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  1. Any of you fellas have any experience with the Daihatsu Copen ? 660 hardtop convertibles 


    The only let down with the s660 is the vinyl top 

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    2. tiv


      Nice car, did u sell it off. If so for how much and why 

      Planning to buy one as a weekend runner just for fun. I know I 'll loose money off it, still pondering if it will be worthwhile. I am yet to drive one as these car sale chums rarely let u drive one. Probably due to many joyriders

      The 660 is out for me as I will atleast need the boot area to carry stuff around when needed. And  I hate vinyl tops. The folding metal roof is sorta like best of both worlds.


    3. TheFlyingFox


      Sold it for 3.3 Mil. Why ? I got married :D. Anyway couldn't afford to keep two cars so sadly had to give up this.

      If you are the right size, the car will reward you well as a weekend car! I have no experience with sports cars and the closest car i had to a sports car was a Honda GP4 around 3 years back. I can say this thing handles better than that, the steering is very precise, the car feels agile and really fun to drive! For this price, i don't think you can have more fun in any other car (Hood down or up). Only things not so great are the brakes (Maybe due to drums in the back) and the dreaded CVT gearbox (Off the line its very weak to pick up speed, after ~40kmph it really goes). I now have a Swift RS and although its quicker off the line than the copen, there is body roll around the corners and no where near as fun to drive!

    4. tiv


      I cant really take the option of a manual as my wife will drive it. 3.3 is rather affordable. You know when one is genuinely interested and goes to a sale to take a look at one. They come acting like it's the roll Royce dealership there. With ridiculous quotes and attitudes. Thank u for your input mate. In terms of size I do have a scene like a cat fitting into a box but do-able.