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  1. What's the deal with this stupid hideous impractical body kits on the prado, so hard to find an unmolested used one of the last generations. With that kit they can't even clear a road divider, forget off road.

    1. Magnum


      You don't expect Prado owners to take them off road. Heck, most wouldn't even know to turn on the 4WD :D

    2. tiv


      No I have a few friends who do, I mean forget off road, this thing can't even clear a steep incline off a parking lot. 

      Well once I had a similar issue, blew a 4wd output shaft seal, when I inquired why it happened in such a low mileage, they said 4wd has never been used and the seal had clogged up and pulled along once it was used. Since then I do a 4wd system rotation every week.