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  1. The mounts are not as easily accessible as in this, will need a different specialised brace It will come to about 6 mil in the duty pattern, being expensive at the auction as well with the engine capacity
  2. I’d like to add, the vitz has kinda good handling and feels very planted, but then again I’m used to old school suvs, does your car have steel wheels or an alloy set, if not I’d suggest a safe set of jdm alloys, a tad bit wider with the factory tyre size, my car came with Enkei factory alloys, they are butt ugly but came specced to the car, emblems and everything and I’ve decided to keep em, moving. Between Vitz s I’ve realized the wheels make a huge difference, my first car had steelies, I swapped em for some oz racing used wheels, I saw the difference the new one with the enkeis and a wider tyre feels even better, you ll loose like 35k on a used jdm set
  3. tiv

    Cool Ebay Gadgets For Cars

    Use genuine 3m VHB tape, will not fall off, and will fill into the grid area , take time and trim it precisely, but it will not be theft proof, if you drill it well it will shatter the emblem partially on removal so thieves will not touch it, but you ll have holes on your panel
  4. tiv

    Doubtful about this car

    Could be a port auction, look around in the documents, if it is expect corrosion and a once over
  5. I sold my Vitz and got newer Vitz 

    Why are these things so bland

    and why do wives like them so much 

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    2. Davy


      The only time I've driven a 1L Vitz is from Colombo to Kandy and back with two friends. 

      Had my right foot buried in the carpet in order to overtake that slow bus on Kandy road, while praying that you will clear that oncoming truck in time. 😣 My goodness the lack of power!

    3. Uditha88


      3rd time I saw n now hear old to new Vitz upgrade. why do they do so....

      btw. 1.3L vitz still available right? might be high in price due to tax....

    4. Magnum


      I wonder how the Vitz 1L is compared to a turbo charged kei car. I drove a N/A Spacia, it pulled cleanly.

  6. tiv

    Slim Type Sub Woofers

    I’ve seen some as low as 8500 to 16k brand new, probably duplicates innit
  7. tiv

    Slim Type Sub Woofers

    How much do these cost?
  8. tiv

    Hustler vs Alto JDM

    We have discussed the this on many posts, do a search Hustler would be better in every aspect compared with the standard alto, bit costlier too though
  9. 35Nmwas something we gained by losing an air filter back in the day off road!
  10. Knocking has very little to do with turbo wear, unless it’s some horrendous knock and there’s preignition in the turbo housing or reignition in the exhaust manifold / the afterburner effect Very less likely in such a small engine, it’s a tiny little turbo with very little lag, even if you put 92 to it, the ecu will not let the thing knock, will self adjust the ignition timing etc to keep things smooth In order to get the best performance and the engine probably has a higher compression ratio than the normal counterpart, so premium fuel is advised Do a search and note down the compression ratio and the Ron they require in factory. Most likely it’s 95 as most of the turbo Suzuki Keri’s were adviced to 5w30 oil and premium fuel normally they state anything below 89 as regular, and rest as premium , search the forum once irage commented very informatively I did test drive one of these and do not assume this is a comfortable kei for normal city driving / hauling suspension and seats are very stiff and is very rev happy, also not as economical as the normal one. Corners like it’s on rails Obviously all that power tweaking is going to end in compromise to longevity, so expect things when u attain higher mileages, but it’s a rewarding car, even small running repairs can turn into upgrades with performance parts etc Specific body Parts are VERY rare and expensive at the moment, so make sure u get full insurance and a very low mileage well sound example. Engine parts are also quite rare, A lovely little car in all, with something for the daily and many smiles for the weekend fun run.
  11. tiv

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    You would have flipped when you saw this eh? Sleepless nights?😆
  12. tiv

    Suzuki Hustler Oxygen Sensor Malfunction

    Did you try cleaning it?
  13. tiv

    ISUZU Trooper

    Search the forum, lot of content used to be there from like 2007 to 2012
  14. Using used shock absorbers would be really senseless, there is a shelf life for the pressurized rubber parts, which may have been removed from a 2000km car, which flipped or got rear ended and been in a container yard with water ingress for 5,6 years unladen with no pressure. just get the KYB replacements from a reputed supplier, most parts TL serves are just over priced distributer sourced stuff. Cutting corners or going paranoid on bits like this make you end up doing the same repair twice with no peace of mind. Its not like doing some engine overhaul, shock absorbers are not all that costly, especially in a car. It’s a typical run of the mil jap car, whatever the bit you use there is a threshold of comfort that you can achieve, which is very low.
  15. tiv

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    I heard the Minerva brand is good