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  1. Are bull bars legal now? Seriously or has the law faded that bad ?

    1. Magnum


      The law still exists but isn't being implemented strictly. 

      However, I saw in an accident related video cops inspecting the bull bar of the Pajero which hit a pedestrian.

  2. tiv

    Toyota CHR 2WD or 4WD

    Yup in both my mitsubishis the max safe speed is 100KMPH in AWD , The ecu doesn't let it Rev further, both have the same SS-II System and the same warning labels
  3. tiv

    Toyota CHR 2WD or 4WD

    Apologies for my ignorance, I considered this to have an option like older cars. Only way for u to compare is try one without AWD if you get the chance. But be happy you took the wiser option and not a wannabe SUV with 2wd. To any reader; if you get your hands on an older suv / car that allows on the fly switching between 2WD - 4WD / AWD / AWC etc that is centre diff based AWD system safe for tarmac and high speeds. Not in typical 4WD systems! Do try shifting in between. It gives a clear idea how much of a difference in control you get even if it's a typical bend at 60kmph when u get drive to the front wheels.
  4. tiv

    Toyota CHR 2WD or 4WD

    Just pitching in my part. I'd say AWD is always superior to 2WD of compared. The only reason the industry and the market divides these segments is due to manufacturing costs And the consumer level divides this based on maintenance and fuel costs. Pretty much stating the obvious above . But in all giving thought to safety and utility. An AWD will be superior provided other parameters are equal. And of one cam get past the few bucks lost for fuel and maintenance. And of course if you don't mind losing the RWD spins and roadthrill. sathyajith, mate once u find a slippery stretch please do chuck it into AWD , you'll come running with comments to this page!
  5. tiv

    Nissan Dayz recommendation

    The deal was the ek wagon I checked ( zero mileage) was a bit slow in comparison to the Suzuki alto and the wagon r lastly the hustler. Most probably because it didn't have the ISG motor assist with aux battery. Those things are like electric turbos at times in these keis.
  6. tiv

    Nissan Dayz recommendation

    Yes same car rebadged. parts are rare, as for reliability the platform hs been around the world a while, Its got lesser power than the suzuki keis but nice interior. The seating position and leg room is quite similar to a wagon R. The market for newer nissans are a bit on the drop anyhow. Take a look at the Mitsu EK as well, It shares some interior parts with 2010s Monteros lol.
  7. tiv

    Best gear to drive viva elite

  8. Gonna get ready for all the new Toyota Rush threads coming in soon 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ruslan


      Officially It's an MPV. more like a replacement for Avenza.


    3. iRage


      Hmmm..could be that they are just using the name plate and has nothing to do with the actual old Rush....or could be they are trying a mini crossover MPV.

    4. sathyajithj99


      Saw one on the road today.

      Looks ridiculous😷

  9. Any professional drone owners here? Enthusiasts ?

  10. Would be a lovely write-up if you could spare the time with pics want links
  11. Still amazed after all these years as to how a simple high end tweeter can change how an average car audio kit sounds!


    1. Magnum


      Got some audio upgrades for the Hiace,

      Carrozzeria tweeters with Carrozzeria crossovers

      Carrozzeria amplifier and a twin 10" Kicker subwoofer.

      Will post some pics when I'm done fixing them

    2. tiv


      That's awesome! Do post 

  12. I got down soft99 hard wax genuine. It works really well. Brings out the colour and water beads off well. But I feel it lasted only about a month or so in the car I use daily being exposed to the torrential weather here. Besides being washed only weakly

    The auto brake system of my hustler has a strange affinity towards motor cycles 

    Especially scooters! 

  14. tiv

    differences among mitsubishi pajero io

    Do your research mate. So many threads on them on this site itself. Matter of searching. I have also given input
  15. I think you are better off buying one, prices have come down, check the popular online sale website "w" Pretty handy when washing your car, reduces the effort