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  1. Small Car

    Not in your stratosphere.
  2. Small Car

    Japanese are the people who pioneered in making cars with a flimsy build. It is unfair calling them "papadam".
  3. Any piece of junk is "great" as long as it is "MADE IN JAPAN" and called "Reconditioned".
  4. Where To Buy Mountain Bikes From

    Yes, they are called Suriyage. What they sell "off-the-shelf" are Chinese bikes, but one can order the same bike (Chinese frame) with Shimano components. Even those original Shimano components are made in China.
  5. Indian Toyota Cars

    Toyota has a Joint Venture in India and it is called Toyota Kirloskar Motors. As far as I remember in 2003 Toyota Lanka imported the Indian made MUV called QUALIS. It was actually a 3rd generation Kijang.
  6. Number Plate

    As far as I remember, the "Sri" was replaced by " - " on 1st of January 1990.
  7. Toyota Townace New 2008-2010 Model

    It is actually Daihatsu GranMax sold as Toyota TownAce in Japan. There were some 2 or 3 units imported (Grey market) brand new to SL in 2007-2008. Saw one of them in Wellawatte a year ago. This TownAce is slightly smaller than the CR/KR42, but much larger than a Hijet. Unlike the previous generation, this model comes only with a VVT-i Petrol engine. http://paultan.org/2007/11/08/2008-daihatsu-gran-max-minibus-and-pickup/
  8. Maruti Tops Local Car Market

    Should be corrected as "maruti 800s are renowned for crappy brakes, crappy AC, very poorly designed interior space making it a very uncomfortable car for long trips." Please do not use the word Maruti interchangeably to call a Maruti 800 and the entire Maruti range.
  9. Maruti Tops Local Car Market

    I used have the best after sales service from A*W for my Wagon R. (However their accident repair was a different story)
  10. Quick Trivia 3

    Isuzu Florian ?
  11. Car

    The side mirrors are very similar to the ones of the old Maruti Zen. Might be they are Indian-made. Regarding other accessories, I have no idea.
  12. Car

    Yes, A*W takes a basic Alto and fits it with some fog lamps, Rear spoiler , Body-coloured bumpers, convex mirrors and low quality seat covers and sells it as "Alto Sportz'" at a higher price.
  13. Help Buying Minivan

    I am not a Kei Van expert, just a fan of Kei Vehicles. However these days I am using a new-generation Suzuki Every (DA64V) It is a basic ("GA"trim) model. This one has a low roof and the rear end is totally different to the other trims. http://www.autolanka.com/ad.asp?ID=52871 Other trims (including Full option models) look like this http://www.autolanka.com/ad.asp?ID=51646
  14. Advice About Zotye Nomad Ii

    +1 There are some other vehicles which were made using the dies and presses of discontinued Japanese models. Suzuki Alto (2nd gen.) -------------> Maruti 800 Suzuki MR Wagon (1st gen.)-------> Maruti Zen Estilo Toyota Kijang (3rd gen.) --------> Kirloskar Toyota Qualis--------> Micro Sonalika Rhino(?) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anyway what "uma" was asking about is Zotye Nomad 11. It was advertised in the HitAd on 8th of May 2011. It has a different front end (one will no longer mistake it for a Terios) and a 1500cc Mitsubishi engine.
  15. Toyota Hiace Kdh Series

    As far as I remember this was the common model (Wide body - with a minibus like interior) seen in our roads since 2005. However this new model was a rare sight until last year when recons started flooding into SL. It was only then I noticed there is also a "Standard body width" model.