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  1. Accidently found out the wheels in my Mitsubishi are branded enkei off the factory,

    Is this common for mitsubishi, I mean this ain't an evo etc

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    2. tiv


      I mean Enkei wheels are kind of a big name in wheels, esp high end, racing semi- street etc


      People kinda go out of the way to buy Enkei wheels, they have made some popular designs,

      Some high end cars are factory fitted with Enkeis,

      all civic etc ricer boys go putting the enkei logo all over

      They have been heavily credited in racing games , NFS etc, the distinctive logo has kinda become a big deal.


    3. Hyaenidae


      Expensive too, at-least the aftermarket ones. Now I get what you meant when you said "Kinda slick being a manufacturer"

    4. Hyaenidae
  2. tiv

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    You should see them hilarious posts on the wagon R and Hustler fb groups!
  3. tiv

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Gosh tell me about it, I have had so many punctures. I never thought of it relating to the ply. More than 4 times this year. Mostly front wheels The other day I had to change a tyre in the asiri hospital car park, the bloody wheels are so heavy and a pain to Jack it up as well in formal clothing! Luckily I don't have to lift it like in the monty as it tucks in under, I even went to the extent of checking whether they had expired, Wear is not that significant, but the comfort part is there. I was going to go for a maxxis set but since my uncle is a dealer I got a decent offer.
  4. You can get the oem cleaner at the agents around 2600 lkr Cheers mate, nice chat!
  5. Yes the Kandy traffic is just unbearable now, a poor constricted road network with numerous bottlenecks, zero traffic lights and drained cops waving about! Not to rant about fuel but I just drive Kei cars in the traffic overcoming the low fuel figures partially. Have you used the Mitsubishi OEM fuel system cleaner? I Use it like every 25,000km and it improves the idle and the pull quite a lot, I must say Mitsubishi engines are quite rev happy, I have used 4dr5, 4d56, 4dr6, 4m40, 4m41! They got good grunt in the low end, the turbo makes it better in the mid rpms and higher end. Not just in the SUVs, even in the high end vans (L400 Chamonix Space Gear etc) Most people don't know the kickback function in the super select gearbox, and just baby the pedal and expect it to pull or else just go into sport mode, the owners manual says to bottom out the pedal for the gearbox to kick down and start pulling lol.
  6. tiv

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Dunlop Grandtrek 265/70 R17 , i think they are 6 Ply, my uncle owns a tyre shop, old school tyre dealer, he recommended these - showed a marked improvement in comparison to the Bridgestone tyres it came with It would be unwise to compare comfort just because the anterior part of the chassis of the above vehicles are shared, the L200 and Hilux both are leaf sprung whereas the Fortuner and Montero Sport are both coil sprung, they are shorter in length and the placement of shock absorbers are different, the final drive, diff ratios, gear ratios are different which also makes minor improvements. The body in turn is just a tub in the pickups which are directly bolted to the chassis, whereas the suv have different mounts. As far as I know the difference between a coil spring and a leaf spring is not "minor" Would it not be wise to consider what the chap who actually owns the vehicle says rather than just jot down what you "think" is "comfy" or not "comfy"? Lastly it would be hilarious to argue on which SUV is "?comfy" when all these are off road vehicles, work horses more oriented towards the farmhouse rather than the city, whereas due to the peer pressured prestige factor and high values they run in this country we end up with threads like this! The Prado / Montero in whatever generation cannot be considered comfortable, but they do however manage fairly well as SUVs, given that they carry 4wd gear, underbody guards, high tension coil springs and gas shock absorbers and a lot of weight. Come on discussions like these should be more at home with vehicles like a C Class merc or 5 series 7 series BMWs not these. sigh
  7. tiv

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Comfort is pretty much the same, the pajero/ montero is better on corners, less body roll In the montero sport I have put harder bushes and bump stops so its a bit better, aftermarket bits to improve the overall comfort, and softer tyres.
  8. Loved the article on the Toyota Rush on the TopGear SL magazine, well done guys, esp the team members on AL 😊

  9. My 4m41 does 10 long distance and 4 in the kandy town 4d56T 8-10 overall
  10. 1st gen pajero 4d56 - manual does 12-13kmpl Trooper - 4JB1 - about 10-12kmpl manual 4JG2 - 8- 10 kmpl (big horn body) 4JX1 - 8 kmpl Rather than fuel effiency you should look into finding a good legitimate vehicle and expensive running repairs and bodywork. Good choice btw. Personally I would recommend the Pajero as an overall vehicle. But when taken care from new Isuzu engines and drive train are very hardy and manage high mileages
  11. tiv

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    True to that solid axles seem to have much more advantage off road than independent suspension, in my case L200 and the montero sport manage difficult terrain far better than the montero and seem to have a bit more clearance as well, comfort-wise all are equally uncomfortable!
  12. tiv

    Vehicle for 10 million

    A 4WD Townace Noah ( CR51) or a Hiace 4WD has more ground clearance than the new CR-V. It's more or less a bling and soccer mom wagon. yea as for the wrap we tend to use these universal matte black wrap, thing is extremely sticky and resistant to tear or puncture. Used to be 295 rs a foot at 4ft wide, covers the sides with like 3000 bucks. Saves the paint from some of the shrubs and thorns. It does look funny and pointless but u will be amazed how deep a thorn scrapes the paint.
  13. tiv

    Vehicle for 10 million

    We have been using several Mitsubishi Suvs and pickups and I currently own 2, all diesel all nearing the 100000km mark, spent countless hours at the agents relating to maintenance but never heard any issue as such. My in-laws own a 200000 mile UK raging bull pickup with factory dpf, yet no issue. other than them being thirsty and a bit costly to maintain I haven't seen any major problem with the mitsubishi diesel suvs, alteast they have powerful old lumps with loads of torque, compared to these 1000cc and 1500cc wannabe suvs which are slow when you compare, my uncle own a first gen pajero ( palath saba) single owner brand new import, unopened engine 250000 odd km turbo M/T, that thing rapes vezels and CHRs easy.
  14. tiv

    Vehicle for 10 million

    The CRV is losing value as is, people who bought the for around 10.7 mil now letting them go for 9.1 ish. On the other hand almost all cars are depreciating now.
  15. tiv

    Vehicle for 10 million

    Would like to know what this issue is?