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  1. So I took the Vitara to the A*W inspection camp in Kandy today, well impressed as they are quite aware of the model and the technical aspects, however It was hoist inspection, suspension and the scan tool, which again they said is compatible with UK imports.

    all in all it was a good effort

  2. tiv

    2008 Daihatsu Mira Engine Oil Reducing

    Is it low on power, indicates a worn ring set, is it difficult to start in the morning? Also what is the mileage , 660cc right? What is the oil you use, a thicker oil may help a bit You can go two ways about this Either way do a compression test - if low 1. Take the head out, check the bore, rings Replace only ring set, run for 30 40k more if it maintains adequate compression 2. Or run as is, im sure with your given data it can do 30000k odd more, till it gets hard to start and the engine is badly worn, Failing emissions etc, do a full rebuild including the bore and the bearings etc Or put a new recon engine provided you know the mileage. @ admins - the title?
  3. tiv

    Peugeot 5008 2019 Vs Montero 2013-2014

    Depends on your budget, of course 2013 will be better and newer Being 2006 expect a higher mileage and a set of running repairs based on the previous user(s)
  4. tiv

    Peugeot 5008 2019 Vs Montero 2013-2014

    Both are better than a vezel lol, no comparison there, What you need to understand is you are comparing a flagship full size suv ( in asian markets) from a renowned maker with various entry level SUVs or hatchbacks. Whatever the yom, Being the vezel it is somewhat inferior than the competition as well.
  5. tiv

    Car Insurance 2019/2020

    Premium is a bit high, but impressive service
  6. Small doubt here, 

    Seems two vehicles I sold off in the past are not yet transferred and are running on open papers, how can I legally notify the authorities that the two above vehicles are not in my possession and that I have sold them off, papers signed and all that,

    Or is there any way to safeguard myself incase the do some illicit act with the vehicle still under my name.

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      Dude, you are in a bit of a shi*hole. 

      It is YOUR responsibility to notify DMT (RMV) that you have sold a vehicle, within 14 days of it being sold. You do that by sending one copy of the MTA6 form to DMT (and keeping one copy with you). No letters or other documents are entertained. If you know the exact date of the transfer and the name of the party which bought the vehicle, I suggest filling up an MTA6 and sending it to DMT. Only your signature is needed on the MTA6, not the buyers (except witnesses). So you are not forging any documents or doing anything wrong there. 

      The trouble is even if you do that, the DMT might contact you and inquire why it was not done on time. However, I did that once in the past and I never got any letters from the DMT or any calls from the baiya who bought the car.

      If you really want to safeguard yourself, pay a visit to the DMT, go to the car section, go straight to the Assistant Commissioner (the guy is usually educated and knows how to deal with situations like this), tell him your story and ask him whether you can fill up your copy of the MTA6 and handover at that point. Chances are they will be favourable towards you. 


    4. tiv


      Thank you 

  7. Naturally as the amount of plies reduce the flex in the tyre, thereby the ironing affect on road distortions, but low ply tyres are week, so you gotta find the best compromise
  8. tiv

    Registration of a Car in Sri Lanka

    1. Rarely, but yes, newer and controversial models are sometimes called for inspection Usually the importer handles this for you Not required unless called, sometimes they request a video, all handled by the importer 2. Not legal, can be badly copped Can save a bit if you have a proper insurance Only permitted to drive the vehicle from the dealer to your house with a fresh receipt 3. Registration can 4.2 days, 3rd day for a courier
  9. tiv

    Honda grace ex yom 2014/12

    Honestly I think the price you have offered is not fair, be respectful when approaching a deal, do not lowball, after all it was the first owners pride and joy and he paid above 5 mil for it, doesnt mean you have to buy it at a loss, But don't low ball, try to make a quick buck and fall into the current perishing society in this country, if it isn't in your price bracket, move on If you can't handle the repairs, go find a better car Overall it's not a wise decision to touch an old hybrid car. It's a great car but the hybrid system is aging
  10. tiv

    Battery problem on cold mornings!

    It's the battery bro, Exide is cheap and effective, have used 100s of them, Max 2 years, but I dont mind changing em Amaron lasts, used one for 5 years yuasa is expensive and good if the battery is not in the engine compartment otherwise 1.5 years with difficulty Panasonic is ok, manages 2 to 4 years Speaking from experience, may vary in different conditions
  11. Yup I do not own a Prado but I do own vehicles in the same category and weight, and the very same tyre size, 30 is kinda the sweet spot for me, the door sill stickers kinda range at 32 to 36 psi as per load variations, also consider the tyre brand, if the car has done above 60k surely the tyres are replaced, check the ply, higher plies make it a hard ride even at lower psi
  12. 30, don’t go too less as it causes early wear for the steering rack.
  13. tiv

    Help me to find a car

    01. 02. 03 all retiring hybrids, will need component changes therefore I suggest avoid
  14. tiv

    Vitz 2019 jerk when deacceralating

    Don’t go fact finding and troubleshooting the 1KR Vitz, it’s really never ending the engine is poorly balanced, bit underpowered and very noisy, probably cost cutting way poor effort on Toyota, but they are very reliable so don’t worry, most 2015 Vitz here are being sold as 20000km when they’ve done beyond 80000km, they age that good. mated to the cvt, yes it’s very jerky on deceleration and sudden acceleration, Improves after the oil heats up, maybe about 15min drive but you still can feel it, drive a 1l Suzuki boosterjet car, whatever it is, you ll feel like kicking yourself; same way I felt, they’ve put a lot of effort on that engine design.
  15. in Sri Lanka we call a 100km trip a long trip, of course it takes time, in the Middle East and the west some people do 1000km a day, of course at 100kmph or more, hence a brake pad replacement is not mandated to be done roadside or as an emergency, but needs attention Thus, About 1000km can be managed, the high pitched sound is made by a metal device , more or less a small strip, built to touch the disc when the pads are near replacement, if you ignore this though, eventually that bit will also wear out and fall off.,and it will be pad top lining on disc and eventually caliper edge on disc, also some brands the pad has a noise making material sandwiched in to the the lower parts so that once u wear the good bit off, it gets noisy all over, Some Euro makes’ pads have electrodes in the middle of the pad, once worn, the electrode is exposed and it grounds a bulb on the dash, primitive tech but useful. Don’t expect any of the above If you use non oem pads,