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  1. I've noticed these cars have a loss in power by like 80000km Probably some neglect in maintenance I've noticed this in 3 vehicles from the same generations, hope an owner can drop in more details
  2. tiv

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Pics could be pre and post transfer number plate Update, unless he says it's a 1 owner car it can be legit. Mileage though never can tell. There are rent a car people who roll back 35k to 45k annually before the emissions test.
  3. Powerful - probably no Economical- parts are not cheap Stability- same Comfort - softer suspension on the l200 but way less cabin room But since it doesnt have a unicorn toyota badge, it's about 1 mil cheaper than a hilux,
  4. So I owned a HL3 and my family Had an invincible back in 2011, The deal with Both the above were UK sold models, imported here after like 30k to 60k km The gearbox on the invincible was different as it had the 1KD FTV 3.0l whereas the hl3 had the 2KD FTV 2.5l both were manual, on comparison with a Thai domestic import, the UK ones had the rear diff lock, the gear ratios were different, and were more oriented for towing and getting up to speed on a highway. Overall interior and exteriors were less blingy, most had tow hitches and you were lucky to find one that hadn’t been abused in a farm. both my ones were personal imports FYI so hadn’t seen much action. Even then I had the issue of nuts in the front end seizing up and breaking through the threads. Thai models had the LSD on the back instead of the diff lock, and if I remember right everything was 3l, and most were auto as well. They had no rust issues. another thing, my 2kd hl3 model was having the tags, “made in Thailand” whereas the invincible tag the tags made in South Africa. so upon selling the hl3 buyers were like this can’t be a UK cab, it has Thailand belts and bits blah blah, but I knew where it came from, eventually I got to know, few pickups that came like this, sellers made them look like Hilux Vigos, from Thailand and sold them saying non Uk pickups. Being their usual self, the dmt had tagged the country of import also as Thailand on some. So be careful, overall the Hilux chassis didn’t have much of a rust issue like the navaras, and the UK cab phobia is not that justified, we still have a l200 raging bull in the family. 240k ODD MILES done still going well, no major corrosion issues and it has not been that well cared for either, Find a good one, get it inspected and go for it,
  5. tiv

    Help with buying a used hybrid car

    "Fuel efficiency is not a big concern, but a good efficiency is most welcome." why a hybrid then? With so many hybrid issues and battery issues there are ways to fake the battery health so beware they way aquas are depreciating due to battery concern u may have issues getting rid of it.
  6. tiv

    Clay bar

    AliExpress but u get what you pay for personally I leave the clay bar bit to the professionals as there is a tendency to scratch things up further, at least it happened to me
  7. Rather than playing blind, do a Toyota Lanka inspection, they ll check the whole car and u ll be enjoying your whole trip
  8. tiv

    40-,56-,251- number hilux surfs

    Happens Many ways 1. Illegal complete vehicles reassembled here and running on other numbers 2. Body permits, thereby allowing swaps of the body with engines drivetrain 2. Chassis maybe similar and most components are shared thereby it’s a bolt on job may / may not have the legal framework done 3. Actual surfs; there are few numbers of almost all generations to the last one had motor car numbers 64 65 onwards, never seen a 32, but I have seen a first gen, cannot remember the number but I remember the owner saying it was an Aussie import original 4. PB XXXX and on are emperor assembled ones 5. You’d be surprised to see the things that are running on Hilux regos there are Klugers, 4runners, Tundras and even Lj70 land cruisers here running mostly on hilux books. Fortunately these being capable vehicles, they have a cult appeal. everyone I ve seen except for some emperor cars are nicely done up or in pristine oem nick.
  9. What's the deal with these 2000s GDI monteros 

    Read too many topics here and I'm confused, some say a pump, some say they are economical, powerful blah blah 

    What exactly goes wrong?

    1. Hyaenidae


      [Hearsay] according to UNIMO guys two most prominent issues of older GDI engines are secondary fuel pump (high-pressure fuel pump?) failure and carbon deposits on intake valves

      That said there are many GDI Lancer Cedias running around with zero issues related to the GDI system so far

    2. □AVANTE□


      @Hyaenidae same as the pajero io GDI?

    3. tiv


      My in-laws had a gearbox for like 15 years from import, had no GDI issues, they Had issues but none GDI afaik, needed a new ecu and the 4wd gearbox has issues. 

  10. tiv

    Toyota Raize first video review

    Frankly I was also a bit eager and rattled to see this in person, then a pal from Colombo said the same Irage has been yelling all these days, it's small and it's pretty average. I am yet to see the car in person but this is what I understood. Real value for money would have been if the top end trim was at 5.1 5.2, but as mentioned that trim is basically a 80s liteace, the X The G comes in between like 5.5 5.6 again 16 inch wheels rather basic So if you are buying one u gotta get the top end The Z has a bit of respectable kit as per competition. That at a price crossing 6mil Idk in what sense anyone would spend that money on this being, being small and similar to a Swift Rs in kit and just being few inches more off the ground or is it? . And low mileage CHRs lingering near the 6.4 mark. Probably will sell due to "the go with the tide" mentality and it maybe practical but the price ain't that good value for money. Btw the previous gen Terios was a good mild off roader, idk how this will fare in 4wd form being this urban oriented
  11. tiv

    4A-Ge Vs 7A-Ge - Toyota Ae86

    The car looks gorgeous bro, congrats
  12. The double cabs that came under L* numbers are commonly converted to dual purpose through dmt, no change in number Just a change in the CR category , maybe the same procedure applies to you, better go inquire from them They charge you though The revenue license category changes post conversion. Check with Dmt on this procedure
  13. A suggestion to the admins / moderators 

    Why not upgrade the whole advert experience, pics are tiny, it looks dated, and hard to find stuff. Plus  due to insane charges, the “famous site” has lesser ads by the day and it’s getting hard to get hold of a good vehicle there. Pretty much there’s no competition either, so why not use this opportunity to boost the advert section. We d all love to see this forum go on in every aspect.  This is the oldest site here AFAIK

  14. tiv

    Better DVD player + navigator

    Its like this The non branded android models have big screens and all the capability but. The lifetime of the item is dependant on your luck These things are like having a Secondly of you are a purist or if you are used to listen to high end audio devices at home or elsewhere, the android generic ones will sound like crap even if you use infinity or nakamichi speakers. My suggestion would be Get a genuine pioneer or kenwood unit, matching speakers and a small active sub, with screen mirroring. A built in Gps unit or android unit in a good brand will cost more. No point mentioning specific models, next time you read this, the 2020 lot will come with never kit.
  15. tiv

    2003 Montero Sport

    Yea I’m sorta looking for a larger suv, body on frame type, large engine petrol or diesel. Has to be Automatic and 4wd, bit after the early 2000s in terms of Yom, need something capable with space. I am a bit loyal to the Mitsubishi brand since we had a few, but I’m yet to find a 1st gen Montero sport that has been well maintained, with a reasonably low mileage, say less than 100,000km I know it sounds unreal but well there was a car and I missed it. and I’m happy with the agents, also my mechanic knows in and out of the Mitsubishi’s Those 2001 Montero also seem fine but they have unrealistic mileages of 130k km and also the GDI issue, Fortuner is in the crosshairs but bit over budget, I will look at the prev gen Vitara too.