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  1. Happily 'Leafing' about these days!

  2. gearbox oil

    Take a look at this, this was under capacities, However when I check the dipstick, oil levels appear slightly on the high side and mostly new-ish with a tinge of old oil.
  3. gearbox oil

    Finally found a thread to record this, for other users awareness So I have this daily runner a 2014 Montero Sport, Just took it in for ATF change to the agents, Kandy branch ie. So I was there each step of the way, they took the sump off, cleaned the magnets, cleaned the filter with carb cleaner, took off a banjo bolt on the side, let the whole thing drain out, then quick refilled the thing via a dipstick and with just 5 LITRES the dipstick levelled off, Anyone with even a palathsaba pajero would know these gearboxes will hold well over 9 litres, thereby after arguing with the mechanic, then taking the same to the superiors, they say that they have never filled more than 5 litres and the dipstick is on the dot. Thereafter after extensive research I found out the service manual says 9.7 litres in the gearbox, thus asking them to drain the hoses as well. Youtube videos suggest a engine start stop technique to pump all the oil out, which they never did. Thereafter on further research I found out that due to easier running and sustainability costs, in Asian markets they advice partial ATF changes half or 2/3, every 40,000-50,000km rather than messing with the gearbox internals and pipes. Then again looking back, the jokers at the agents never knew this had 9.7 litres inside and never knew the math behind this 5 litre ATF change their computer system suggested. Also where this partial method suggests only to drain via the nut, they did take the sump apart and clean the bits. However my previous bills suggest they have taken charged me for 10litres of ATF with same labour charge previously in the popular Colombo branch sometime back for a similar vehicle Mixed theories / methods I would say, more or less is the agent running on protocol or gut feeling?
  4. Car Battery

    There is no issue with my battery I just wanted to clarify a doubt. Hypothetical situation where we popped in a bigger battery Exactly wanted to clarify this Um. There is no issue with my vehicle There is a bit of a load by aux lighting and sound system. But no big concern
  5. Car Battery

    Well, found this thread and thought of discussing a similar subject. Well vehicles come with particular battery sizes as stock with an AH rating. Say there was space in the tray and price didn't matter, would there be any benefit in up-sizing the battery capacity. Stock alternator btw Example : 75Ah stock setup vs 100Ah newer battery
  6. Back in the day, AL was a place where we Petrolheads came for insight and advice on our motoring prospects / daily runner etc and glance new builds from senior members and experts,

    Now its become a place where internet heroes come to exercise pora talks and mask down at least the one or few good threads still running. 

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    2. vag2


      the passion is dead

    3. Reckless


      Yeah I can remember bunch of em Don, Master Don, VVTi, Komi, Ripper, Nexus (my buddy those days) and who can forget dear old Mr. Sylvi..

    4. Magnum


      Nexus disappeared all of a sudden too...

      You guys remember that California guy? If he was around these days he would be having a blast with all these new hybrid models lately 

  7. I recall some older / senior members of the AL Forum telling paying full insurance premiums is a complete waste given the way they shim away stuff and you end up begging them. Well today I learnt it the hard way

    The jokers at SL I******* Quoted Rs. 750 to remove align and refit a Nissan Leaf rear bumper. 

    1. vag2


      at their garage?

    2. tiv


      Where i chose

  8. ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    A small Suggestion Why don't we with moderators support of course make a single thread index sorta thing, with useful contacts of Mechanics, Painters, Tinkers, Electricians, A/C Technicians, Spare parts, fibre joints, so on, from city to city, Islandwide even relevant to particular makes, models Based on past experience and personal views as well, on trust basis too someday it may come in handy to any of us, say we go outstation, or we buy a different car, Just an idea, feel free to share opinions, of course one persons opinion on one place may vary to another's but still all this info may come as the world to another noob looking for some help fixing his car. Like they say, Good help is hard to find! Cheers
  9. Not an Advert, Just helping a honest worker
    I have found a decent small time painter from Kandy, Does epic work, manages Pearl Colours easy

    If anyone is interested let me know.

  10. Does anyone know what type / make of Oil is used on Pajero / Montero / Sport / L200 Transfer Boxes? by Agents?

    Auto with Super Select that is

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    2. Magnum


      What are those category? Is it related to the viscosity?

    3. tiv


      Yup Viscosity API rating

    4. tiv


      GL-4 Available from Castrol - Rs. 1000 / litre

      GL-5 Mobilube - Rs. 990 / litre

  11. Fuel System Cleaner - Valvoline

    Its Mitsubishi Fuel System Cleaner, Used it twice in 2 vehicles under agent recommendation, poured it in myself with a full tank, No issues i've crossed 20000km in both http://www.mitsubishi-motors.com/en/maintenance/engine/fuel.html
  12. Fuel System Cleaner - Valvoline

    There is an Branded OEM Mitsubishi Cleaner at the agents, I've used it and it makes a noticeable difference.
  13. Service in Toyota Lanka Maharagama

    If its like 12,000 bucks for the above with toyota genuine oil and filter, isn't it cheap besides with comprehensive maintenance history you have a certain credibility when disposing the car one day. Also they do a bit of peeping around to find a faulty unit that you may miss elsewhere, even though you necessarily go change then and there with them. I find that information very valuable
  14. Tip for 2012+ Pajero, Montero, Shogun, Montero Sport owners. Swap the sponge based like coil spring helper bush to Heavy duty rubber spec, and experience a massive change in handling and body roll. Money well spent!

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    2. Magnum


      Looks like bump stops

    3. tiv


      Yes but with the soft coil suspension and the OEM spongy bump stops the vehicle has heaps body roll, by changing the composition of the stops I noticed a huge improvement, this was tested after reading through several Thai and Indonesian forums, also this makes you think as to how much the springs travel on a daily basis and ow often they almost bottom out in these heavier models

    4. Magnum


      You should post this on one of the Montero Sport threads or on a thread related to the vehicle you tested it on