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  1. Well to summarise the reason to my answer My maternal uncle, is and was an avid Peugeot collector, has had from the first 104, 305, 504, 404, 407, 406 and now has stepped to the hallowed suv grounds with a 3008. His life mission was convincing other family members buying Peugeot. Peugeot fans may know him by name, he has friends in France through forums they used to ship him stuff for free. Also my profession involves the mid decade permit trend so I tend to see gullible colleagues fall prey every season, the micro season, the vezel season, the permit premio season and now the pug season, So far I've experienced 3 cars, my uncles 3008, another colleagues 3008 and a 5008. I've no experience on the 2008, but I've met reps and was about to do a bit more research before the pandemic So my uncles car had a parking brake issue, hes done like 5000 km, idk he rectified it with the agents. Hes hiding it from me in shame, but I heard it was unusable for a few days. The 5008 had an issue with the display, again 3 days at the agent it was resolved, said it was a software thing. The other 3008 met with an accident, nothing big, front driver side quarter panel. agents repair bill was beyond fathom by the insurance, he ended up fixing it in a 3rd party place, the thing has gone AWOL since then, throwing codes. In my small random sample I've seen that brand new cars shouldn't be that hard to run and repair, hence why I said these arent the most reliable, these are sophisticated European motors, whatever you may say they need a lot of attention which people are having a ball with the so called agent. So to the offended pug owners, I respect your pride and joy and have fun running your high end cars, makes the road prettier Meanwhile some of us enjoy being able to fix a car by a sane bush mechanic or even at home after smiling for atleast 100,000km, and pile some money to spare for another car or few dozen beers.
  2. So u opened LC to a hypothetical/ virtual vin, this is frowned upon by the authorities. I do not understand how u let a car that was manufactured in December get dragged on this long? If the agents are this inefficient to get the car to your driveway, imagine using it. Anyways things will get further postponed atleast 2 months even though u opened the lc due to the current situation. Only thing you can do now is to make sure they attend to the 6 months lubricant change when they deliver the car. Anyways the car has complete free services right, parts + labour. Not to dishearten you but pugs arent the most reliable of cars, need constant attention, esp from agents though our herd mentality have made them flood in, be a bit stiff with the agents with this matter and future matters.
  3. I ll just leave this here,
  4. What's the battery you have in her? Maybe a slightly larger battery will suffice without meddling with the alternator, besides better spark as well. And that's an electric winch right?
  5. Thank you for this! In a world with hideous so called hatchbacks posing as 4x4s And mpg crap, value for money, euros This Is like therapy, made my day!
  6. Actually this was a whole ago, my wife had an exam, so I was parked beside a road in Colombo, in no way was I blocking any path, i was parked in the main road, adjacent to his entrance to the main road besides what can a tiny car like this block, well, so a fella in a Range Rover came from a private road exiting to the main road and made a scene, with specific references to the car being small blah blah, his being big and wide, It not being my turf and since it was in front of the head office of the governing body of my career, where my wife went for the exams, I just moved the tiny car about 5 inches forward just for his sake, whereas he had atleast 3 feet both sides to enter into the main road, I was not in anyway encroaching into the private road whatsoever and nor was I blocking it, Yea probably, but this one got pretty rich pretty fast Lol Hence thereafter gradually phased out both my keis as there is no point being smart and trying to commute efficiently in a country like this. As numerous stunts from buses and lorries and noobs in suvs, on a daily run will one day end up with some accident. Like my old uncle used to say, find the largest lump of metal between you and the car or tree you are going to crash with.
  7. Nice review, this was one of my wifes first cars, bought one in 2017 after the kei boom Few suggestions, get some dust trap carpeting done, including the rear exposed metal areas, And mudflaps! Very rare but useful. Also installing fog lamps is a diy job, u can get em off ebay, Ours was a less blingy one but I'm sure it did 19 to 20kmpl given that we ran it inclines and slopes, Also the pulling power was decent for its size, manage about 2 100kg persons plug luggage when needed. Its size and economy made it very useful, so much we used it quite often, One such time we were badly harassed by a c*nt in a European suv, given the fact I owned and have owned a plethora of large suvs that was a moral turning point and we gave it away thereafter. And buy a spare wheel, dunlop enasaves have sidewall issues
  8. Notoriously slow vehicle for its class, something is very wrong about the price hes asking, compared to the market
  9. The elusive 1000km oil change!

    So I asked the retailer in UK from whom I purchased the Vitara, he insisted on the 1000km oil change,

    But my importer said to run it 5000km, to add the so called engineer at A*W Pitstop also adviced to run 2500km-5000km prior to the break in oil change. 

    Also he insisted the engine was broken in on a table prior to installation and not to worry. This is when the car manual explicitly mentions to break in and to time the turbo prior to turning off

    Well it seems that the car knows better than all of us! It displayed this today just at 1300km


  10. We ll be able to buy a magical 1l of 0w-20 synthetic oil for the price of 500ml hand sanitizer soon, and the oil filter for the price of 5+ masks 

  11. It’s relearning the idle sequence, drive it normally, will come back to normal
  12. This is the bottom line Buy the Vitz, it's cheap to run,unrefined and somewhat new. basically a 1000cc lorry that holds value. Used Aquas here have run big miles, have reverse running gauges and worn off hybrid gear, and thus depreciating badly.
  13. So a certain politician tells me, he had a Montero back in the early 2000s, YOM 2003, he had run it for 200,000km plus and was given an upgrade, it was his first official car, had a lot if sentimental stuff and was previously used by another kingpin polician.

     recently he had seen it in a famous car sale in Kottawa region. Now it presents as a 97,000km 3rd owner lady driven car. He tells me the no of owners have been changed, I've no clue how.


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. tiv


      Nope seems the entire block of owners other than the first owner are missing, 

    3. iRage


      did your friend keep the car on open papers ? :D 

    4. tiv


      I'm not sure, hes a bit senile but a rather shady guy himself. He just says either it's not that car or someone has altered the rego so much even the owners are different. 

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