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    Colombo 4
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    txtin ppl, Surfing net, goin 4 Drags, watching movies... hmm thats all nothing special

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    1500cc AUTO
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    Iredium plugs, K&N High flow airfilter, Modified Exhaust system
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    STi6 or EK3
  1. Street racer

    Cars And Coffee

    car bra.hola posted it once
  2. Street racer

    Autolanka Drag Racing Championship 2007 !!!

    Perodua Kelisa From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Perodua Kelisa Manufacturer Perodua Production 2000 - 2006 Class Compact Body style(s) 4-door hatchback Related Daihatsu Mira Similar Honda Life The Perodua Kelisa is a compact car based on a 5th generation Daihatsu Mira/Cuore, and manufactured by Perodua. The "Kelisa" is named after the Arowana fish native to Malaysia. It has a maximum speed of 88 mph and can achieve about 55 miles per gallon. The car has a three-cylinder 989cc petrol DOHC four-valve engine (EJ-DE engine)with electronic fuel injection system
  3. Street racer

    Drags And Get-togethers In May?

    hmm good idea..
  4. Street racer

    Happy Bday Street Racer!!!

    THANKS A LOT!!!! Thanks Madz, mods & friends..... for all the greetings
  5. Street racer

    Kimi Raikonen's Toy

    macho bike eka kinthara... is it 1000cc????
  6. Street racer

    Happy Birthday Dillongt !!

    so dillon when are you coming????
  7. Street racer

    ### Suba Aluth Avruddak Wewaa !!!! 2007

    Suba Aluth Avruddak Wewaa…!!![/b] urs Jana
  8. Street racer

    Happy Birthday Dillongt !!

    hey machang happy birthday....
  9. Street racer

    Happy Birthday Velocity!!!!

    many happy returns of the day Dimantha keep R ocking
  10. Street racer

    :: Modified Fest 2007 ::

    hmm cool... mannnn!!!! v guys enjoyed
  11. Street racer

    Legacy B4 Rsk A.ka. Shane's Ride

    Congrats machang
  12. Street racer

    How To Modify Car In The Cheapest Way?

    better keep stock as possible, bt if u wanna modify then put decent A/W 14'' or 15'', Beat barral, spoiler, side skertin, n a decent bumper lip, bt macho dont put stickers, it givs cheap luk lyk SL long distence buses LOL
  13. Street racer

    Why No Drags Or Pictures??

    Miniace i think Parliment rd- Less cop bt in marine drive between Hotel westen & the bamba station rd is ok i think no cops.... no army... so no worries
  14. Street racer

    Tow An Auto Car

    wat he says is 100% correct....
  15. Street racer

    Why No Drags Or Pictures??

    so sad guys............. guys! we should start again i prefer 2 hav on sat nite aft 1 am Ideal Places :- Marine drive (From hotel Westen to That huge building) Green path Parliment Rd Baseline Rd