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  1. It is not an off-roader, they are called crossovers these days. E90 is a sedan and you certainly feel a difference in the ground clearance if you compare the e90 to a x1 (e84). When I had the x1 I never had to slow down when moving the vehicle over a bumber in colombo. But I do with my current sedan. E90 was lunched in 2007 but the x1 was 2011. You are getting a slightly newer model by getting an X1. Plus the 3 series(e90) is already behind 2 models (f30 and the g20)
  2. I can't recommend the BMW x1 enough. It is such a lovely and a reliable vehicle to own. Try to get a good company maintained low milage version (below 50k kms) if possible. Below are some of the points I recommend. (I owned one for 3 years and still misses it after upgrading) Be sure to maintain it at agents, it is important when it comes to reselling the vehicle, but also take opinions from other popular BMW garages in colombo - I am not sure if you'd be able to maintain it outside colombo. No faults to watch out as much as I know, BMW recommends all N47 engines to have done a measure on timing chain - agents do this FOC if the vehicle is maintained under them.Chances are a vehicle you buy these days may have done it already. But check that anyway. It does pretty well on Fuel - mine did about 10kmpl in colombo and 17 on highway. ( of course you would need to pump super diesel) Parts are somewhat expensive, all break pads and disks (front and rear) costed me almost 200k. a BMW AGM battery that would run you for over 5 years would cost about 100k as well, but if it has been replaced recently with a genuine AGM battery then you wouldn't need one for 5 years. It is not a vehicle to do off roading, in normal driving conditions around SL, I've never had an issue where ground clearance was an issue. All in all - it is such a wonderful vehicle to own around that price range. You feel good driving and owning one.
  3. This is not really an allion 240, this is a 260 I was talking about. Check these image
  4. It is not my main concern. However it does make a difference in the long run. I was thinking about a prius a while ago as well. Going through this forum let me down on the hybrids.
  5. well, I love the mazda 3, however the 2011 model has a Kmpl meter and mine never went above 9.0 - 9.5 in colombo. I don't know about allion 240. But I have seen allion 260s with 18kmpl.
  6. Guys I am planning to buy a car around 3.2 - 3.7M. Can you please make some suggestions. If you can comment on fuel consumption handling maintenance re-sale value. Thanks in Advance guys.
  7. yeah i knw EFI once are better... but can any1 tell me why ??....
  8. hey c'mon reply will u frndss...
  9. no machan ... i need the 96 or late models... can find 4 less than 1M.. i checked with few car sales @ baththaramulla...
  10. hey all i am planing to buy a toyota tercel / or corsa for a price below 1M.... and the thing is there are several options like EFI model/ Carb model.... and there are 98 brand new cars or 96/97 recon cars.. can any1 tell m what is the best out of these. note. if any1 has a car below 1M to sell..pls mention the details.. thanks in advance
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