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  1. tiv

    Iridium spark plugs

    I sold the car
  2. The 2016 vitz I owned had iridium plugs, verified with toyota lanka as well, and I recall posting pics of them on the forum Whatever intervals given on the stick is complete jargon when considering the conditions we drive in.
  3. tiv

    Steering Rack Limiter

    The feel of your wheel rubbing in the arch is nothing subtle, will be like you are driving on a railroad, bumping up and down with a large racket, also can damage the brake lines and abs wires, unplanned forces and torsion on the ball joints, you can damage or even disengage the cv joint from inside and damage the rack itself, further you can warp an alloy, id say do a 3 point turn.
  4. Dude don’t go counting on the fact the car will hold its value or appreciate in the ages to come, it’s not the 80s and 90s, the competition is more, govt. taxation’s will change, generations change, forex will change. buy a vehicle by coming to terms on the fact that it will depreciate or you ll go mad if something happens and 2nd hand markets drop. Vehicles rarely will appreciate in the given market, even the raize, it’s a brand new model, SriLankans will flood this island with them, abuse them, bring in wrecks for cheap, they ll produce the model for at least 3 more years then maybe a facelift and another 2 years, so we ll have them here like three wheelers, it won’t hold value, nor will it appreciate, being 1000cc we won’t see them doing 500,000km like an old pajero, so understand the market a bit more, this applies to any car in the given trend.
  5. So my Vitara does like 6kmpl in traffic, the vitz like 11kmpl in traffic, 

    my uncle used to have a Land cruiser 1980s HJ60 with a 12HT 4200cc coaster bus engine, 4 speed manual, and that did 8kmpl normal diesel And was a monster to drive, 

    Makes one think what’s the point of downsizing cc

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    2. tiv


      The diesel 3200 Montero does like 4kmpl in traffic, that also super diesel, whereas I have a friend who drives a Petrol Sahara V8 2011, the thing does the same 4kmpl 95oc in traffic, 

    3. PerfMad


      well you can only save from paying less for revenue license, services, etc compared to higher capacity engines :D 

      @AVANTE there is a friend of mine who also claims that his CRv does around 9kmpl. bugger sold his picanto saying why have this instead of a CRV when both are giving same fuel figures :D I wonder whether it actually gives 9kmpl with city traffic. Even my car been a Honda, does 11kmpl tops in city traffic ,that also if i keep my RPM below 2000.

    4. □AVANTE□


      @tiv damn...time to make some space in the garage 😛 sure there's nothing wrong with the montero?

      @PerfMad a moment of silence...for all the people using automatic swifts, march beetle (K12), Picantos, and similar small cars that get SUV like fuel economy.

      Also the CRV does a bit less in dense traffic.

  6. Don’t expect it to have wondrous fuel economy as it’s an suv with a 1000cc lump, logic says it will be worse than the vitz which realistically does like 11kmpl,
  7. Wait for the car to arrive, do a test drive before you chuck in hard earned millions, theres no proper review even on YouTube, im sure the importers have you on the hook promising sun and stars, even if it’s a small car, slow car or a wannabe off roader, you got to at least see it in person to know if you like it. besides I’m sure even the people who designed the car and mass produced it cannot answer your questionnaire as it has not been On the road on an emerging market such as ours. hence why a lump of land called a dealership was invented for car salesman. in a country where we pay an outrageous sum for a car, purchasing one by just looking at some pics off the internet doesn’t sound wise by any means.
  8. tiv

    Is Honda Vezel has battery issues?

    Vezel has issues with the gearbox, battery, ecu and electronics, common onset of problems at roughly 30000km being the earliest. Being hybrids most cars are now past 100,000km, So expect all of the above. please do a search on the forum, you ll see plenty of stories.
  9. Really keen to see this Raize in person, What the hype is,

    I’ve been getting calls and texts from importers mentioning it, Out of the blue, 

    all for a car that Hasn’t even reached the island. 

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    2. iRage


      Its decent..its neither good nor bad.It will do waht it is supposed to do...move peoplecargo A to B (it won't be able to do much off-roading than any other crossover)....it is definitely not the hype that the car sellers are creating. But then the hype Sri Lankans fall for is price and SUV looks.

      It is nothing ground breaking for the automotive industry in terms of technology nor design nor capability. I am waiting to see what the custom parts people will do in terms of kits and upgrades.

    3. □AVANTE□


      Quad turbo twin-charged E85/Av-gas running Raizes coming soon???!?!??!?!

    4. Ranjitha


      It'll catch on and just like the wagon R (2019) , leaf 2017 , hybrids (2015)

      Inevitably the government will find a new tax regime to strangle its inflow

  10. tiv

    Toyotoa Vitz battery Replacment-Advice needed

    It’s just a battery, the volts They hold and amps they put out and charge aren’t Japanese, these aren’t even questions to discuss. Jap batteries are Not designed for our climatic variations either there are Importers who take advantage of people and sell Japanese brand new batteries at insane amounts, don’t go all ocd looking for a Japanese battery, and pay premium, and its not the start stop model even right? just go with a popular brand here, they all work manage 2 to 4 years based on usage. personal experiences, Exide works well, Amaron even better, Panasonic expensive but good. spend that money on an oil change
  11. tiv

    Toyotoa Vitz battery Replacment-Advice needed

    Yea true, we had a discussion here as well, Yuasa sent here don’t last as long when in the engine bay, I’ve asked several importers as well, this owing to me owning a hilux with a dual battery setup, I needed 1 battery every year till I switched to exide. no even the 85 A and 100A big ones
  12. Agent does not bring brand new, they try to promote their Baleno which is a market nightmare, they have announced they ll bring pre owned / verified used imports with warranty, if by any chance you visit them, they borrow your credentials and try to place orders by pestering you daily. That desperate to sell that car,
  13. tiv

    How do you remove tar spots?

    Have been using them for decades, I kinda dissolve it, take it on a sponge, just around the inside of wheel arches and the lower sill, nothing has happened to date. Pretty much I do it weekly, the oldest car I have is from 2010, and have been doing it since new. Nothing Probably will take the wax off but nothing else to see