorly made so expect gauge clusters to have crazing and cracks, yellowish plastics etc. speaker grills are also poorly made, shatter very easy cloth seats with very 90s styling, expect them to be worn out so u may need to refinish them. all in all very good choice in comparison to the oversized hatchbacks and wannabe suvs in the current day and age. An awesome vehicle to modify and has a good road presence. Your only problem will be it being slow. Cheers!