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  1. So I have this habit, I go up the hantana range to a secluded spot way up in the hills and fly my drones, I do it almost every 2 weeks in my montero sport. Since my car is in the garage being painted, i took the family Montero v98

    Seems the ground clearance is lower than the Montero sport that I managed to peel or off the rear bumper costing 90k for the fix, a ledge that I cross frequently 

    Dad has been swearing since morning now. This is gonna be a fun weekend 

    1. ghostwriter


      how do you compare the driving experience of the two? are they like two ends of the world like most of people say

    2. tiv


      The Montero is very bubbly and plush, noisy, very slow to change gears but pickup on both are the same 

      The montero sport is hard and sharper, feels taller and is taller. Seats equal on both.

      Rear cooler is a bit better on the Montero sport as it faces you from top.

      Body roll a bit less on the montero.


  2. I've noticed Defender values are plummeting 

    Any particular reason? 

    Lack of parts due to import bans? 

    Or has the 2020 plastic sculpture affected the value of the old one???

    1. Magnum


      I think because of the new one, I heard one or two came down to SL

  3. Gosh this is an enormous amount of bullshit for a small repair, 600k? Gosh you could have bought a speedbike And the sub par work they've done, invain you could have taken this straight to the owner, actually who is a friend of a friend. I'm staying clear, my Bush mechanic seems to be divine compared to all this.
  4. Has anyone recently used CARS Paint shop kandy ? Their reviews in the past haven't been the best but I am being told by colleagues they are good now.

    Need a booth paint, stuck with primer due to the weather, 

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    2. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Yup that one.

    3. BlueRaiden


      Dont go to sewwandi auto paint polgolla. They do have a booth but the workers are careless.

    4. tiv


      Decided to go with my painter, will wait till the weather improves 

      Way too many bad reviews on cars after digging around a bit.

  5. During my accident chaos, the offender was a imbecile with a learners permit. As his stunt nearly killed me and almost took out a house with people, I was told by the police that if taken to court he may loose license permanently, And with a strict magistrate or poor defense can end up in jail for 2 years tops. Reason due to endangering lives/ gross negligence I cannot comment on the credibility of the above as it was not a lawyers word. My lawyer was like let’s sue him and the Lorry owner and buy a new Jeep lol.
  6. Jag Xf; I’d except it to be more troublesome but the Audi A6 and BMW 520d are fairly cheap to maintain cars, and with almost no issues, like I said a hybrid cayenne will be heaps more expensive to maintain than the above. If you like the exotic market, if looks aren’t a problem, and IF RUNNING COSTS ARE IMMATERIAL then go for it. Don’t attempt it even with a 6 figure Sum set in your head for maintenance And repairs, it will disappoint you.
  7. The fact that you are concerned about the maintenance cost and looking at independent garages is a giveaway that it’s a financial mistake, for expensive motors like these expect at least 1.5 times average Late model merc ownership costs, let alone repairs. At least 1mil, in maintenance a year, given u run liberally, with just maintenance, NO REPAIRS besides people are running away from aquas with hybrid batteries why would u want to be stuck with a pointless hybrid from an exotic manufacturer with deficient support just because they came in cheap through a loophole and now they are cheap for the obvious. Don’t board a sinking ship mate.
  8. This must like be nirvana when compared to the vitz, pretty car Congrats. something I’ve always wondered, do they do the facelift here, to the latest model, I’ve seen pakistanis or Bangladeshi troops going at it. +1 on the alloy wheels, many perks
  9. Anyone know of a place near kandy or nearest to get stuff chromed for a bike?
  10. Replace the rack mate, these repairs don't work long. U can find a recon one for cheaper in delkanda.
  11. My Montero Sport Saved my life today.

    Took a T bone collision to the rear quarter panel, from a lorry, the thing came straight to the drivers door. I accelerated and saved my self, just got discharged from the hospital after a checkup, 

    No matter what new fellas say about crumple zones and what not, this thing is proper weight to weight. Just realise how strong these suvs are. Just a  large bump and I drove it home. Amazed realising it took tg awhile weight and was shoved to a side.

    The lorry was a proper mahiyangana sand lorry, full load, the c**t was driving on a learners permit, couldn't control his reverse into the construction zone, lost control and rolled right onto me down a slope, face first. If I was in my vitz or a smaller car, I'd be in a morque now.

    Cops took over the lorry momentarily but I deferred them.

    Repair cost approx 100k, given I need a new wheel arch and tail light. And its pearl white, expensive bitch to paint. 

    Despite my parents and friends deciding to ruin his life legally, the driver is in the hospital after negotiations but I am not pressing charges or taxing him for the repair, as he will loose his livelihood and be in jail. 

    Best part is, if the car rolled over, I would be in the mahaweli river.

    Dear friends, please give up smaller cars when money permits. Get something large and safe. 

    Due to privacy concerns I am unable to share pictures. 

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    2. ghostwriter


      glad to hear you're ok and it may have been your luck that you decided to take the SUV instead of the smaller car when you went out. 

      would have been better if you decided to press charges just so the person gets to understand the gravity of the risks they take without consideration on others' lives. he got to walk away with no hindrance today might result in him taking someone else's life in another day, doing the same mistake.

    3. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      😰 damnn

    4. Magnum


      Glad to hear you are okay

  12. They even alter mileages of the CLA and C200 2019, sadly we have very poor examples as agents with a buttload of crap or indian waste being offered as brand new cars, hence these crooks have become the most well off society in this country.
  13. My budget was 7 to 7.5, I was trying to purchase it while keeping my old one, I could scrape up enough, for 3.8l As for the 3l, couldn't find a good example I even tried looking for the petrol 1st gen montero sport, Devindaz even guided me onto a few, never found one good enough, I'm not picky but atleast 50% reasonable condition is a must This one, 3.8l v6 with massaging seats, theres a handful here , it's got Rockford sounds as well. I've seen black and grey ones Those are JDM, distinctive 18 matte wheels and got a few extras. You ll turn the key again while the engine is running. It's that silent. And in tune so well, spurting water off the exhaust. Just ask unimo, they know The one I went to see was owned by a well off businessman, he was quoting 8.5 and was not bothered to even discuss a deal, well off budget. I'm not sure if it's worth the number. Mileage was 115k ish The 3l v6 ones go for 6.5 to 7mil, I guess the ideal no would be 8mil. It was like it rolled off the factory yesterday, that good, was sold within the week.
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