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  1. I wish this forum would go back to the old days. When hybrids weren't here. Fuel figures were always absurd. Anything  below 1300cc was a maruti, real old petrolheads and stories of their broken cars, projects, builds and younger petrolheads (like us - now old) speaking of drags and driving civics to extinction. A world where a Suv always had 4wd. I was just a peer back then. But I learnt a lot. 

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    2. LashNeo


      Yeah.. Even the posts of Uncle Sylvi and the Civic ricer boys were more interesting than the boring stuff we see today...:(


    3. matroska


      what happened to uncle sylvi? He disappeared a few years ago

    4. MrCat


      lol..!  Good ol` days.. The forum pretty much followed where the car industry as a whole is heading :D  No more fiber-glass body kits, no more 'Tuned i-chipped' civics. It`s all about that 360 degree camera view on an 8 inch screen! And that battery pack which is at 50% capacity and slowly dying.. :D  Give it a decade and anyone who can actually 'drive' a car without electronic aid whilst shifting a manual transmission will be considered old and weird!  

  2. tiv

    CHR 1200cc colombo city Fuel consumption per liter

    CHR? OP Seriously fuel figures after 7 mil and a 1.2l engine?
  3. Looks like they've spent more money on fixing up the book via DMT rather than on the vehicle lol. 🤣 Even a noob about land rovers would know the defender name was not even introduced in the 80s. Would have looked legit if they fixed it to be land rover 90 or 110 which they were badged as at the time and that was how the bookes were printed. But this series 3 should have been just land rover for make and a "-" for model. Some genius decided to fill the gap and alter the book. STF vehicles bearing reg nos 32-23xx just had the tag Land rover but they were real 90 soft tops those were the first 90s that came in to the island With YOM 1985. Some are still in service. The First 110 was released in 1984, first 90 in 1985 Even defenders from 1992 don't have books bearing the name DEFENDER, just Land rover 110 or 90. If the book is your target. You can't use this reg on a defender on a legit basis . A known cop will take you in as its a 31 Sri. Mind you cops know about these vehicles as most were ex police army etc. Unless u change it to a E series number but still there are many holes you can get trapped into the law with this. Given all the spending and the condition the thing is in. You might be able to buy a real defender 90 or a much more reliable pajero. Mitsubishi jeep etc. For that money. Or a properly done up puma or near for around 6mil. If you think owning a defender and hooting about can kinda give you that macho political big shot aura in town. Sadly that era has passed and now they get copped in and out. No one cares. Believe me I owned a legit one few years ago in army green and had a past time of living with mechanics and paying cop fines.
  4. This is not a Defender 90, a lookalike made from bits of various cars. I suggest you do a thorough research on the matter prior to a purchase as this thing looks nowhere near a Defender and even a newbie could have spotted it. The front grille box, door handles all look locally built. Failed poor attempt of a series 3 conversion. There were no 31 sri defenders. If you aren't an enthusiast and just looking for show or utilitarian use, Land Rovers of this era not for you. Please read up and ask about. Save yourself the trouble
  5. Absolutely loved this is months top gear sl magazine! Would anyone know a channel to purchase past magazines? 

    When did the first issue come out? 

  6. I know a few individuals who got this done. Not sure of the proper channel, maybe a shady one. All of them are wealthy chaps. Directly check this at DMT if there is a legal path.
  7. tiv

    About Daihatsu Mira

    I own both, the hustler is more powerful but not a fan of the uncomfortable bumpy ride. In comparison the mira has very low ground clearance. The mira is quite simple no hybrid system, cheap to run, much more comfortable, very less body roll for its capabilities. Easily can do 100s in the expressways. And equally spacious as the hustler Repairwise given the influx of wagon r and hustlers there are more stories in comparison to mira but I have nothing so far. Fuel both are between 17 to 21 kmpl in reality but the hustler is a bit less economical Build quality , fancy bits aside, I must say the mira is far better built looking at the plastics and paneling.
  8. tiv

    Car speaker repair

    Dude genuine jbl is available provided you know where to look for. Assuming you damaged a specific speaker oem for a car, that maybe hard to find but obviously there are enough genuine jbl speakers in universal form to fit your application. I doubt local repair will hold up to original jbl standards.
  9. Any of you fellas have any experience with the Daihatsu Copen ? 660 hardtop convertibles 


