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  1. I’ve serviced all the Suzuki’s I had at A*W, even my 2020 Vitara, I don’t recommend going elsewhere. If you don’t like the flush, ask them to skip it.
  2. I have used the Hustler I had a few years ago without the battery, took it out for weatherproof carpeting and it worked, so ran without it for 2 days. The yellow "@" light keeps blinking. Its a bit low on power. Just that. No interference with the steering, brakes and Aircon. 100% certain. used to be 110,000LKR , not sure now
  3. Yes it can be run But with an array of dashboard indicators Also without the hybrid battery, the boost from the ISG, the power output will be horrendously low.
  4. You can get a barely used c200 for about 1 mil less than premio money now
  5. Totally counting on the scammers and hoarders of junk from Japan to be wiped off. But another lot are on the rise, the buying and selling lot. They buy 250,000km cars, turn them to a magical 80,000km mileage, do a "sale paint"and off she goes to a poor noob. My good old painter whom i've known over 15 years now has no time to attend to my humbler projects, instead he's occupied with these sale paints, they do a KDH in one day, 45000LKR, just a lick of paint on the old paint. Tie up the bumpers and shes gone.
  6. here comes the boom @gayanath
  7. Yes it was 2.7l and manual and yes it was slow. Wanted to add a bit of humour! Hehe a friends dad is considering swapping his premio to a raize! It's gone that cult. I saw one that had been carved up by a Leyland bus, they aren't that strong at all.
  8. Well my figures are plainly based on running in kandy and a bit off road, Also all my pricing figures were considering agent maintenance I understand your enthusiasm , maybe I am heavy footed, but I do not see the point of praising a car based on fuel economy. It's like scoring a body builder based on what he eats. My comment one the 120 was based on a car I was given by an embassy for a visit, period of 4 weeks, it was equally bumpy so I felt right at home, coming back it felt no different. That was a petrol one btw. Anyways OP do search well as you can get a brilliant Raize with a nice body kit for that money now!
  9. If you had the courtesy to search the forum, you would have almost found all answers in one go. Anyways 1. Ride comfort similar to a 120 Prado, it’s not as uncomfortable as a pickup other than the anterior part of the chassis the rest is totally different. Including certain engine parts and tune. lot of bullshit being circulated by car sales people to discourage the model so that they can sell the jdm imports. In Australia and most countries in 2012 the Montero Sport competed with the 150 Prado in the market. 2. None of the Diesel or petrol SUVs are good on fuel, the market is a complete fake mirror, they bloat 13kmpl and hybrid fuel figures. realistic figures long distance 7kmpl and traffic 2 - 4 kmpl, yes it’s diesel. If you are looking at an suv of this size, please don’t focus on fuel figures, you will be terribly disappointed. 3. Market values range from 6.2 to 6.5 - 2wd or manual models 6.8 up for GLX models Auto , 7.5 up for GLS models (rare) 8mil up for 2014 models (rare) black being the cheapest, pearl white being the most costly and demand (rare) 150000km mileage is nothing for the gear on the suv so don’t worry there. Truth is most of the so called 72000km posts by the buy and sell boys on fb have crossed 200,000km. Buy from an honest 1-3rd owners 4. Faults are very rare, the Timing belt change is a costly affair about 150,000lkr job they chew through brake pads roughly every 20000km running repairs similar to any mid size or large suv, look for an exclusively company maintained vehicle for you to be safe from mileage issues as well and hidden horrors. also do not go by the owners as most 1st real owner cars are 3rd owner on the book CR as the agent purchased permits and ordered and did a same day transfer And paid transfer tax, some ordeal to deliver the cars soon. I don’t know how the second party came in but I’ve seen several CRs with the same thing. Mine is not a permit one. agents had most parts, and delkanda sellers also have parts apparently. 5. You have to check if the luxury taxes have been paid, whilst insuring the vehicle. there should be 7 installments with receipts check this http://www.motortraffic.gov.lk/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=93&Itemid=126&lang=en they are nippy yet robust vehicles, lot of fun off road, cheap to run and have a lot of road presence. and again search the forum, you will find more. PLEASE NOTE, DO NOT GO FOR THE CHEAPEST CAR IN THE MARKET, as unimo claims approx 44 00 vehicles came to the market, the abused ones, people try to pass off as cheap. Buy a well maintained one, or search harder.
  10. As far as I know the rear camber in the aqua is not adjustable, check if yours are. Almost all the newer toyota hatches have a small toe out , and negative camber , could be that but can't be serious as yours Before changing tyre sizes do a wheel alignment including camber and caster. Check all bushings, meanwhile use a used tyre set or something until you make sure the tyres wear equally.
  11. Is this a front tyre or rear tyre?
  12. The reality is that even if u spend millions on these ancillaries to coat or protect another ancillary ( paint) , we travel on public roads shared by people owning vehicles of value 10000 rs to 60mil rupees on a given day, nothing can save you from a scratch or a ding or even a stone chip. So my suggestion would be do a simple wash and a high quality wax, pay the rest for insurance.
  13. Spot on mate, cla has developed a lot of issues over few months, the grey imports D*MO models however are doing well. But those are the 180s with minimum trim
  14. What is the hype with the Ford Ranger Raptor that comes here ? 

    Show pony ranger with marketing to make it look like the real deal from us?

    It's just a pickup with fox racing suspension that costs 2mil to replace, being part Thailand and part indian will depreciate enormously!

    Baja mode seriously? On small tyres?

    Theres no astronomical power output, nor ground clearance, nor bells and whistles 

    Just loads of cladding 

    What am I missing? Good way to loose 15mil ? I'm sure a palath sabaha pajero can manage the same in good nick! Let alone a Hilux or L200

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