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  1. Really fed up of driving in this country now, let alone being a motoring enthusiast,

    Buses coming head on, Honking from behind, law gone to the dogs,

    everyone's a V*P, everyone's a hooligan.

    Pity what this country has become

    Another day in paradise!

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    2. Hyaenidae


      14,000th profile view from me ūüėõ¬†



    3. tiv


      Yes there was this time I took my dad to the hospital bw 2-3am and came through an intersection, being the night with no close headlight glare I crept into the road, outta nowhere an old rexton came surely doing 150Kmph+ out of control and honking like a train, narrow miss, will never forget that.

    4. Davy


      @Magnum, yes that is true. 

      Years ago, I read a research paper somewhere that the lowest reported accidents happen during the night time. Severity of the accidents however maybe a different story.