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  1. ANYONE used Liqui moly Diesel Purge?

  2. Well the flexible hood ornament in mitsubishis cost LKR 34500/- 

    And monkeys decided to break it in two.

  3. tiv

    Daihatsu mira 2015/16

    Views opinion- well put together little car 660cc engine- enough for its size even in hill country Fuel economy 16- 20 nothing above 20. Not as economical as a Suzuki as no hybrid system Also way fewer problems than Suzuki. I guess similar to a viva elite Maintenance is cheap but 0w-20 synthetic oil is costly.
  4. tiv

    Engine capacity in CR

    Have 2 with the same value, guess its a wrong preset they have.
  5. tiv

    Does anyone have this rubber piece and plastic?

    This is just a grommet mate, go to a place that does wiring and looms, you 'll be able to find a match as these are common in all
  6. What's the deal with this stupid hideous impractical body kits on the prado, so hard to find an unmolested used one of the last generations. With that kit they can't even clear a road divider, forget off road.

    1. Magnum


      You don't expect Prado owners to take them off road. Heck, most wouldn't even know to turn on the 4WD :D

    2. tiv


      No I have a few friends who do, I mean forget off road, this thing can't even clear a steep incline off a parking lot. 

      Well once I had a similar issue, blew a 4wd output shaft seal, when I inquired why it happened in such a low mileage, they said 4wd has never been used and the seal had clogged up and pulled along once it was used. Since then I do a 4wd system rotation every week.

  7. Around 10- 13 in the 3pot 1 litre provided you are very careful. people boast 17s and 19s but will not happen
  8. tiv

    Kia Picanto Alloy replacement

    Try to buy a reputed brand, most probably jdm aftermarket or used, will be cheaper, and stronger. Avoid Chinese and Taiwan wheels in shops.
  9. tiv

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    Back in the day to heat shield defenders we used to buy a roll of mcfoil or alternative and go to town on the bits with some multibond. Did the job @Davy the intake in Montero an Montero sport is also fashioned that way, wish there was a after market solution for that, Maybe they thought the turbo will compensate for this? And probably to increase wading capability,
  10. tiv

    Toyota Corolla KE 50 Bonnet

    As these are fairly older parts Try delkanda Also the places in kurunegala which is not that far for u
  11. Option 2 all the way, The aquas here have aged and been hacked, most need a new battery and redone to fool buyers. An aqua with a faulty hybrid system is not at all economical to run let alone repair. A vitz unreg as a direct import or from a credible source is a far better option I bought 2 keis to cut down fuel costs after using thirsty diesels, quite happy with the decision , garage visits have gone so low that the mechanic calls to find out if I went abroad or died.
  12. tiv

    Laugfs Engine Oils

    For a crucial thing such as engine oil, I'd still stick to a reputed brand
  13. tiv

    Can this be fixed?

    Lal cushion in mount lavinia may handle small jobs like this, the big places in darley road are overated and too busy We have meds with longer shelf lives, I doubt it will have any effect even if it's oil based , aerosol paints last usually 4 years.
  14. tiv

    Can this be fixed?

    Where are u located