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  1. yep thats where I went. All those cars are already sold. But today they let me a drive a customer's car nifty little machine. very easy to drive !
  2. Even I am considering buying one of these as a secondary car as the leasing package seems good. As per the web reviews the car seems to be ok. However, the agents dont have any available for a test drive. Any insights anyone ?
  3. Harshanas


    Guys, I am looking for a set of racing seats which are wrx branded. If they atleast look similar to the original, its fine. Anyone knows where I can pick them up from ? and the cost ? Thanks in advance !!
  4. does anyone know what the final say is ? Jus removed the very light tint on me front shutters. Contemplating if I should do away with the rear as well...
  5. I kind of had a similar issue where the rpm goes high randomly such as when im in a traffic block or wherever its idling. Cleaning the throttle body solved the issue. Apparently when there is a carbon build up, it happens.
  6. Harshanas

    Wheel Set

    its a subaru wrx. Any idea where I can start searching ?
  7. Harshanas

    Wheel Set

    Good morning ! Guys I am looking for a second hand wheel set with tyres included. 16" or 17", 5 stud, possibly gold, white or gun metal grey. Anywhere I can find them and any idea abt the cost involved ? Thanks in advance !
  8. I have done a conversion and my Impreza parts are in pretty good shape. PM me for details.
  9. I dont think that stuff is any good for ur engine and its more of a placebo effect.
  10. that probably wont fit my budget machan. and i highly doubt the fuel efficiency of the gdi
  11. Guys im planning on going for a small car after experiencing the 'fuel efficiency' of my conversion . lol no but i had this on my mind for sometime. I need something to run up and down between col and kandy without feeling the pinch so to speak. Also some ground clearance is mandatory due to some of the hilly roads. Guess it will experience some rough use, so i need a tough little work horse. I thought of an old japanese car like a starlet. but then i heard its not so great on fuel compared to our friendly indians. So then i thought of the alto. Does anyone have any experience with this car ?
  12. mine was a 19-sedan and it did pretty well on fuel. 9-10 km/l. It was a 1.5. The 6Km/l u heard must be a for a wrx
  13. Harshanas

    Octane For Wrx

    alright thanks guys ! I will probably have a lot more Qs and doubts as my conversion moves forward.
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