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  1. So a chap spends like 7mil on a car, with 1litre engine capacity + turbo, still confused about gas mileage and in the end complain!

    I mean what are you trying to achieve here? 

    Impress the neighbor? Feel big? 

    Why not use half of that on a thirsty SUV, or a tad bit older premium car, and spend a bit more on fuel! and peace of mind

  2. its like early 2000s Civic Mania again with the new RX8 influx! Hooligans all over, beware!

    1. iRage


      Heard that at times it is turning out to be like monkeys with sledge hammers :)

  3. Seriously mate? recall Sri lanka? Expensive tyres? Bad roads? What do you drive??
  4. Yes but that mode is exclusive only to the stingray My new hustler has s ene charge but it doesn't have this ev creep function Anyway just to flush my system had a blast to nuwara eliya in my old smoking 4 pot turbo diesel. Had a blast.
  5. The 2017 or 18 Wagon R has some small EV mode, the motor / alternator (ISG) manages to propel it for a certain time. I've seen it on the new stingray ver in my workplace
  6. I spoke to this gentleman on the phone a few months back Was a helpful and genuine person Took almost 30min of his time to explain how the system works and what to look for and what to stay away from. Told me Not to even bring the vehicle to him. Not the typical money oriented people you see in the trade nowadays. Highly recommended!
  7. AS for Uber context the Wagon R had attained a certain appeal mate And in comparison it is the overall better vehicle out of the 3 for your intended purpose More details about each are and also comparisons have been discussed in further threads. Take a look
  8. OBD II diagnostic - unable to connect ECU

    Yea these ELM327 ones don't run with some UK variants, It worked with my UK Hilux, and the local market mitsubishi suvs, and even the kei cars, and my Jdm leaf, jdm X-trail the very same unit failed with UK market L200 and a Trojan of my cousins, and a BMW 320d UK import.
  9. 'Worth the money' is the typical school of thought in our country, U see a car or a Van coming with 4wd / Awd is heavy and high on fuel consumption and 'no market' Whereas a Pickup truck or Suv with 4wd has a higher demand rather than 2wd, only exception i've seen are Vezels and a few kias IN my opinion having on-demand or automatic drive to the 4 wheels is really handy starting from a rainy day to a point you get stuck reversing on a hilly route to give way for another car, Its a luxury you would wish you had when you do get stuck. Of course there is a bit of added maintenance but nothing out of the ordinary in comparison to a 2wd car, unless you are trying to save even 0.5kmpl on the long run. The opinion is subjective but the utility must be entirely decided on the vehicle and how you plan to use it. As for me, whatever it may be, I'd prefer it be AWD or to fancy a 4wd drivetrain.
  10. Mitsubishi Ek Wagon

    The tuned altos were out of my budget for now, the standard trims were not worth it, and the clang hated the Ek Wagon, gave out one last cry for a Jimny which I hated to eat my words after seeing the interior and rear space so ended up with the Hustler, mind you the car does grow on you with time,
  11. Are Armour-all quick waxes any good? IN relation to soft99 (blue can- cant recall the name) conventional wax and 3m quick wax (which didn't impress me much in terms of shine, but beaded off well)

  12. Small thought- Just because its expensive doesn't mean its really good, or "high end" audio quality even on a factory fitted B&o or Burmester has a long way to go to compare with what the aftermarket kits have to offer in terms of quality and to be "high end",Sadly you did not mention what speakers you have for your 'high end' unit, and how many of them. Even if you drive from an Alpine to a Nakamichi, on those standard paper cone speakers that come with Japanese cars, they would be light years behind your home stereo. Secondly, say whatever gold it is, what good is it if one cannot use it to fulfill its purpose? Lastly, If you opt a retailer to take your unit, expect your returns to be less than a Generic Chinese DVD player If your are cost effectively or cheaply trying to upgrade your audio kit (meaning less than 30000LKR) do not expect anything of quality, but if you want to look at just the tip of what 'high end' is, expect to go near 100,000LKR. Most of the popular manufacturers have your din size in their costlier models, Local stores are possessed by Kenwood and try to shove on into your car as well, don't be mended by them for pdf translation - https://www.onlinedoctranslator.com/ Cheers
  13. alto vs mira

    I guess we are being trolled
  14. alto vs mira

    I am having a ball in the Mira Es In fact when my wife wanted to sell it I kept it and bought her a hustler The Mira is ahead of the alto EXCEPT FOR THE RS TURBO AND WORKS which I daily covet Mira pulls better Has more rear leg room Has more luggage room Both have boring dashboards but the Mira has a bit less boring gauge cluster. Led digital and all As for looks The alto has this angry puppy face but a van like butt Whereas the Mira has a boring front end but the rear is kinda ok. Upto u,
  15. Can you please elaborate what the A sign indicator flashing means?