    The only let down with the s660 is the vinyl top 

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    2. tiv


      Nice car, did u sell it off. If so for how much and why 

      Planning to buy one as a weekend runner just for fun. I know I 'll loose money off it, still pondering if it will be worthwhile. I am yet to drive one as these car sale chums rarely let u drive one. Probably due to many joyriders

      The 660 is out for me as I will atleast need the boot area to carry stuff around when needed. And  I hate vinyl tops. The folding metal roof is sorta like best of both worlds.


    3. TheFlyingFox


      Sold it for 3.3 Mil. Why ? I got married :D. Anyway couldn't afford to keep two cars so sadly had to give up this.

      If you are the right size, the car will reward you well as a weekend car! I have no experience with sports cars and the closest car i had to a sports car was a Honda GP4 around 3 years back. I can say this thing handles better than that, the steering is very precise, the car feels agile and really fun to drive! For this price, i don't think you can have more fun in any other car (Hood down or up). Only things not so great are the brakes (Maybe due to drums in the back) and the dreaded CVT gearbox (Off the line its very weak to pick up speed, after ~40kmph it really goes). I now have a Swift RS and although its quicker off the line than the copen, there is body roll around the corners and no where near as fun to drive!

    4. tiv


      I cant really take the option of a manual as my wife will drive it. 3.3 is rather affordable. You know when one is genuinely interested and goes to a sale to take a look at one. They come acting like it's the roll Royce dealership there. With ridiculous quotes and attitudes. Thank u for your input mate. In terms of size I do have a scene like a cat fitting into a box but do-able. 

  10. tiv

    Nissan leaf Battery

    Must have been quite a blow as they are rather well built and heavy; would love to hear the drama from the insurance company as well lol. They hate leafs!
  11. tiv

    Nissan leaf Battery

    That number is rather significant as only about 5000 odd made it here during that draft in 2015. I myself lost 1mil in depreciation. You can't blame one for trying to selling it off in a way as no one bought it that cheap (2.8-4.4mil ) and we have no battery lease. Also no one anticipated accelerated battery degradation . And also expected the local tech or investors to catch up. The Nissan agent also played a foul role as the leaf didn't fetch sufficient revenue in terms of services and repairs , thus they ignored the leaf for almost 2 years since the influx and finally when they did look this is way, their rates and services are rather expensive and not the vital ones you need to run a sophisticated car such as a leaf. Basically if some big **** goes down you are on your own.
  12. tiv

    Nissan leaf Battery

  13. tiv

    Nissan leaf Battery

    I owned a leaf prior and was a big fan of the car. Had to let it go because of the battery issue and commutes getting longer and range getting shorter. Battery support is kinda really poor and attempts are feeble. There are a load of fb groups maintained by owners. I suggest you follow them for options. The govt. Is partly responsible for this.
  14. There goes my dream to buy a Jimny!

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    2. tiv


      Best part is my cousin who is a big hoo ha in the largest mobile telecommunication in network in the country bogged down his glorious vezel 2wd which he thinks is the millennium falcon. and Got into a heated argument with the crew and they all hate me now thus no assistance in trotting along. The route itself was a hard drive. Ask komi, he knows!

    3. Crosswind


      Where the hell do you live man? Pidurutalagala?

    4. tiv


      I live at the foothills of the hantana range. Hilly roads perfectly paved before. The ceb project tore the whole thing up. Now it's a miniature mud track. I'm sure pidurutalagala is far more accessible now. 

  15. tiv

    Wagon R Hybrid Engine Oil

    The oil is slightly thicker, But I dofeel more power, esp top end, also my point would be the thicker oil may have started to lubricate a bit more, also surely the first fill from the factory is less likely to be a synthetic oil, and they also add break-in additives, all this combined i believe the difference. the downside noted there is a noticeable rattle on cold start for about 3 seconds. Since the engine revs to 2000 rpm itself and settles. Cold start being about 22c or higher, thus whatever the oil there can't be a big change in viscosity to have a detrimental effect on the motor.