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  1. tiv

    Suzuki Crossovers

    The vitara is around 6 mil, uk import, Rear leg room is an issue, I didn't do an in depth research but the car looks better in person, its badly shadowed by the CHR though
  2. You realise degrading batteries and poor replacement options make the car a dead end in terms of future prospects right? Also you range drops as the battery ages not as the kms you run in, The whole EV outburst was not backed enough by any investor thereby died out, no Parts, no after sales services and most of all dire shortage for fast chargers. Selling the wagon r for a leaf would not be a wise option on the long run, I learnt this the hard way, went EV ninja once upon a time. There are cars for 9 laks atm which came in at 2.6 to 3.1 mil in 2015, with only 2 to 3 bars left running about 50km without ac. Whatever you save using the leaf financially you will lose in depreciation, as for being eco friendly, you ll be consuming electricity mostly supplied by burning coal.
  3. tiv

    Information about L200

    1. Stay away from uk imported navaras as chassis corrosion is a big issue, also they have many faults. 2. 4 mil is a good price for an L200 of this era, 3. Fuel consumption is like 8kmpl to 10kmpl, any better is a lie 4. Check for corrosion, roof line around the windshield, rear tub, chassis, Check for agent maintenance history, Note mileage is in miles so do the conversion, miles are not a problem if they are well taken care of, we have one with 254000miles! Engine not opened, stock turbo Check for fault codes, check engine lights, Better do an agent inspection or car checks inspection They need super diesel, or new injectors you decide. Try to get a raging bull edition as that is more equipped and has a bit more performance, Check if 4wd is working, do a test drive, suspension is not noisy under normal circumstances, it's very nippy in terms of acceleration, so anything that feels slow or has turbo lag is a problem Look around the turbo for oil seepage, if so need turbo overhaul or replacement. Blow by and oil sputtering from the dipstick pipe is normal for these engines. Black smoke during revving is normal, but if its blue smoke, expect an overhaul. Expect bumps scrapes dents that's normal for a pickup.
  4. tiv

    Reverting Back From 325 Number

    I’m not updated with the latest info, you might have to check that with DMT, anything can be done there if you know someone up the food chain.
  5. tiv

    Mithubishi Montero vs Kia Sorento

    Other than YOM, no other way.
  6. tiv

    Import Honda CRV

    If you expect off road prowess and ground clearance, not the best option got a little bit of tech though, city oriented but enough for a small weekend outing more or less a glorified family van, so consider other options as well, also they loose value in months, you can find low mileage few ,months used ones for about 1mil less,
  7. tiv

    Purchasing a new car.

    Stretch your budget a bit more and get a Vitz, safest option provided u get a good one. 1. Alto - better options for that budget, poorly equipped and small, unless u get the rs 2. Daihatsu Mira is not that bad, they don’t break that often for you to go looking for parts this early, 3. Wagon R - quite true
  8. tiv

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Hes spent more than the cars value to mod it to this level, Going to see a lot of hooning in these now
  9. In the market for a large smart tv, anyone here had experience with Hisense bought in by Damro? And singer ?

    I know hisense off China is very high grade but what about damro supplies? Clueless about singer though, they have attractive options though, cant afford the giants in the trade like lg Samsung Sony etc in a large size,

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    2. matroska


      I can't help but notice the colors in HiSense and some other brands (Haier? Skyworth?) seem a little off. 

    3. PerfMad


      @tiv check ATOM brand as well. There are couple of 55 inches at our office (however the temperature is towards cooler than warm) but i assume it can be adjusted..

      Personally i would go for either Samsung or LG cz you'll get better outcome out of those

    4. Anuz91


      the best is to buy a normal 4K TV from a  reputed brand and something like chrome cast.. this will not hurt your budget that much i guess. 

  10. tiv

    vitz or Wagon R turbo

    Get a vitz, more road presence, better resale, more space and more comfortable, the wagon r market is going to come crashing soon once the hybrid batteries get cooked, they have a loan of repairs as well sequentially
  11. tiv

    DFSK 580

    Do not buy these, expect major repairs after 50,000km , the importer thereafter charges premiums to source and import the parts, only a minor quantity will make it to the country anyhow and will be worth like 2 mil 4 to 5 years and you ll have to sell your soul to find a buyer The above statements are based on a first hand experience on a Glory 7 seater van which my in laws purchased brand new from the same importer, home used for about 60000km So far ep steering faults, replaced ac compressor, wheel bearings, ball joints, gearbox shuddering badly, diesel engine at about 50% compression, 3 of 5 doors central locks shot, power mirrors not working, fiberglass bits in the bumper cracking and peeling off, seats peeled off and recovered, the entertainment system packed up in days, and was replaced. It was purchased for 4.5mil brand new in 2016 june, current value is 2.3 mil and moving at 2 mil whereas people advertise higher prices. Also the CR mentions as "Made in Sri lanka" making it a nightmare to sell it off if a potential buyer wants a lease, and valuations will be quite entertaining as well, If its cvt as well, god bless u There are first gen hiaces that have done about 500,000 km and with fewer repairs than above.
  12. If these are shock absorbers for your Montero, they are massive and will definitely be held in the post office and forwarded to customs, you might get taxed, heavily,
  13. tiv

    Mithubishi Montero vs Kia Sorento

    Too old, the car has been almost 10 years in Sri lanka, expect most to be abused by playing V*P as well, mileages turned back, parts aren't plentiful and aren't cheap either. Also the model will be refreshed soon after so many face lifts. Does about 4kmpl in traffic and 8 to 9 kmpl outstation. There is no point of even discussing or even a comparison of a Kia and dfsk vs a montero and a prado,
  14. tiv

    Toyota vitz/ Suzuki Swift/ Audi A1

    Should have these
  15. tiv

    Toyota vitz/ Suzuki Swift/ Audi A1

    Check the auction sheet, jevic jaai, also does it have 6 speakers? If it doesnt have 6 speakers multifunction wheel is not oem