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  1. Boy this conversation might have confused you to hell, let me share my bit if your your budget was towards the 18 mark an Indian will be a safer option because you can land a newer model, but at 13.5 you can get a much better jap, rather than the Indian ones at the price also cars from this era may not be as economical in terms of fuel but spares are cheap, and cars from this era have ample parts, cheap parts in many makes, simple services and you can run 92 oct, saving a bit more, and you are extremely LESS likely to lose money via depreciation through a jap car in this era, and mileage won’t also be a big deal as all are high, whereas Indian cars of your budget range when old fall apart, loose money and mileage concerns pop up, interiors are shabby and lack more, even road presence is less. Get a jap, You ll fall in love with it and develop a passion no one looks down on a well maintained clean jap car, whereas even a brand new Indian car is no head turner in our local context, they maybe good but it’s just the mentality here.
  2. tiv


    Looking at getting a petrol one so noise wont be a big deal I guess, let me look out for lutian ones
  3. tiv


    On with an old thread, has anyone used this Tiger Brand generator now marketed here? or is there any good brand to go for a tiny generator .7 to 1kva ? any good agent?
  4. Dude RMV ; DMT has heaps of mistakes in books / CRs I have seen 7 Seater Volkswagen beatle Land Rovers with country of Origin as Japan Mini Coopers from Japan ( Book Print ) Diesel Vehicles marked petrol Land Cruisers marked Land rover Kias marked as Country of origin; china Don't get me started on engine CC, gosh misprint chassis nos, inclusions, omissions Yea everything can be amended, they have a procedure
  5. As long as the aren’t the hybrid ones, you’d be fine, agents have almost all parts but don’t expect them to run on a budget. expect running repairs as they will have a certain mileage above 50000km Parts Oem are costly and they are not fuel Efficient, pretty much the same with all SUVs though Also consider the ASX and a low mileage vezel if you can as they fall in the same range. If you are keen on a Mitsubishi, talk to the agents, you can get an idea and the issues they have and the fuel/ running costs
  6. tiv


    Off road 4x4 spec buffers or any front attachments are not legal https://www.police.lk/index.php/traffic-police/55 besides the gazettes and old laws, the new dmt-traffic police teams work in their own agenda, tearing down and fining whatever they find a fiberglass off-road bumper would render it useless and difficult to manufacture will serve only one purpose; ie the look and giving a better approach angle you will loose winch mounting and winching capability, jack points, light mounting, and the brute strength, and a bit of rock sliding etc.
  7. tiv

    Chasis Correction Workshops

    There is a place in kandy, a famous service station If I recall Unit#d Mot#rs also had one, along with formula world in the late 2000s
  8. tiv

    Toyota Hilux SSRX V8 conversion

    You are likely to lose a lot of money in doing a petrol conversion in this country, if that is no concern, it would be a fun project again it would be the v6 offered in the tundra or 4runner 1gr 2gr engines etc
  9. tiv

    Daihatsu Mira 2017 Gear Box Replacement

    My point being its going to be hard to find the housing only, these models being a few years old and are rare as complete cars, also it's very unlikely that someone would store a GB housing but would try to launder you a complete gearbox.
  10. tiv

    Daihatsu Mira 2017 Gear Box Replacement

    This can be fixed in a good lathe mate but you will have to take the housing bit off, looks like you have lost one of the anchoring bolts as well, do not run it till it’s sorted, if you could get a picture from another car, they’ll be able to sort that bit, brass welds might hold., we usually brazing welds to patch damaged sumps.
  11. So will this be the end of the Kei influx here?

    1. iRage


      Unfortunately yes....so I suppose we will see an influx of Marutis again (purely because they are the cheapest)

  12. tiv

    Honda CRV vs Mithubishi Montero

    Very abundant, even if u can’t find something outside, the agent will carry every nut and bolt.
  13. Wow thats a beautiful car!, welcome to Mitsubishi ownership!
  14. tiv

    360 Bird's eye camera calibration

    Get the calibration done properly as I have a stupid colleague who lost a tyre, cracked diamond cut alloy and dented a wheel arch and C pillar after the 360 system missing an entire lamp post on a sedan by cutting too close in a narrow driveway.
  15. tiv

    Broken center cap for alloy wheel

    A pic of the cap and the rim may help