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    txtin ppl, Surfing net, goin 4 Drags, watching movies... hmm thats all nothing special

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    1500cc AUTO
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    Iredium plugs, K&N High flow airfilter, Modified Exhaust system
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    STi6 or EK3
  1. Perodua Kelisa From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Perodua Kelisa Manufacturer Perodua Production 2000 - 2006 Class Compact Body style(s) 4-door hatchback Related Daihatsu Mira Similar Honda Life The Perodua Kelisa is a compact car based on a 5th generation Daihatsu Mira/Cuore, and manufactured by Perodua. The "Kelisa" is named after the Arowana fish native to Malaysia. It has a maximum speed of 88 mph and can achieve about 55 miles per gallon. The car has a three-cylinder 989cc petrol DOHC four-valve engine (EJ-DE engine)with electronic fuel injection system
  2. THANKS A LOT!!!! Thanks Madz, mods & friends..... for all the greetings
  3. macho bike eka kinthara... is it 1000cc????
  4. so dillon when are you coming????
  5. Suba Aluth Avruddak Wewaa…!!![/b] urs Jana
  6. hey machang happy birthday....
  7. many happy returns of the day Dimantha keep R ocking
  8. hmm cool... mannnn!!!! v guys enjoyed
  9. better keep stock as possible, bt if u wanna modify then put decent A/W 14'' or 15'', Beat barral, spoiler, side skertin, n a decent bumper lip, bt macho dont put stickers, it givs cheap luk lyk SL long distence buses LOL
  10. Miniace i think Parliment rd- Less cop bt in marine drive between Hotel westen & the bamba station rd is ok i think no cops.... no army... so no worries
  11. wat he says is 100% correct....
  12. so sad guys............. guys! we should start again i prefer 2 hav on sat nite aft 1 am Ideal Places :- Marine drive (From hotel Westen to That huge building) Green path Parliment Rd Baseline Rd
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