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  1. Service in Toyota Lanka Maharagama

    If its like 12,000 bucks for the above with toyota genuine oil and filter, isn't it cheap besides with comprehensive maintenance history you have a certain credibility when disposing the car one day. Also they do a bit of peeping around to find a faulty unit that you may miss elsewhere, even though you necessarily go change then and there with them. I find that information very valuable
  2. Tip for 2012+ Pajero, Montero, Shogun, Montero Sport owners. Swap the sponge based like coil spring helper bush to Heavy duty rubber spec, and experience a massive change in handling and body roll. Money well spent!

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    2. Magnum


      Looks like bump stops

    3. tiv


      Yes but with the soft coil suspension and the OEM spongy bump stops the vehicle has heaps body roll, by changing the composition of the stops I noticed a huge improvement, this was tested after reading through several Thai and Indonesian forums, also this makes you think as to how much the springs travel on a daily basis and ow often they almost bottom out in these heavier models

    4. Magnum


      You should post this on one of the Montero Sport threads or on a thread related to the vehicle you tested it on

  3. When to change timing belt

    Well sadly they say otherwise, spoke to my trusty mechanic for over 20 years, he too says needs tensioner and pulley changes so on
  4. When to change timing belt

    Hi everyone, Using this old thread for a question, Well the issue is I am reaching 80,000km on a L200 (Di-d 2014 YOM 4D56U CRDI engine) and thus need a timing belt change along the way, When inquiring from the agents the belt itself costs a reasonable 10,000 bucks whereas they recommend a complete redo of all mechanical bits relating to the belt, pulleys, tensioners, seals so on leading to about 70,000 bucks excluding labour. This is without even looking at the vehicle. The vehicle barely carries any load, but just used to make long distance runs owing to approx 500km a week, driven fairly fast, with Auto Transmission and Super select 4wd My question is this really necessary or just would just replacing the belt proper suffice?
  5. Converting Land Rover series into defender

    If you try to do this mechanically u will end up with a Frankenstien with no value, mostly illegal, plenty on the roads now covered up with E*-XXXX numbers If you try to use your number with a real defender black import, again no value and totally illegal, yet plenty on the roads Buy with the new laws spooling up you are likely to get convicted eventually, thus avoid the above If you want a real defender, better off buying a real chassis with reg and build it ground up, Will be solid and will have the value with time. Remember LRs are quite un-reliable unless you do them up properly, and expensive But now trends are picking up where people restore series IIs with better running gear retaining the same look and chassis more or less a restomod as defenders are kinda all over now and series IIs are getting rarer as people tend to chop them up.
  6. Try early pajero SWB or 4DR6-T Based Safari body Jeep units
  7. Buying Mitsubishi Montero 2000 - 2003

    Cheap to run does not make sense with any SUV in this country mate
  8. Buying Mitsubishi Montero 2000 - 2003

    They have their independent perks, depends on your budget and requirement I'd go for the diesel
  9. Buying Mitsubishi Montero 2000 - 2003

    Well the verdict kinda changes based on the fuel type and engine Pros Its a large SUV, good off road, good road presence, 7 seater, good cargo bay Corners OK, pulls well (V6) Of course reliable, Comfortable Bits easy to find, not always costly Cons Relatively expensive to maintain ( service varies between 10000 to 50000 LKR based on the retailer and standard of spares used) Both engines thirsty, don't expect hybrid figures Relatively old now, expect repairs, costly ones as well Insurance proportional to the sum you pay for it Tyres expensive, Will constantly need attention due to minor wear and tear All in all stick to a genuine car, lesser owners, lower mileage <100,000km and if possible standard spec imported by agents and of course agent maintained, Try to get it inspected by a professional.
  10. European cars and Sri Lankan People

    HI there, Stepping in for a bit of info on the Cefiro, had one back in 2004 when they came in, For starters its more of a land barge feel, Epic aircon, very comfortable soft suspension, and pulls really well, I'll never forget the massive teak lump on the dash. Do note they are quite thirsty, the V6 does like 4 to 6kmpl (95OC) We as in my dad used to maintain it at the agents and a reputed Service station / Workshop in the suburbs of Kandy, During the time we had no issues, would be a bit hard to get about and park in a city but that was no issue back then. Don't expect them to be trouble free now as they would have seen many miles now, Certain bits are hard to find as well.
  11. I do miss the simplicity of hiluxes-_-

    1. Splat


      Yep there are reliable and no need super diesel....:D


  12. Agents tend to cook up various reasons and excuses to bill you enormous sums, as a informed consumer you would know the abuse your car took and if this maintenance is required at this given instance, but in all every automatic gearbox does need an oil change along the way. So do a bit of online research before you go shell out.
  13. CR 51WD system

    Are u trying to turn off 4wd For better fuel economy? As far as I know it's not a possible thing electrically You might as well then remove the 4wd front prop shaft and blank it off with plates to prevent oil spilling out. U can proceed to taking out the front 4wd diff and the cv joints as well if so. But the bottom line is why go to ruin a perfect driver aid when you could have bought a 2wd one? Oh then again 4wd vans come cheap don't they. I had one a long time ago and my verdict is this. The 4wd system is very decent and very grippy and the added clearance helps. Entire suspension is much more rugged and guarded for a subtle off-road run. On a bumpy or bad road you can draw rings around vezels but the overall fuel economy is kinda less , if it's a 2c it is horrendously slow and the front CVS need replacement every 20000-30000 odd km and the auto gearbox model tends to need a gearbox every 100000 odd km. The above are based on my personal experience btw. I used the vehicle for about 200000 km with original spec then upgraded all to 3c-te manual 4wd. Was 325000km when I sold it. My opinion don't go to mess with the 4wd system. Full time 4wd or Awd in these vehicles are not the same as running on 4H all the time on your Hilux or L200 They are designed for grip and economy to an extent. Cheers
  14. Defender mod

    Working with defenders ain't going to go cheap, if you want a professional job expect between 0.7-1.0 mil with specialist sub-oem gear. Variables are the YOM of the vehicle, and condition engine type, bulkhead etc and how well you intend to do it. My opinion is to stick to Land Rover bits or parts that are made for Land Rover so that it will hold some value but do mind you will not what you spend for them. I will not comment about putting Jap parts etc. Best bet is swap it with Discovery gear but again you will need special conversion kit bits for gauge cluster, trim etc and also this will work pre-2007 models as old Discovery 200tdi 300tdi engines could be planted to defenders with the auto gearbox. There were NAS spec and specialist UK models sold factory auto but are uber rare now. All in all its a very tedious and expensive job, not worthwhile doing the crime to a serious off roader, as plenty of SUVs in the market with auto transmission, but if you still want the looks and auto, All the specialists in the Country may be able to handle, provided you save a buck by getting down the internals. Also if the heavy clutch is your issue, there are plenty of kits to add a servo unit to make it feather light!
  15. CR 51WD system

    I had one for over 12 years back in the day, have tried the hoist method and it works. Neutral and spinning the wheels on a hoist also works but only if u spin a rear wheel, a front wheel will just spin freely but if u rotate a rear wheel the front will also turn. There are 2 variants, If you have an automatic transmission, it mostly goes 2wd and engages automatically almost every time you put your foot down etc, but if you have a manual transmission its Full Time 4wd.