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    Spending money on 2 suvs thereby forced to drive a vitz I hate

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  1. I wish this forum would go back to the old days. When hybrids weren't here. Fuel figures were always absurd. Anything  below 1300cc was a maruti, real old petrolheads and stories of their broken cars, projects, builds and younger petrolheads (like us - now old) speaking of drags and driving civics to extinction. A world where a Suv always had 4wd. I was just a peer back then. But I learnt a lot. 

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    2. LashNeo


      Yeah.. Even the posts of Uncle Sylvi and the Civic ricer boys were more interesting than the boring stuff we see today...:(


    3. matroska


      what happened to uncle sylvi? He disappeared a few years ago

    4. MrCat


      lol..!  Good ol` days.. The forum pretty much followed where the car industry as a whole is heading :D  No more fiber-glass body kits, no more 'Tuned i-chipped' civics. It`s all about that 360 degree camera view on an 8 inch screen! And that battery pack which is at 50% capacity and slowly dying.. :D  Give it a decade and anyone who can actually 'drive' a car without electronic aid whilst shifting a manual transmission will be considered old and weird!