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  1. Just noticed Sri Lankans are obsessed with 3rd / fender mirrors on suvs and Vans, and even cars so much they mention it as an option in the advert lol

    Further research some mirrors for models cost 26000lkr after market and there is a big local demand it seems!

    Actually drove a prado with an aftermarket mirror and realized that it does help in parking and all if you are not short sighted

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. tiv


      Is the fender itself different, 

      I bit the bullet and got one fitted, and loving it!

    3. Ruslan


      @tiv no there's no difference. but one need to worry on how to fix mounting brackets etc onto non mirrored export model Fender (Drilling etc, and stamping threaded bolts on to it.). so less work buying the 2 together. i know, it's expensive in that way.

    4. tiv


      Yea the mirror might come to 18-24000

      And a new panel is always better