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  1. Going a bit OT here, but it does sound like the anglers club in this thread! I am all into DIY in fact I do most of the bits on my car myself. and With all due respect to the Davy and Rumesh and other AL Members who know what they are doing, but why try to do a DIY on something that is so vital, and expensive to repair incase u mess it up? I do not know if OP is not a novice or not but clearly you are seeking opinion on online forums meaning you need a bit of help. Trying DIY is fine in my opinion but why for an expensive and critical component such as the transmission, besides the oil itself is costly, might as well pay the extra bucks and get it done by a reputed garage. You will have a bit of credibility with a receipt someday if you want to let the car go too. In short what I meant was an ATF change comes up roughly in like 2-3 years (40,000Km) thus why take all this trouble whilst like saving 5,000 bucks for mechanic / agent charges. If you mess up your gearbox you are going to end up spending more than that sum just looking for gearboxes all over. And please do change that mechanic cheers
  2. Do look at the Passo too
  3. My in-Laws Had a lot of bad experiences with an IO, Bought it new from Japan at 3000kms and used till 114,000k Let me list the bits that needed replacing in that run Master ECU - Car was garage ridden over 8 months till one was sourced Wiring loom- No evidence of rats, the short in the ecu baked bits of the loom, - so another month or so till a loom was found, then again the ECU with the loom was needed for it to fire Transfer Box / 4wd ECU entire kit again was running in 4H for about 6 months 4WD Shifter mechanism / Inhibitor switch sorta thing Minor running bits such as bushings - bits are hard to find, and repairs need to be done with a worthwhile garage or agent yet All of the above sourced at Delkanda time to time However the agents have almost all bits including rarer body panels for the price though The rear door was replaced there due to a collision Also it came with a JDM Spec OEM display all Japanese, that thing fried along the way throwing daily error codes Also the OBD protocol is not that of the standard lot. Electrical bits on that was a nightmare from the windows to interior lights Ran on 95, no issues with GDI though Check out the photos, this is how it was most of its time with us AVOID Older or high mileage ones unless they are taken care of exceptionally well.
  4. ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    only you could find something like this! But I am shocked on how good it looks
  5. So Small car Search continues, Wifes gone nuts on a new mira and I can't get my mind off an Alto RS200 which I will never fit in!

    And the budget is 1.0Mil short:P

    Kei car problems

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    2. Komisiripala


      I’m one to talk. Mine has a viva elite. At least I went batshit and got the full ultra racing handling package for it! 

    3. tiv


      U mean for the Viva? :huh:Do they make stuff for kei cars?

    4. Komisiripala


      Oho yes they do. UR is Malaysian. They love their own cars! 

  6. Posting this here as I do not want attention from the 1000cc clan

    Could anyone suggest a good kei car of sort 

    Must be auto (wife)

    Around 1.5 mil 

    A reliable make or model? Thanks in advance 

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    2. tiv


      Thank you, will update! If you do see a good car, pls PM me. Nothing convincing yet

    3. Crosswind


      Looks like Richard Hammond's felt the same as I did with the Kelisa. It's truly a car that is cheerful... Actually the Kelisa was one car that I was sad to let go. 

    4. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Yup the Kelisa is a tidy car!

  7. Leather Seat Covers

    those are for real leather innit?
  8. Leather Seat Covers

    Bringing up an old thread on the subject, Well any suggestions on what products to use when cleaning a light shade leather interior and keeping a good polish Namely the seats Faux leather of course or locally termed Japan Leather Whatever that is locally available please
  9. It's like comic con here

    So many new made up heroes to save us damsels in distress

    And teach us of 1000cc goodness and fuel economy 

    1. Magnum


      Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show :D

    2. matroska


      :D it's that time of the year... (Post Budget entertainment) 

  10. Has anyone used chrome paint spray cans? Do they work? on bit of plastic trim?

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    2. tiv


      yea pearl white, it won't look good innit?

    3. Davy


      I personally like less chrome on modern cars, so I don't mind it really. 


      I've sent you a PM. 

    4. tiv


      Thanks again, by the looks of this, it aint that bad looking, I might do it up

  11. Best vehicle to buy post Nov 2017 budget

    Price point of view true, But do note conditions in UK or the mainland Europe are very different from ours in terms of weather, fuel quality, maintenance, road conditions etc. The only thing common is the traffic. Again I was asking why longevity is not a concern, in these highly 'stressed engines'
  12. Best vehicle to buy post Nov 2017 budget

    My point was, and is, now added to your new points, with all this niggles and wizardry its making a low figure of course justified for its size but not justified for the "car mass" at the driving end. Whatever the Rpm or the 20Nm difference, I mean seriously ? you guys arguing about 20Nm torque differences? I was not requiring any explanation on how these engines make their power Again as per experience one does know that EGR systems clog up engines, Turbochargers and high compression also takes of a few hundred thousand miles off an engines life. As you said efficient engine management for low emissions , fuel economy and most bang per buck per cylinder CC. But haven't they not compromised the lifespan; longevity of these small engines? Will you not want your 7mil bragging right to last a few years?
  13. Best vehicle to buy post Nov 2017 budget

    Why is no one commenting on the longevity of these engines? 1000cc small blocks? long term high revving? 1000+kg heavy bodies built for larger engines?, Sri Lankan roads? hopefully atleast 100,000 km? Also noting they cost quite a sum of money in Sri Lankan context whereas in other countries Cost POV depreciation is eminent and resale is not a concern and may even be considered disposable? Whereas in Sri Lanka you can still go buy a house SOmewhere! for 7mil These are not 1000cc kei cars we talking about! Note : CH-R / 185 Nm Torque is not a big value my friend for something that large designed for a Western market, considering tiny A70 Lancers and 80s Corollas had near 150Nm torque when new. The small engine is not even offered in certain Western markets