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  1. Guys can anyone help with me this. I rang A/L contact number and emailed them too. But no reply. I created an adv on behalf of my boss. Its a prius. It doesn't appear on when we did a keyword search for "Prius". Car is listed in the site. Also I wanted to put "Highest offer" but don't know how to do that. EDIT - Finally someone answerd. And said they'll correct it. Said i've not updated the Category or something.
  2. Created an adv on behalf of a friend. But it doesn't appear in Key word search. Tried to contact A/L office few time but no luck :(

    1. NRX


      my experience dealing with AL office was horrible :/

    2. MkX


      I send them an email specifically highlighting the issue. No responce at all.

      And how do I put highest offer instead of selling price?

    3. The Don

      The Don

      Contact MADZ directly through the forum. Also let him know about issues at the office. He's not in the country for most of the year, so is probably not aware of everything that goes on.

  3. MkX

    Can I Afford A Car?

    I was at OPs income level when I bought my car first car too. However the differences were, I was single and had about 300K savings. I went for 1M personal loan with 3 years payback period. (32K per month) What I noticed is, unlike housing loans if you can increase monthly installement and reduce the period it'll be easy in long run. HNB, Comm bank and NTB approached our staff, giving personal loans around 9.5% - 11.5% interest rate these days. These are the good days to get a personal loan and make sure you get at fixed interest rate (it's highly unlikely interest rates for PL go lower than this. Chances are, the rate will increase soon) And don't get fooled with all the leasing offers. My personal advise is don't go for 5 years loan or leasing on a personal vehicle which you have to cashout from your salary. 5 years is quite a lot to use budget car (asume you will go for small car). Apply PL immediately before interest rates goes up, even if you don't buy the car . Save money for couple of months. Don't forget, if you saved upto 6 months, while keeping your PL money in FD, you have recovered some of the loan interest and 6 months are already paid.
  4. If we look at overall performance , safety and durability yes its right. However when it comes to business vehicles the perspective changes. Most of the cases the brakes will worn out in 3,4 months and required replacement. Thus the cash flow, time value of money, etc plays bigger role comparing to our car. From business point of view, if they hope to use the vehicle for 2 years and it required 5 times brake pad/shoe changes. They might spend 1/10 of the cost for those 5 changes and end up with worn out brake rotor/drum after 2 years. So they sell it and move to another vehicle. Edit - Not that I say this is the right thing to do. But There is a business line built up just like re-boring, re-filing worn out CV joits, bushes, etc, for a vehicle used solely for business it makes more sense.
  5. One and half years old thread has come alive agin. First of all, who said new brake pads for 121 is Rs.10,000/=? I changed mine few days back. It cost me around 3000 - 3500/=. So your saving was around 1600/= to 2000/= AFAIK, if re-pasting done properly using high compression and proper mixture and glue, these local pads serve the purpose quite well, in heavy vehicles
  6. This seems normal.. depends on your driving style and how heavy your foot on throttle, you'll be able to get about 1Kmpl change in long distances.
  7. This is nothing to be proud of but I thought to share my experience, because I had noticable difference as a daily driver in both Colombo and Kandy during peak hours. I drove the car without horn for about 3 months, due to a fault. However I was extra cautious and mindfull all the time. Adjusting my self to drive without horn reduced the level of stress and anger in drving. I took almost zero risk in overtaking, not cutting the lanes and not honking for others mistakes. Trust me it has changed my driving style and now I hardly use it.
  8. Kandy to Colombo - My best choice for breakfast is "Amba Gaha Sewana" just after Kegalle. Ambepussa rest is great place too, as said above prices are on high side. Prefer New Jinadasa and Piyasena closer in Ambepussa town. (I feel original Jinadala lacking in quality these days) There is a 24 hrs place near Nelum Deniya (closer to Buddha statue in left hand side of the road) Katunayake express way exit - Kurunegala/Kandy As soon as you enter the Narammala town from (when going towards Kurunegala) passing bridge that ends with T- joint (is this the correct word ), there is a good place in righ hand side. A popular one. don't remember the name though. They have a large variety of food there.
  9. If you ready to go for pre "English number" car, there are much better options than Toyota Soluna. AFAIK Soluna is a basic car. There are many better Nissan & Honda cars going below 1.5M range these days. And a friend recently got a Ford Laser (J number) in absolute mint condition for around 1.4M. Soluna might give 1-2Kmpl more, but it's not worth IMO. (given the available options at this price range)
  10. My cousin is going to get an Isuzu double cab YOM 96. Doesn anyone know the price range?

  11. So many worries about tax. It’s a decision after all. Am I buying a car for the money I have in my hand or should I wait till possible tax reduction in next month? I am for one who just buy what I can afford and live happy. Just saying.
  12. I was going through the post and thinking to comment on HB12 and two already commented. Have to agree with that. Trad Sunny has special looks and feel too.
  13. Do we have any Ford Escort Crossworth in the country?

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